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Photocase Review – Small Is Beautiful


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Photocase Homepage

Photocase Homepage

Photocase Basics

  • Small library of hand selected images
  • Launched in 2001 as an exchange platform
  • Accepts major credit cards, PayPal, direct debit and invoice payments

Particulars and Details

  • Offices based in Berlin, Germany
  • Focused on untypical non-stock imagery
  • Started as a sharing community with forums, image likes etc.
  • Prices higher than microstock but lower than classic agencies
  • Single Image sales or credit based pricing system with subscription option

Photocase is an extraordinary player in the image agency field: Their image library is relatively small with nearly 300,000 images at this time. However, they focus on the more unique type of images that are way out of what you would expect to see at the competition.

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Also, its German home base helps them understand the European needs better. This comes in handy for corporate buyers who are not allowed to use credit cards of PayPal as payment options: Photocase is accepting payments through direct debit and has an invoice option.

Photocase offer: Credit based or single image sale

Photocase offer: Credit based or single image sale

The prices are in an area slightly above the regular microstock imagery but far below similar images coming from class agencies: Single image sales come at €10, €15 or €20 depending on the size chosen. However, for most buyers a credit package will be more attractive: A package with 50 credits costs €70 and allows for up to five high-resolution images or more than 16 web-sized images. Packages available start at 6 credits and can reach up to 1,000 credits, reducing the cost per credit to below €1.

As an alternative, Photocase also offers credit based subscriptions for €149 (9 credits per day) or €249 (20 credits per day) monthly.

The Photocase community offer

Photocase started as a small sharing community. It still holds up its ties to its origin by offering an active forum and the possibility to review and “like” other members' images.

Photocase photographers earn 40-60% of all revenue with their photos. 

There is a special advantage coming through its sharing origins: Contributing members get free credits that can be used to download images as well. So if you are short in budget but do have some nice looking images to share, you can always try to upload those and use the gained credits to purchase images for your own needs.

Also, the curated lightboxes – both by Photocase and its users – are a great way to keep track of images fitting a certain topic. Check out the Photocase community now!

Licensing Options

  • Royalty Free Standard license: Requires credits and source, limited to 250,000 print runs
  • Extended Licenses for waiving crediting requirement, unlimited prints or resale products
  • All photos can be used worldwide, without restrictions, and for multiple projects

The standard license covers the usual uses in commercial or editorial areas. Unlike other agencies, there is a requirement to credit the author (and Photocase as a source) in any case, however they do offer a special license to waive that requirement (usually +25 Credits).

Curated lightboxes at Photocase help find the right image

Curated lightboxes at Photocase help find the right image

Photocase Summary


As a European (German based) stock agenc, Photocase offers more of the common payment options like direct debit and payment by invoice.

The image library is full of neat images, totally outside of the usual scope of what you usually find in microstock. The prices are slightly higher than microstock but well below what you would have to pay for similar images in classic agencies.

Photocase is definitely a place to check out once. And definitely a place to go to when you are looking for images “out of the ordinary”.

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PhotocaseTry Photocase free now!

Get 3 free credits + 25% discount for your first purchase

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