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Clipdealer is an open marketplace for royalty free media, offering stock photos, vectors, video, and music.  They promote their commitment to quality images and media files.  Clipdealer started as a video and music stock media agency and expanded their database to include stock photos and vector images in the last 24 months.  Prices are based on size and resolution of media files, with prices being competitive with other stock photo agencies. A 15€ free photo coupon ($21.50 USD) is available for stockphotosecret readers.

Clipdealer LogoThe Clipdealer advantage is their comprehensive search system that segments media files and clearly defines advanced settings according to the file type searched.  This design simplifies the search process and does not confuse specific search file needs with all file types.

Clipdealer Basics

  • Over 680,000 royalty free media files
  • Media Files added daily
  • Clipdealer has been online since 2008 with stock photos and vectors added in June 2009
  • Media file types sold on Clipdealer are stock photos, vectors, videos and music
  • Accepts payment by PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and bank transfer.
  • Standard, editorial and extended licenses only

Clipdealer Particulars

  • Royalty free media files for all your media needs.  It is not exclusively stock photos and images.
  • Leader in the media file business with rapid growth and buyer registration
  • Languages include: English and German only.
  • Their FAQ section is complex to reflect the complexity of their database, necessary media file agreements and licensing.  It is separated into media file types so answers are easy to find.
  • Clipdealer corporate headquarters is located in Munich, Germany and primarily caters to the European market.
  • Most prices are in Euros with some US dollar options with currency profile change (website defaults to euros)

Buying Options

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Clipdealer has two buying options, single purchase and customer account. The pricing system is based on a fixed price system.

Single purchase is best described as direct payment and customer account defined as an investment account. All media files are priced at a fixed rate with savings issued through their customer account option. Clipdealer uses the term ‘credit system’ but this is not to be confused with the industry standard stock agency credit system.

For buyers who are looking to not participate in their customer account option, media files can be purchased individually in the Clipdealer direct buying option.  Licenses are purchased through either buying option.

Clipdealer Single Purchase Option

  • Direct payment is completed at the shopping cart check out and can be paid using three options.
  • Stock photos start at $2.75 USD for an x-small 72 dpi stock photo
  • Extended licenses can be purchased at time of checkout and start at 35 USD for low resolution files and increases to $115 USD for higher resolution files.

Single Purchase Pros

  • Instant purchasing and download of files
  • Extended licenses can be purchased immediately
  • Lowest stock photo price is $2.75 USD
  • Transparent buying system
  • Shopping cart check out shows total amount spent

Single Purchase Cons

  • No discounts available
  • Not all payment processes are available to international buyers (direct debt for German residents only)

Customer Account Payment Option

Clipdealer offers a customer account payment option where customers can save on their purchases.  This option has buyers pay in advance to generate savings. Clipdealer is using a credit system to define their discounted pricing packages but the customer account does not pay for media files with credits.  Clipdealer has used the credit terminology to define their discounts but buyers need to understand that credits are not used.

Savings start with anaccount investment over $67.50 USD and significant savings are seen after $1135 USD . The customer account can provide savings of 10% to 20%.  Prices stock photos or media files does not change, but the financial amount (credit) a buyer can access increases with their investment amount.  Ie.  If you invest $1135 usd into your customer account, the account will reflect $1350 USD in the customer account.

  • Reverse credit investment system
  • Savings start at 2.5% and go as high as 20%

Customer Account Pros

  • Transparent and easy to understand
  • Extended licenses can be purchased at a discount with a customer account

Customer Account Cons

  • Plays on the credit terminology but does not use a standard credit system
  • Savings require a large investment ($1135 USD investment provides a 10% discount)

Image Searching Tools

clipdealer search > Clipdealer Review

Clipdealer has successfully designed a search tool that upholds their philosophy of commitment to quality.  Clipdealer segments media and image files to define direct search options for each media type.

For stock photos, buyers can search using over 17 categories, a keyword search system that is highly defined but requires some studying of symbol use and the advanced search option that offers searching by size, setting, light/time of day, position, color(CMYK, RGB, B&W) resolution and license.  All search options need to be determined at the initial image search and cannot be further defined once you find stock photos.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Study the keyword search symbols to have the best success.  This is found in the FAQ area and is extensive.
  • Searching is defined by media file type, which makes Clipdealer a leader in search tools

Licensing Options

Clipdealer has three licensing options, standard, editorial and extended.  Extended licenses can be purchased through both buying options.

Clipdealer Buyer Highlights

Clipdealer has an order history file in the buyers shopping cart that enables a buyer to access media file purchases for an unlimited time.  This option saves the buyer from losing purchased images, saves the purchased files on an external  server and gives the buyer ongoing access to the files.  This is a great benefit as media file storage can be difficult.

Clipdealer Summary

Clipdealer is a European royalty free media agency that has successfully expanded into the stock photo market.  They are competitively priced, have a commitment to delivering quality images and media files, have developed use friendly search tools and keeps the buyers experience at the forefront of their website strategies. With just over 680,000 media files, their database is small but worth a search and review.

Stockphotosecret readers can benefit from a Clipdealer coupon code to get $21.50 USD for free on their Clipdealer account (only for new accounts).  This is a one-time coupon code ‘fotoskaufen’ that will deposit $21.50 USD into a (newly) registered customer account.

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