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Trends in stock images – Infographic from Shutterstock


If anyone is going to know the trends in stock images it would be Shutterstock (Read Review here), the leader in stock photography, stock video, stock vectors and stock illustrations. Shutterstock has reviewed their company data and created a ‘Trends in stock images 2013’ to assist buyers and contributors in their successful purchase or design of images for 2013. If you are interested in getting 10% off Shutterstock subscriptions, redeem our our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code now!

Shutterstock's Global Design Trends Infographic 2013

Global Design Trends Infographic 2013 created by Shutterstock Stock Images

Trends for buyers in 2013

There are 2 major trends that buyers can benefit from when creating their digital media. These trends are:

1. Different markets are looking at different images. Define your audience first and then consider the best images for that market. Brazil is loving different images from the Dutch, Russians are in love with art and fashion whereby the German market is going minimalist. Define your audience and then pick your images to get the best response and best buy for your stock images.

2. Watch the trends – Eco, climate change, vintage and digital patterns are emerging as global trends. If you want to catch the eye of your audience, look at these universal trends and find the right images that match these global ideas.

Trends for contributors in 2013

As a contributor, you want to make as much money as you can with the images that you submit to stock photo agencies. Photos are being used less and less, so get out your design software and start creating! Graphics are downloaded more than photos, a trend that is most likely tied to the integration of cameras into smart phones. Graphic design, illustrations and vectors are on the rise, so put down the camera and think about creating images in a different way.

Focus on the trends for 2013 so you can meet the demand and make more money with your images. Think vintage, macro, tattoo, social media and digital. use these keywords when uploading your images so that you are found by potential buyers.

The upside for contributors is that all images are making money. There are millions of images uploaded monthly on stock photography sites, and there is not image or group of images that are making the most money! Stock photography and stock design is a fair game. If you contribute you are bound to make money from your collection. Thanks to search and savvy buyers who do not want to use the same images as others, contributors are sharing the wealth.


About the author

Amos Struck is the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, a publishing company which operates several German and international stock photo online magazines, including (buy photos), (sell photos) and He is also creator of the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress, and – a company introducing stock photo venders to new sales outlets. He’s committed to shaping the future of the stock photo industry through innovation and strategic investments.