Solid Stock Art Review – a new stock photo agency model

Something new has hit microstock. Solid Stock Art just released their new stock photo agency at the beginning of 2013 with some radical changes. This new stock photo agency has included an extended license with all purchases to protect the buyer and make artists work more lucrative in the world of stock photos. This is a radical deviation from the automatic royalty free license that is offered by all stock photo agencies. Include PNG files to the mix, large file types and cloud storage and you have a new stock agency model that is not found anywhere else.

Solid Stock Art

Solid Stock Art Image Basics

  • Thousands of images – including photos, illustrations and vectors
  • Solid Stock Art was launched February 2013 by stock photographer an designer Taylor Hinton
  • Accepts payments by Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal
  • US currency site only
  • Minimum payout amount at 25 USD to payout an artist is the lowest payout amount in the industry

Solid Stock Art Particulars

  • Searchable by: keywords, quality and expressions
  • All files come with a Solid Stock Art ‘Royalty Freedome License' which is very similar to a stock photo agency extended license:    No expiration of your license, no view of print limits, can use images on web templates for resale.
  • Smaller selection of quality images as artists are hand picked and approved by the agency
  • Keywords for images and vectors are created by the agency not the photographer making search easier that brings more results
  • Solid Stock Art is located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Image buying options


Price options

 Solid Stock Art makes purchases easy with their cash system option

  • Images range in price depending on size and quality
  • Image quality is broken up into three categories; Solid, Amazing, Awe Inspiring. Solid images and vectors are regular prices, Amazing images and vectors are increased in price by 15% and Awe Inspiring images and vectors have a price increase of 30% from the base price. Base ‘Solid' prices start at $7.99 USD with the included extended license
  • Solid Start Art makes buying files easy with their cash system. Load up your Solid Stock Art Bank and start buying dollar for dollar. No credit or subscription calculations are necessary

Cash Buying Pros

  • Credits and subscription buying not required
  • Solid Stock Art bank can be shared with other users when added to the list of users
  • Can easily reload your cash bank any time
  • Having approved cash in your Solid Stock Art ban makes buying fast and easy
  • You can buy any amount of Solid cash and use it immediately

Cash Buying Cons

  • Your Solid Stock Art bank and the money put into this account is only valid for one year.

Image Searching Tools

Solid Stock Art Search

Their search results with large thumbnails

You can easily search images by categories, keyword, quality, images with or without people, expression/emotion, image type, gender, ethnicity.

The interesting part of the search tool for Solid Stock Art is that the company has decided to create the metadata for each image. Normally the photographer uploads their file and adds keyword information. Solid Stock Art completes this task in-house. Solid Stock Art believes that in-house creation of metadata and keywords creates better search findings for buyers and helps people find photos faster.

Solid Stock Art Licensing – The radical shift from other stock photo agencies

Licensing option – extended license only called the ‘Royalty Freedom License' at Solid Stock Art

Solid Stock Art License

Their Extended License

The licensing system offered at Solid Stock Art is what sets this new stock photo agency apart from all the other stock photo buying options. Solid Stock Art has created its own extended license that is included with ALL images and vectors sold on their site.

The particulars of this license is the following:

  • There is no expiration when you purchase the image
  • There are no limits to how many views or prints you make of the image
  • Images can be used for resale on web based templates (email templates, blog templates, webpage templates)
  • Images can be shared within a company for many different clients and projects
  • Limitations to the license are; images are not for resale, images cannot be used for a brand or logo.

Solid Stock Art Collections

Solid Stock Art has an interesting collection called ‘Keepin' It Real', a collection that is designed to show real images as if you took the photo yourself. This corresponds to the popularity of Instagram and the demand for real image types that reflect current and in the moment photos. But they also have great normal stock photos (not as premium stock photos) – which we love as well.

Cloud storage for stock photo buyers


Solid Stock Art is the first stock photo agency to offer cloud storage of all purchased images. This benefit is free and guarantees that you never lose an image that you have the rights to. By storing your images in the cloud, you will always know where you purchased am image, can share the images under their corporate package terms and make using stock images easier than other stock photo agencies. Yet another radical addition to this stock photo agency. Check out more details about their service.

Stock Photo Agency – designed with the Customer in Mind

Solid Stock Art was designed by a stock photographer and designer who was tired of low percentage earnings, key wording images and being sent cease and desist letters from large agencies that sought proof of purchase for images. Solid Stock Art wants to make stock photo use easy, transparent, inclusive and affordable. This stock photo agency model and licensing change is a radical shift from the regular stock photo agency format.

Solid Stock Art Summary

Solid Stock ArtSolid Stock Art thinks of its company as a company that sells stock art on behalf of individual artists. The CEO Taylor built Solid Stock Art on one simple bases; common sense. Their licensing terms, the use of a cloud and the care taken to help artists keyword their images is what sets Solid Stock Art apart from other stock photo agencies. They market their company on what sets them apart from other stock agencies not what they offer similar to stock agencies.

Solid Stock Art is current in their features and offers creative alternatives to other stock photo agencies. For the price of their images that have a ‘Royalty Freedom License' (an extended license that carries more rights than a regular Royalty free license) their images and model serves an purpose for designers and creatives that want to share, use images for templates and not be tied to confusing licensing that other agencies hold.

Solid Stock Art is reasonably priced, has a good collection of artists, provides a variety of images and is trying something radical in the industry. For that very reason it is worth visiting their site and trying out their agency as the investment is small and the licensing terms worth it.

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