Photaki Review

Photaki was a stock photo agency based in Spain, which offered over a million stock photos and images under either Royalty Free or Rights Managed licenses, that you could buy with credits or subscriptions.

They were in business for 15 years, but they announced their closing in 2016 and as of today they are no longer in business.

Update: Photaki closed down in 2016 - 2016

Photaki Review

Photaki Review Basics

  • About 1 Million images – including photos, images, illustrations and vectors
  • Photaki was launched in 2009 by a company in Spain
  • Accepts payments online through Visa, American Express, MasterCard, paypal and offline through wire transfers
  • Currency is currently in Euros but there are 15 different language options


Photaki Logo


Photaki Particulars

  • Website search and Firefox search options. The website search is basic but the Firefox plug in makes online image searches for Photaki fast and easy!
  • Geolocation option to search or look for images that are tagged to a location.
  • Nice selection of quality images to choose from
  • Photaki seems to be more technology savvy than other stock photo agencies. They primarily sell images but are the first stock photo agency that declares that their other focus is the marketing and distribution of image, photos, illustrations and vectors.
  • Photaki has their corporate headquarters in Spain.

Photaki Credit and Subscription Buying Options

Photaki Credit Prices

Photaki Credit Prices

Photaki credit buying options:

  • Credits are used as the buying option for all images through Photaki
  • Images have a credit value that increases due to size, quality, licensing and resolution
  • Minimum credit purchase is 10 credits
  • One credit starts at 1 Euro with discounts awarded depending on the number or credits purchased

Credit buying Pros

  • Small investment is required to buy images on the Photaki website, minimum purchase requirement is 10 Euros
  • Credits are easier to calculate into a financial value, 1 credit = 1 Euro unless you purchase in higher bulk
  • Credit bonuses start at 100 credits, with the buyer gaining 12% of their credit purchase as additional credits ie. buy 100 credits and your are awarded 112 credits. Bonus credits increase as your increase the amount of credits you purchase over 100 credits.

Credit Cons

  • More expensive buying option than subscriptions
  • Non refundable if you do not use all your credits
  • There is a minimum credit buying requirement

Photaki Subscriptions:

Photaki Subscription Prices

Photaki Subscription Prices

Subscription options are simple and less expensive. There are 4 options, one month, 3 months, 6 months, and one-year subscription options. Subscription packs are also translated into credits so to correspond with image download pricing.

Subscription Pros

  • Easy to understand subscription options that outline the price for each credit at the time of purchase (basic subscriptions range in price per credit of .40 Euros to .20 Euros)
  • 4 monthly subscription options with options for different maximum credit downloads per day ranging from 10 to 300 credits.
  • Subscription options decrease the price of credit from 1 Euro to between .40 to .20 Euro depending on the subscription option.

Subscription Cons

  • Subscriptions provide credits only
  • Subscription credits expire after 24 hours with no option to carry over credits
Here you can see a comparison between the prices at Photaki and the best rates offered by some of the most important microstocks.

Comparison Chart between the prices at Photaki and other Microstocks

Image Searching Tools at Photaki


Images can be searched through the website, or through a Firefox application. Website searches allow category, photographer, places, orientation, license or geolocation.

Photaki Search the map Feature

Photaki Search the map Feature

The geolocation image search enables users to search through a website map by location and find images that apply to worldwide locations. Geolocation is determined by the photographer or artist.

The Firefox application provides search criteria for buyers that search the web for Photaki images. This is a great way to find and narrow your criteria for image searches.

Photaki Private Collections and Licensing

Licensing options:

  • Rights-managed (extended license)
  • Royalty free

All images default to Royalty-free licenses with the option to purchase extended licenses.

Photaki Private Collections

Photaki Photographers Portfolio Page

Photaki Photographers Portfolio Page – Photos © Héctor Conesa

Private Collections are photographer based that enable photographers to build their own brand through the profile building option. For buyers this enables a direct view of all images of one artist or photographer in one place, so if you like a particular photographer or illustrator, you can check out their entire portfolio.

Technology focused stock photo agency that sells, markets and distributes images

Photaki has built a stock photo agency that primarily sells images but supports their contributors and buyers through applications that market and distribute images, illustrations and vectors. This focus is beneficial for sellers and buyers.

Buyers are provided with both website and browser options to search images making image searching easier. The distribution mandate has enabled this online search tool and highlights individual contributors for buyers.

Sellers and contributors benefit from the marketing and distribution functions by being able to highlight their individual portfolios, personally brand their work both on the Photaki website but also online channels.

Photaki large collectionHighlights for Photaki Contributors

Photaki recognizes that contributors are as important as their buyers. This circle of expertise, contributors, distributor and buyer is a continum that Photaki highlights on their stock photo agency site. As a contributor to the Photaki site, you will receive some great benefits that other stock photo agencies are not offering. If you are looking to build your personal brand, this is the stock agency that will help you do that.

Contributors will receive the following benefits and advantages through Photaki:

  • personal profile page that enables you to build your personal brand and widen your market reach
  • easily upload large portfolios through the new Photaki system. This system is for portfolios of 1000 images or more.
  • personal analytics for visits and sales in your Photaki portfolio
  • real time sales reports
  • generous commission rates

Photaki Review Summary

Photaki Logo

Photaki is heading in the right direction with its focus on selling, marketing, and distribution. Buyers and sellers benefit, making it easy for both parties to either buy or sell images. As this stock photo agency matures and expands on the programs that they have launched, Photaki has the potential to move from the top 20 list of stock photo agencies to the top 6. As a new stock photo agency, they are successfully implementing programs that make stock photo buying and selling easy.

Photaki is working towards a leadership position in the stock photo agency arena and if they continue to add technology-based tools to their site they could be the next leader. If you are looking for innovation in images and in a stock photo agency, Photaki is worth checking out! 

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