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GL Stock Images Basics aka Graphic Leftovers

  • Small library that includes photos and vectors only
  • GL Stock Images was launched in 2008 under the name Graphic Leftovers. The brand and website was upgraded in 2012 to GL Stock Images
  • Accepts payments by Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Paypal
  • This is a US only stock photo agency  with prices are in US dollars and payments in US dollars

GL Stock Images LogoGL Stock Images Particulars

  • Small stock photo agency that continues to grow. The first growth was experienced in 2012 with a brand and site update
  • GL stock Images is basic, easy and transparent. A refreshing change to other larger stock photo agencies.
  • Search options are minimal but with a small image library this works sufficiently.
  • The team who started GL Images is young, hip and a little edgy
  • Head office is in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

 GL Stock Images Buying Options

GL Stock Images Prices

GL Images Single image buying option:

GL Stock Deposit Amount

  • GL Stock Images has a single buying image option only making pricing transparent and easy.
  • 10 USD is the minimum deposit required in your GL Stock Image bank to get you started
  • Bonus bank credit is provided when you deposit more than 100 USD into your GL Image bank

GL Stock Image Bank Pros

  • Affordable option at a starting amount of $10 USD
  • Credit bonuses are lucrative and start at a minimum of deposit of $100 USD with a 20% bonus to your bank.
  • Perfect buying option for bloggers, independent small businesses, one time purchases
  • Images are cheap (starting at $1) and offered in three sizes, S,M and L
  • Buying and pricing is very transparent, compared to other stock agencies

GL Stock Image Bank Cons

  • No large subscriptions offered to decrease image prices. Images start at $1 USD
  • Buyers will need to know their minimum file size to benefit from cheaper image prices
  • Alternative licenses are purchased seperately but utilize your GL Stock Image bank

Image Searching Tools

GL Stock Search

GL Stock Images has a very basic search engine. You can search by file type, most recent and by collection. What the team at GL Stock Images has done is created a variety of collections and galleries that will help buyers search for relevant images..

GL Stock Images Licensing Options

Licensing options – Standard license, Merchandising license and the Ultimate license

GL Stock Images Licenses

When you buy your image the standard license (similar to a royalty free license) is automatic. The Merchandising license is an additional $45 USD and includes the buyers right to use the image on merchandising projects. Both of these licenses have a copy limit of 10,000 uses per image. The Ultimate license is a combination of the standard and merchandising license with the addition of unlimited copies for $85 USD.

GL Stock Images Assets

GL Stock One Image PurchaseSingle Image Purchases – The buying process at GL Stock Images enables anyone to buy single images quickly. Note that the minimum GL bank deposit is $10 USD but that can easily be used in one sitting. Vector images are $6 USD, Smal Images are $1 USD, medium images are $3 USD and large images are $6 USD. Single image purchasing is not technically what they do but the system is cheap enough to enable single image purchases in one buying session.

Fair Trade Policy

GL Fairtrade Badge

GL Image Stock was created by design professionals who credit contributors for thier success. Their payments to contributors reflect that philosophy. The team wants to share the companies success and ensures that contributors are fairly paid. All GL contributors receive 52% of each sale including extended licenses.

GL Stock Images Blog – The GL blog is fun, edgy but most importantly, focused on sharing design trends, marketing ideas and the latest news. It is worth checking out!

GL Stock GL4iPad – iPad App


Check out their Ipad app where you can search and download photos on your Ipad. (UPDATE: I can't find the iPad App any more in the App Store)

GL Stock Images is fresh and unique

GL Stock Images was created by design professionals to implement a fresh and unique presence in the stock image industry by offering affordable image pricing and fair commissions for all contributing artists and photographers. Their recent upgrade has enabled this stock photo agency to compete at a higher level in this industry. It is a stock agency worth watching.

GL Stock Image highlights

  • Edgy, relevant and contemporary
  • Cheap photos and vectors
  • Transparent image pricing and low buying investment

GL Stock Image Video Review

GL Stock Images (Graphics Leftovers) Summary

GL Stock Images Logo

GL Stock Images is new and growing. Their stock photo agency is basic, their pricing is fair and their images are cheap in comparison. With their upgraded site in 2012 and new branding, GL Stock Images is continues to create web architecture in order to better serve customers and offer more comprehensive features for sellers. There are no confusing subscriptions, credits or complicated buying processes at GL Stock Images. You just search, buy and use the images for your designs. Simple.

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