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Photocase is a German stock photo agency specializing in unconventional, artistic, authentic stock photos with a clear Berlin-style vibe. With over a decade in business, theirs is a purposefully small, tightly curated library full of beautiful Royalty free images that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Available on-demand, you can buy these unique stock photos for between $14 and $42 according to size, and get them even cheaper using credit packs in bulk purchases. This is a distinctive offer in stock photography, and one worth knowing –and using– if you’re looking for rare, artsy and modern photos.

You can find amazing artsy photos right this second, just use the Photocase search feature below, enter your search terms, hit the button and see what images turn up!


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PhotocasePhotocase is an extraordinary German stock photo agency that has been in business for over 15 years specializing from the beginning in the kind of imagery that is a top trend today: authentic, artistic, “non-stocky” stock photos. This is a place for high-end stock photography and unique stock photos you will not find anywhere else.

They have an intentionally small library of highly curated and super high-quality imagery with topics, styles, and models that follow an artsier aesthetic, away from the typical stock photography look. With affordable prices, a convenient buying system, and flexible licensing terms.

Photocase is a great choice for buying artistic stock photos to use in your commercial or editorial projects. It's no surprise they are well-positioned in our list of the best places to buy Authentic Stock Photos, as well as in our huge Guide to the Best Stock Photo Sites.

Want to learn more? Read on! If you're ready to explore their collection, sign up for free with Photocase right here. And if you want to buy their awesome images cheaper, seize our special Photocase Coupon Code with 5 FREE Credits + 10% Off!

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Photocase's Most Downloaded Images 2018 - 2019.01.01
You can now have full insight into what photos are the most popular in Photocase this year, as they included their top 10 most downloaded images 2018 in our report that compares best selling photos from top stock photo agencies! The list includes a total of 60 beautiful trendy images to inspire your upcoming designs. Have a look!

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Photocase in Brief

In short, here's what you must know about Photocase

  • It's based in Berlin, Germany
  • Launched in 2001 as a photography community platform, later became a stock photo agency
  • They have always focused on atypical, artistic, and unique stock imagery
  • They have a purposely reduced library of high-quality images, result of their super tight curation
  • They offer images on-demand individually, or with credit packs to save on volume purchases
  • Their prices are higher than microstock stock photo agencies but lower than the traditional image banks that offer this kind of imagery
  • All their images are under a Royalty Free license with custom terms, and they have Extended Licenses available

Photocase in Deep

Now know the basics, but to really learn it all about this agency and make it your favorite source for artistic stock photos, join us in a deep look into Photocase!

Photocase Origins: From Photography Community to Artistic Stock Photo Agency

Photocase came to life in the early days of online stock photography. In fact, they started as an online community for photographers, turning into selling stock photos from contributing photographers soon after. Because of these origins, they still have some community-related features on their sites, such as forums and functions to like or comment on photos.

This company was founded in 2001 in Berlin, where it's still based today. With so many years in business in such a relevant location for technology-based industries, Photocase has also a very deep understanding of the European market, which does not shadow their international approach.

Photocase Style: Authentic Stock Photos

One of the main points in this agency's offer is that they have always, consistently from the beginning, been focused on unique imagery. With a marked artistic perspective, uncommon topics and modern, extraordinary takes on popular themes and styles, their library is full of images you will not likely find in other outlets.

Their collection represents one of the top photography trends of this and recent years: authentic style. Today's visual world has ditched the picture-perfect look and now is all about real people in real situations, and cultural and social diversity. This is exactly what Photocase has to offer, and they have been at it for over 15 years! If you want authentic images, you can trust Photocase has what you're looking for.

And while other stock agencies focus on adding as many images as they possibly can (to give buyers greater variety to choose from), this company has always worked with a very tight review process. They strongly curate their library to keep it small (at least in comparison to other popular suppliers), with nothing but superb quality images, both technical and content-wise.

This doesn't mean they fall short of variety though! After 16 years of submissions, their collection has hundreds of thousands of photos covering the most diverse genres and styles.

You can buy them all at a cut price with our awesome Photocase Coupon Code for 5 FREE Credits + 10% Off!

Get 5 FREE Credits and 10% OFF on your first purchase with Photocase.

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Photocase Buying System: On-Demand Stock Photos

So how can you buy photos at Photocase? They've made it super simple for you, by offering all their images on demand. You simply buy as many files as you want, whenever you want, paying as you go.

You can do this in two different ways: buying images one by one, or acquiring a credit pack and using those credits to download images. Credit packs give you the best price possible, as they significantly reduce the cost of each photo, giving you a better price per image with the larger credit pack you get.

Photocase Prices: High-End Stock Photos at Affordable Rates

Photocase's photos come at a bit higher price than those of other popular, less specialized agencies (like Shutterstock or iStock for example). However, these images have a higher value, more similar to those of traditional image banks like Getty Images or the now disappeared Corbis, and yet Photocase prices are way, way lower than those.

This agency prices their photos individually, based on size. But the final cost of each photo depends on the method you choose to get them.

Individual Purchase Price Per Photo:

  • Small: $14
  • Medium: $28
  • Large: $42

If you buy photos one by one and pay as you go, you can get them for between $14-$42 each. It's a fairly reasonable price for premium stock images with very flexible usage rights. However, there is a much better deal available!

Photocase Credit Packs: Buy More, Save More

If you need lots of photos, or if simply you love to seize a chance to save money, Photocase has a great buying option. While still on demand, this alternative lets you invest upfront and get important discounts on your photos. We are talking about Photocase Credit Packs.

These are packages of a certain number of credits, that you pay for in advance to later use those credits to download images. There are plenty of packs to choose from, starting at 25 credits for $55 and all the way up to 1000 credits for $1,520 (if you need more than 1000, you can contact the agency directly). The larger the pack is, the more discount it applies. Like this, the individual credit price starts at $2,20, but it can be reduced to as low as $1,52 each with the larger pack. Images also have an individual price in credits, according to size.

Credit Price Per Photo:

  • Small: 5 credits
  • Medium: 10 credits
  • Large: 15 credits

As you can see, with credits a large image can cost you as little as $42.

And the best of all is that Photocase Credits never expire. This means you can buy as many credits as you wish, without worrying about time running before you get to use them. Buy them now, and use them whenever you want. Certainly, a flexible and very easy way to save your stock photos.

And how about some free images? And a discount too? We have both! Our exclusive Photocase Coupon Code gives you 5 FREE credits to download unique stock photos, plus a 10% discount to purchase photos either individually or with credit packs! Grab it now!

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Photocase Licensing Options: Royalty-Free with Custom Terms

All Photocase images come with their Basic License, which is a form of Royalty Free license with certain terms that are specific to Photocase.

This Basic License gives you the right to use the images for both commercial and editorial purposes, without any time limit or geographical restriction, and without ever having to pay further royalties. However, they require you to credit both photographers and agencies with your usage.

Unlike many other agencies, the Photocase default license allows the use of images in products for resale and redistribution, as long as they are part of a greater design, although it draws the print/duplication run to 250,000 copies.

They have a variety of Extended Licenses available, to remove limitations or add usage rights:

  • Omit citation: lets you use images without crediting Photocase and author
  • Large production run: gives you the right to use the image in more than 250,000 physical copies
  • Merchandising and templates: allows you to use the photo without alterations in products for resale or templates
  • Exclusive use: gives you the exclusive usage rights to the photo, for a fixed period of time

All these are extra rights that come at an added cost, ranging between $60 and $250 each.

Beyond this, there are the typical limitations that apply to most stock photos, referring to sensitive subjects and negative connotations. Topics like adult content, religion, violence, or criminal activities are subject to approval by the photographer and the agency.

Always read licensing terms carefully to make sure your intended use is covered. But Photocase licensing options are certainly very broad and convenient.

Photocase Functionality: Advanced Search, Lightboxes, and Community Features

What is an awesome photo collection if it's not easy to browse and discover, right? Well, you don't have to worry about that with Photocase. They have a great search engine, which lets you find images based on keywords and further filter results. Their advanced filters include options for format, composition, place, color, copy space (very useful for marketers and designers!), people, age of people, and size and license. Besides this, the system suggests a series of similar images for every photo you choose.

Another great function is that of lightboxes. Photocase offers a series of curated lightboxes with editors' handpicked images, plus the chance to create your own lightbox with your selections. This adds to other community features available, which let your favorite photos, leave comments for the author, and take part in forum discussions.Photocase Images > Photocase Review - Small Is Beautiful

Photocase Summing-Up: Amazing Authentic Photography at an Affordable Price

PhotocaseAfter going through all the details of this company's offer, it is clear to us, and likely for you as well, that Photocase is a very good choice to buy premium stock photos with a sense of art and uniqueness to them, without spending hundreds of dollars.

Let's recap their stand-out points:

  • Well-established company with 16 years in business
  • Highly specialized in authentic stock photos
  • Affordable prices and discounts for volume purchases
  • Flexible Royalty-Free license
  • Experts in the European market and imagery

There's no doubt if you're after unique stock photos, Photocase is your answer. Even more, if you are targeting a European audience.

Ready to explore their offer? Sign up for free at Photocase! And seize the chance for extra savings with our exclusive Photocase Coupon Code!

Get 5 FREE Credits and 10% OFF on your first purchase with Photocase.

Image Credit Featured Image: kallejipp / photocase.de

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