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Where can I compare image prices for stock photos?


With all of the stock photography agencies out there, it is understandable if you are overwhelmed with the options. Fortunately, others feel the same way you do, and some have even gone as far as to create tools to help you search and compare prices for them all. You will be surprised how the same exact image at different agencies can vary so much in price. It is important to keep in mind that, although the prices could vary greatly from one company to another, so can the licenses. Be sure to read your rights thoroughly before making a purchase.

A product launched nearly 2 years ago, SpiderPic, provides a price-comparison search engine that is specifically for stock photography. As an example, I typed in the word “baseball” in the search box. It brought up many pictures from all of the selected stock photography agencies, and then I clicked on an image I liked. That particular image can be found at Dreamstime, Bigstock and Fotolia, and the prices did vary a bit. This is a very user-friendly platform to do your price comparisons.

While this website doesn’t give you the opportunity to compare the same photo side-by-side, does provide a comparison chart which allows you to compare selected agencies, or all of the agencies they have listed. They have included 123rf, Bigstock, Can Stock Photo, Crestock, Depositphotos, Fotolia, iStockphoto, ShutterStock and Pixmac. You are also able to compare the credit prices or the subscription services in different tabs.

While you could also do your own comparisons by visiting each and every stock photography agency out there, using the aforementioned tools are bound to save you a lot of time. You could also consider contacting some of the agencies directly and ask them if they would provide a comparison, hopefully realizing that the specific work for you may gain a customer because of all the time they have saved you.

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