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Real Stock Photos Review – Real People, Real Situations


When you first visit Real Stock Photos, the extremely clean and easy to navigate design is the first thing you will notice. Virtually everything you may need is immediately accessible.

Not only can you dive right in and begin searching for a specific type of photograph, but you can also quickly size up the service’s prices to avoid any confusion down the road. This is a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to some other stock photo sites that end up surprising consumers with a price and are littered with irrelevant advertisements. But how is the actual service itself?

Searching For a Photograph

As briefly mentioned above finding a specific photograph to suit your needs is quite easy. A large search form is prominently displayed right on the homepage.  Much like Google, this form allows you to type in specific keywords as broad as, say, “medical” or as specific as, say, “dentistry”. It also helps that each photograph is exhaustively tagged making specific searches as useful as possible.

However, if you’re not ready to dive right in with a keyword search, there are also categories listed towards the bottom of the homepage. This is especially useful for those who aren’t sure of exactly what they are looking for. Instead of searching for a keyword, a simple click will bring you to a gallery of photographs that can then be honed down to suit your specific needs. Should you discover what you are specifically looking for while viewing this gallery, the same search form mentioned above is easily accessible at the top of every page.

Another interesting thing to make note of is the fact that Real Stock Photos allows you to search by color.

This means that if your web page (or other publication) features a specific color scheme and you’re looking to compliment it with a similarly colored photograph, you can easily do so.

Selection & Quality

The selection and quality of the photographs found on Real Stock Photos is an area where the service really shines. The images are taken in a way that give off the vibe that they contain real people, in real situations. This gives them a unique look over photographs offered by competitors which feature over-glamorized models that take away the feeling of authenticity.

In turn, this gives the effect of a real image that could have been uniquely taken for your project as opposed to a run of the mill stock image; thus resulting in a more professionally produced end product.

In terms of raw quality, the products offered by Real Stock Photos are very good. It’s clear that detail was obsessively paid attention to as virtually everything you can hope for is entirely in check. However, it’s to make note that despite the fact that these images have been meticulously and accurately staged they still give off the vibe of a real image that, again, could have been uniquely shot for your project.

Pricing & Buying

Real Stock Photos features great imagery and makes it very simple to find any given photograph but without a streamlined buying process, that ability would be useless. Luckily, Real Stock Photos has taken the liberty of making the entire process as painless as possible while managing to keep prices shockingly low.

Real Stock Photos works on a credit system, much like other stock photo sites. These credits will be used to buy both specific images and subscription plans. Price wise, credits can be purchased singularly or in packages of up to 500. A single credit costs just $1 and the price per credit getting more attractive the higher you climb with 500 credits going for $400. In terms of pricing per individual photograph, it will depend entirely on what specific resolution you are looking for.

Real Stock Photos offers everything from a small image (450 by 300 pixels or 1.5” by 1”) for just 2 credits all the way up to the original, high resolution image (5616 by 3744 pixels or 18.7” by 12.5”) for 15 credits and everything in between. Webmasters will benefit heavily from this pricing scheme as an image with a resolution of 1000 x 667 pixels (perfect for almost any blog, or similar website) runs just 5 credits.

Buying single images has their place but those looking to download images in bulk will instead want to opt for the above mentioned subscription plans.

These plans are, again, purchased with credits and allow for the download of up to 25 images per day ranging from one month to one year. The 12-month subscription will net users with the best value at 500 credits as opposed to the monthly price of 75 credits; effectively preserving 400 credits in the process.

At the time of this writing, the only payment option for actually purchasing credits is PayPal. Luckily, unless you’re morally opposed to PayPal for whatever reason, this shouldn’t be a problem. PayPal will quickly and easily process virtually any credit card you can throw it’s way in a secure fashion.

The check out process itself is just as easy as using the site. Simply choose your desired product (be it credits or an actual photograph) and hit check out. After payment is processed a receipt will be emailed to you making it easy to keep track of what was purchased. Furthermore, the email will also provide a download link for any and all photographs.

In conjunction with one another, each of these points make selecting, buying and checking out a very easy and pain free process.

Added Perks


When browsing through Real Stock Photos’ extensive catalog you’re sure to come across more than one image that meets your eye. Luckily, Real Stock Photos offers a Lightbox feature which will allow you to specifically categorize photographs into different sets, complete with notes, for future reference. This helps to avoid confusion when managing several projects.

As an added benefit, several categories of images are also broken into premade Lightboxes which can then be purchased as a set. This makes it easy to quickly outfit an entire project without having to waste time searching for individual photos.

Extended Licenses

While use of photographs purchased through Real Stock Photos is quite lenient, there are extended licenses available for purchase.

These extended licenses will you to do things like remove the print run cap of 500,000 and resell purchased images. This comes in handy for those looking to undertake bigger projects with bigger needs.

Free Stock Images

Last but not least, Real Stock Photos offers a free stock image gallery. As of now, the gallery is quite bare but will be expanded on in the near future. This is a very nice addition to the already expansive line up of premium images that aren’t found on every stock image site and caters to those on a strict budget.

In conclusion, despite being a relatively new service, not many negative things can be said about Real Stock Photos. Their website is aesthetically pleasing and emphasizes ease of use for the end consumer. The service itself holds a wide variety of different professionally photographed images that feature real people in real situations thus resulting in a very authentic look. The buying process is streamlined and easy to understand while keeping prices very low. Additionally, as an added benefit, Real Stock Photos throws in many added perks including lightboxes, an affiliate program, extended licenses and even free stock imagery. All in all, this is a service that those looking for high quality authentic stock photos won’t want to miss.

Review written by:  Jeff Baker

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