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5 Shutterstock Alternatives Compared which will surprise you


5 Shutterstock Alternatives Compared

Searching for Shutterstock Alternatives when buying a subscription for stock photos? There are a few great alternatives to Shutterstock that can help you with your stock photo subscription needs. These 5 alternative stock photo agencies can deliver different subscription services, different  photo libraries for that hard to find stock photo, new photographers, and cheaper prices. Shutterstock is a great stock photo agency that meets the needs of many people, but there are alternatives that could meet your  photo needs.

Shutterstock Alternatives Subscription Comparison Table

Stock AgencyMin. Dlds. / dayMax. Dlds. / dayPhotoVectorVideoLowest Price
Image / US$
High.Price / ImageMin. Time
(200 Images for just $99)
1200yesyesno0.4950.4951 year
20 Free Images
135yesyesyes0.080.191 month
Adobe Stock
(1 Month FREE)
1010yesyesyesFREEFREE1 month
(7 Day Free Trial)
525yesyesno0.180.261 month
DepositPhotos1040yesyesno0.100.633 days
iStockphoto130yesyesno0.801.631 month


What on earth is “min downloads per day”?

This mean the minimum you can download per day. Most of the subscription based agencies do offer a minimum and maximum amount of images to download per day. If you haven’t downloaded the max. images in a day, you will be not able to take them over into the next day.

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Click here to download a list of 7 Shutterstock Alternatives (PDF)

5 Shutterstock Alternatives in Detail

1.) Exclusive: 99club the perfect Shutterstock Alternative


With our 99club you will get 200 XL royalty-free stock photos or vectors to use for any project or marketing material costing you less than $0.50 for each image! Ensure your project always looks unique and cutting edge with your access to millions of professional high-quality images with more than 80,000 added each month. We even have no limits, you can download as many or as little of your 200 images in any size from small to XXL without any monthly download caps. Plus if you need more than 200, pay only $0.99 for each additional image, forever! I was able to lock in the price for you. For $99 you get 200 images for an entire year and when next year comes around, you’ll still only pay $99. No tricks and no obligations so cancel whenever you want.

  • Downloads per year – 200 XXL-images (only $0.99/image if you need more than that )
  • Subscription types – Yearly Subscription, cancel anytime, no obligations
  • Image files – access to all image types; photos, vectors, illustrations and fonts

99club is the best Shutterstock Alternative if you need 200 images or less:

2.) StockPhotoSecrets (FREE TRIAL)

StockPhotoSecrets Shop – 7 Days Free TrialStockPhotoSecrets-Paypal. We have joined forces with IngImage to create our own stock photo subscription, that focuses on quality not quantity. Our subscriptions are great value, offer 1000 downloads per month and provide 4 subscription options, 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. Our library is smaller, but there stock photos are hand picked by their editors to ensure unique images, great photos and quality photos to choose from. We too are offering new members a free subscription trial before you commit to their subscription services.

BONUS:  A free Trial is available for 7 days with 5 downloads per day, a total of 35 free stock photos.

Start your free trial now!

  • Downloads per day – 35 images (250 images per week)
  • Subscription types – one subscription option only for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Image files – access to all image types; photos, vectors, illustrations

StockPhotoSecrets Shop as Shutterstock Alternative:

3.) Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock LogoAdobe Stock is the newest stock agency on the market and a great alternative for Shutterstock. Adobe Stock offers over 40 million royalty-free, high-quality photos, illustrations, and graphics. You can per image or choose a subscription which can be easily paid with your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Purchase, access and manage your images directly from Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and other Adobe CC desktop apps. Adobe Stock is the next BIG THING in the stock photo industry.

BONUS: Try Adobe Stock Free for One Month. Get 10 free images to use within the next month. Your first month will be refunded when you sign up for one year of Adobe Stock (10 images a month plan) at US$29.99/mo. (plus applicable taxes). Cancel risk free within the first month. Start Your Free Month now!

  • Downloads per day – 10 up to 750
  • Subscription type – monthly or annually
  • Image files – all sizes and includes stock photos, stock vectors and stock illustrations and videos (coming soon)
  • Fully Integrated in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and many more Creative Cloud Software

Adobe Stock as Shutterstock Alternative

4.) Bigstock

Bigstock Logo

Bigstock is the third best Shutterstock Alternatives. It is designed a very easy subscription plan for their royalty free photo buyers. Subscriptions are monthly, for 3 months or annually and you can easily choose between 5,10,20 or 50 downloads per day. All file sizes and file types are included; photos, vectors and illustrations. If you know what your photo needs are, Bigstock makes it easy, clear and adds stock photos daily to the stock photo library. Bigstock is also a subsidiary of Shutterstock, which means you are in good hands with them.

BONUS: Bigstock offers a 7-day Free Trial with 5 free photos a day, any image or vector at any size. With this Bigstock free trial you can download up to 35 images, vectors and illustrations for FREE! no strings attached. Start your free trial now!

bigstock free trial
  • Downloads per day – 5 up to 50 files
  • Subscription type – monthly, 3 months or annually
  • Image files – all sizes and includes stock photos, stock vectors and stock illustrations

Bigstock as Shutterstock Alternative


5.) DepositPhotos Subscription

DepositPhotos has created many subscription options for their stock photo buyers. With too many subscription options to mention, know that DepositPhotos is working with a wide range of stock photo buyers and ensuring that they have a subscription option that fits your stock photo buying needs and budget. DepositPhotos subscriptions are flexible, cheap, do not require a large investment and adds subscription buyers to their rewards system. To make this subscription option even sweeter, DepositPhotos offers a free subscription trial for new DepositPhotos members which includes 35 free photos!

  • Downloads per day – Subscription buyer determines their limits per day
  • Subscription types – Many to choose from and designed by the subscription buyer with flexible categories for downloads per day, number of days, and image file types
  • Image files – Determined by the subscription buyer when designing their subscription plan

Depositphotos as Shutterstock Alternative

6.) iStockphoto Subscription

iStockphoto has a large library and is in the top 6 of online stock photo agencies. The benefits to their subscriptions are: download any file type ranging from stock photos, video, audio, illustrations and vector files. Though not the cheapest for subscriptions, the royalty free photo buyer has access to all of their unique collections, collections that have images not found on other stock photo agency sites. iStock has announced two subscriptions for this, one is the essentials, for non-exclusive images and vectors and the other one is the signature subscription for the iStock exclusive content. Maybe you want to check our iStockphoto Alternative as well.

  • Downloads per month – 250 files
  • Subscription types – Monthly and yearly – two subscription types, iStock Essentials (basic content and non exclusive files) and iStock Signature (for exclusive content as well).
  • Image files – access to all image types; photos, vectors, audio, video

iStockphoto as Shutterstock Alternative:

We hope you like our Shutterstock Alternatives so far and you found the best stock agency for your image buying needs. If you still want to buy from Shutterstock, use our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code to save up to 10% on their subscriptions.