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iStockphoto Review (now iStock)


iStockphoto.comiStock Logo (now iStock by Getty Images read about the change) is one of the top stock photography agencies; they are the pioneer for the Microstock image industry. iStock is recommended for those who are looking for an impressive selection of stock photos, video, illustrations, vectors and audio in terms of quality and quantity. With the amount of experience and largest stock photo library of exclusive images, this stock agency is certainly worth considering if you are looking for royalty-free images.

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iStockphoto Review – Facts

  • Over 8 million exclusive images you won’t find anywhere else – including photos, illustrations, vectors, audio and video.
  • iStock know what trends are important and actively brief contributors to ensure that the exclusive imagery they get is exactly what their customers need.
  • Accepts PayPal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. They also accept US money orders or checks from US or Canadian banks.
  • Searchable by: keywords, file type, contributor, collection, size, shape, complexity, details, additional filters, colour, file number and light box.
  • Free weekly photos, illustrations, video clips and audio clips.
  • Signature artist of the month – follows a different contributing artist each month and gives the story of their art and what it means to them.
  • Supports many languages including: English, German, Korean, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • Their FAQ is thorough for everyone, including: buyers, sellers, individual purchasers and corporate accounts.
  • was founded in April 2000, with the initial attempt at launching into stock photo around 1999.
  • iStock is owned by the biggest stock photography agency in the world, Getty Images.
  • iStockphoto has their corporate headquarters in Alberta, Canada.
istockphoto review search ball

iStockphoto Review search ball

iStockphoto has a fantastic keyword-driven search within their website that will make finding the right photo for you very simple. The search is provided on their own database, and uses their own controlled vocabulary. There is an Auto-suggest that appears when you start typing, a search bar will automatically populate suggestions for you to try. Once in the search page you can you can modify the order of your results. By default, your most relevant results will be displayed first with automatically differing images rather than the same image replicated in different iterations. Or you can sort by popularity or newness. You can also search by collection, license type, people (or the absence of), composition and there is even a handy color chart which shows you images relevant to any color you want!

Collections and purchasing methods

There are two purchasing methods on iStock, buying with Credits or a Subscription which where introduced some time ago. Images are then broken out into Essential and Subscription collections. Read more about the new collections here. The Essential collection holds millions of the everyday content you need whilst the Signature collection holds over 8 million hand-picked images, illustrations, video and music from their most talented contributors.

Buy Credits or subscribe to their Subscriptions

As well as keeping things simple with collections there are only two ways of paying for content on iStock, namely Credits and Subscriptions. Credits allow a great deal of flexibility with 1 credit being worth 1 Essential image and 3 credits being worth 1 Signature image. A single Credit pack can be purchased for $12 dollars but stocking up allows for volume discounts of up to 60% for registered customers. iStock has recently changed how their calculate their credits – easy to remember since now it's 1 credit = 1 Essential iStock image.

Subscriptions offer even more savings with quality images for as low as $0.22. Subscriptions last for a month or a full year. Monthly subscriptions start at 10 per month and yearly at 50 with larger subscription packages offering increasingly better savings. Check out the full pricing page here.

istock photo plans and pricing

Subscriptions on iStock also have easy-to-understand licencing:


The Summary of our iStock Review

iStock LogoiStock (former iStockphoto) has been around since the beginning of the online industry for stock photography, and were the pioneers of Microstock. Because of that, they are a popular company, with loyal contributors as well as clients. The iStockphoto staff is very particular with the images they allow into their library. Based on this, you know you are getting the best images in the industry. Besides that, this company has been around since the beginning of Microstock, so you know you are dealing with an experienced leader in the industry. This agency is suitable for those looking for royalty-free images.

If you are looking for a great image-by-image service for your company, iStockphoto is the agency for you and your projects. It is incredibly easy to register for your free account and start taking advantage of their amazing library and great prices today!

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About the author

I am a publisher and entrepreneur in the stock imagery field. I focus in providing knowledge and solutions for buyers, contributors and agencies, aiming at contributing to the growth and development of the industry. I am the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, one of the largest networks of online magazines in the industry. I am the founder of Microstock Expo, the only conference dedicated to the microstock segment. I created several software solutions in stock photography, like the PixelRockstar WordPress Plugin. Plus I am a recurrent speaker at Photokina Official Stage, and an industry consultant at StockPhotoInsight. I am passionate about technology, marketing and visual imagery.

  • Mark

    September 2014 istockphoto changed the credit system. Before the 5:1 conversion my creditsBalance was 17. After the 5:1 conversion i’ve got 4 credits.

    I’m only used 2 credit images in the old system, so for 17 credits i can download 8 pictures.

    In the new system i can only download 4 images for those 4 credits.

    Conclusion: istockphoto ripped me of for 50% !!!

    • Amos Struck

      Sorry to hear about that Mark. They certainly try to do it right for their customers. I would advice to contact them directly and ask for a refund or so. Best, Amos

  • JohnSCS

    Buyer beware! While I have always loved the selection of quality Stock Photography, iStock has gotten SO much worse every year Getty Images has owned it. I was contacted by an iStock rep who “sold me” on going with the monthly membership plan. He explained that with the number of images we were downloading, we could save money by going with this plan and even be able download 3 times as many images each month as we already were. He asked me how many Users I would need, and I said “just one” since we really only had 1 main designer. All went well for several months until we get a call out of the blue stating that we were in violation of the legal terms of our agreement. It appears that if you sign up for only one user account, only one person, on one computer from one location can download any images. (They track your downloads by IP address.) If someone else within your company tries to help them out and download any images for them, it violates the terms and they have the right to sue you for well over $100 per image… for every image you have ever downloaded under the agreement… totaling well over $20,000.00. No warning… just here’s what you are liable for by violating the terms. (note…there IS a small paragraph deep within their terms and conditions documentation on their website that states one user means “one seat”) This was never explained to me by the rep. I wonder how many people they rope in this way?

    This isn’t the first issue we have had with iStock. My recommendation… do your research and find another stock imagery company. I know we will be!

    • Erik Porter

      Running into this same nightmare. Got talked up into this incredibly ludicrous plan. If you’re at an agency paying for a certain number of downloads, what does it matter who actually downloads it?

  • Paul

    I’m in Australia, and by Australian law pricing must not be misleading or deceptive, it must show all included taxes and charges.

    iStock advertised that a particular subscription would cost $230 AUD. I spent 3 weeks choosing images. When I went to buy the subscription they charged an additional $23 in tax, and then I also found on… my credit card over $5 in foreign exchange conversion fees. Unfortunately I needed to continue with the purchase as I had already committed time to finding the images I needed.

    I have written to iStock twice to get them to refund the additional money, I have also spoken to them several times and they are not interested.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission agree that iStock is in breach of Australian law and I am currently taking up the matter with the Office of Fair Trading.

    I suggest you don’t deal with iStock as there are plenty of honest businesses out there you can work with.