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Buy Photos Online – 5 best Websites


Buy Photos Online

Where does everyone get these great photos? How can I jump in and buy photo online and not break the bank.

This is easy to answer as there are tons of websites where you can buy photos online and never leave your desk. Really. You don’t have to leave your desk and take all the photos that you need for designs, blogs and websites. You can buy Pictures for your website, millions of photos online while not having to deal with photo coordination, model releases, nothing.

Why buy photos online when I can find free photos in creative commons

Stock photos that you buy are licensed, are cheap and they are great photos! There are photographers who just take stock photos for a living, professional photographers, who take photos and submit them to stock photo agencies for them to sell. With most Stock photos having royalty free licenses, the stock photo agency can sell the photo as many times as they want so the photography continues to get paid instead of having to look for that one time buyer. This is what makes stock photography work! Buyers are provided the right to use the photo, not an exclusive right, it is a license that opens the photo up to many buyers.

The licensing is the key to stock photography. Creative commons requires users of free photos to link, request permission, credit the photographer and in some cases more for you to use the photo. For stock photography you sign up to a site, pick your photo, pay and download. There is no obligation to credit, searches are faster and you get your photos quicker.

5 best websites to buy photos online

This is easy, as there are some top dogs in the stock photo agency world that make buying photos online easy. They might not be the cheapest but they have created search tools that help to find images. If your hope is to save time and money, this is where you need to be.

buy photo onlineThinkstock Photobuy photo online

Images sold by subscriptions or image packs with prices starting at $299 USD for subscriptions and $99 USD for image packs with millions of photos in their library to choose from.

Sign up for a free membership now.

buy photo onlinebuy photo onlineiStockphoto

Images sold by credits and and lots of different high end collections to choose from if you decide that occasionally you really want an amazing image. Regular images are great and the inventory is also in the millions.

Membership is free so sign up!

buy photo onlinebuy photo onlineShutterstock

Subscriptions only so perfect for a business of individual who needs lot of photos fast and cheap. The key to Shutterstock pricing is bulk purchasing.

Check out their membership and sign up for free so you have an account when you need it.

buy photo onlineDreamstime LogoDreamstime

Flexible pricing options is the benefit of this online photo buying website. If you are wanting to test out stock photography, how to use it and not have to make a huge investment, Dreamstime is a great place to start. There is a plan or any budget and the options are endless.

buy photo onlineFotolia LogoFotolia

Huge library, offered in different languages and sites are culturally focused so you can find photos faster for your location or other destinations.Middle of the road for pricing but a great option for online photo buying. Membership is free and there are other resources on the website that you can take advantage of.

Check out our cheap photo buying options so you have more websites to choose from when you are ready to buy photos online.

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Amos Struck is the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, a publishing company which operates several German and international stock photo online magazines, including fotoskaufen.de (buy photos), fotos-verkaufen.de (sell photos) and StockPhotoSecrets.com. He is also creator of the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress, MicrostockCharts.com and GuteWolke.com – a company introducing stock photo venders to new sales outlets. He’s committed to shaping the future of the stock photo industry through innovation and strategic investments.



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