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We are delighted to present our take on Pixta stock photo agency. Our Pixta Review will show you the move of Japan's biggest Microstock Stock Photo Agency into the English-speaking market. Read on now!

PixtaPixta Basics

  • 5.2 million images and over 150,000 contributors
  • Pixta began as a Japan based stock photo agency but launched its English global site in July 2013
  • Accepts payments by Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and PayPal
  • This is a US only stock photo agency with prices are in US dollars and payments in US dollars (Subsidiary of Pixta Japan)

Pixta Particulars

  • Mid-sized stock photo agency that has just launched into the English market mid. 2013.
  • Pixta is basic with a wealth of Asian photos, vectors and videos.
  • Search options are basic with a deeper search option available once the initial search has been conducted.
  • Head office is in Japan

Buying Options

Single image buying option:

Pixta Image Prices

  • Pixta has a single file buying option starting at $5 USD.
  • Image and footage prices are based on size with larger images costing more.
  • Account sign up required for single purchases

Credit packages at Pixta stock photo agency

Pixta Credit Prices

  • Pixta has a credit package option for buyers who want to save money
  • Credits are best suited to large orders or ongoing purchases
  • Credit savings start at 100 credits
  • Credit prices are easy to understand with 1 credit equally 1 USD before discounts

Licensing Options

Licensing options – Royalty free license and Extended license

  • Royalty free and extended licenses available
  • Royalty free licenses included
  • Extended licenses are cheap at $30 USD per file

Pixta Pros

  • Affordable option for global images
  • Large Asian photo library for global companies and
  • Images are mid-priced and come in a variety of sizes
  • Buying and pricing is transparent
  • Free weekly photo download for account holders

Pixta Cons

  • Credit packages offer little savings unless you are purchasing large quantities
  • Search function is antiquated and lacks more specific searching options for better image finds

Image Searching Tools

Pixta Search Results

Pixta stock photo agency has a very basic search engine that has a two level search option. Advanced searches can only be completed once an initial subject search has been conducted. They have arranged their images and footage in categories to make the initial search more productive, but the search function could improve.

What we really liked, where the mouseover thumbnails, which show similar images within the popup for easier use.

Pixtastock Assets

  • Single Image Purchases – The buying process at Pixta fast and easy with the single image buying option. Pricing is transparent and easy to understand.
  • Free images – Pixta releases free photo downloads to account holders. The free photos are picked by Pixta and account holders can download immediately free of charge.
  • Contributor's information and blog – Pixta has focused on delivering information to contributors as away to increase their library. Though the articles are informational only, contributors will appreciate the focus on their success.

Pixta has images for an emerging Japanese and Asian market

Japanese and Asian stock photo buyers are in the forefront of corporate marketing. With a population in the billions, marketing and consumer nurturing in this country is the next stop for corporate retail distributors. Having access to an Asian stock photo library is useful and easy to boost sales and engagement.

Pixta Stock Photo Agency

The Pixta English website seems timely and current. Their move coincides with Apple's announcement to move into the Asian market. The size of the image library for an unknown stock photo agency in the western world is encouraging. It will be interesting to see how this stock photo agency progresses using a new language, with global demands and an international focus on Asian markets.

Check out Pixta now and register a free account!

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