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Stockfresh opened its website doors a little under a year and half ago but the Stockfresh owners, who happen to be the previous owners of stock.xchng and stockXpert, have over 10 years of microstock agency experience.

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Stockfresh stock photo agency philosophy is based on the following principles: simplicity, quality, competitive prices, passion and service.  The highlight is prices.  Stockfresh is as competitive as any large stock photography agency with stock photos priced as low as 20¢ and as high as $1.00 USD.

Their second asset is their simplicity.  For a new stock photo agency user, Stockfresh is simple, easy to navigate, easy to understand and provides the buyer with few choices so decisions are quick and fast. They explain licenses and terms of service in the most comprehensive, no nonsense way seen to date.

Stockfresh Basics

  • Over 800,000 images
  • Images added daily
  • Stockfresh has been online since 2010 (14 months)
  • File types sold on Stockfresh are stock photos (JPEG) and vectors (Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS files)
  • Accepts payment by PayPal (including major credit cards), Moneybookers
  • Standard and extended licenses only

Stockfresh Particulars

  • Very basic search capabilities with the advanced search having 6 fields only but highlights a HTML color search and image placement options
  • Languages including: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese with international phone contact at a cost
  • Their FAQ section is simple and to the point. The FAQ sections are designed to find answers and are easy to navigate
  • Stockfresh has their corporate headquarters in Hungary with international customer service representatives

Credit-and Subscription Based Currency Options

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The Stockfresh credit and subscription buying options are cheap, transparent and clearly defined. The credit packages are extensive with the smallest package starting at 5 credits. Extended licenses can only be purchased with credits.

Stockfresh credit buying option

  • Credits can be purchased in predetermined packages only.
  • Credits start as low as .80¢ with a maximum price of $1.00 USD per credit making it one of the cheapest stock photo agencies and very competitive
  • Minimum of 5 credits to start in their pre-bundled credit packages for $4.99 USD
  • Extended licenses can be purchased with credits starting at 100 Credits

Credit Pros

  • Credits are cheap starting at 80¢
  • Extended licenses can be purchased with credit
  • One of the lowest pre-determined credit systems starting at $4.99 USD
  • Easy to navigate and transparent credit buying system

Credit Cons

  • No custom packages available

Subscription Services

stockfresh subscription prices > Stockfresh Review

Stockfresh offers two subscription buying options: The first plan offers five x-small, small or medium image downloads per day for 1, 3 6, or 12 month periods.  The second plan offers 25 x-small, small or medium image downloads per day for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month periods.  Prices are cheap and subscriptions are easy to understand. The basic plan starts at $99 for one month and includes 150 downloadable images at a price of 66¢ per image. The second packages starts at $249, which includes 750 images at a price of 33¢

  • Minimum of 5 images per day to a maximum of 25 images per day
  • One month, 3 month, 6 month and annual subscriptions
  • Only x-small, small and medium images can be purchased with the subscription

Subscription Pros

  • Flexible subscription options
  • Subscription services are cheap

Subscription Cons

  • Extended licensing options require the purchase of credits for payment
  • Subscription details are unclear and are not defined as well as other stock photo agencies

Image Searching Tools

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The initial Stockfresh search options are very limited, including their advanced search options.  Advanced search options include type, size, shape, subject and color with an option to exclude a keyword and search by photographer. What is unique about there minimal search function is that you can also search for color with HTML color codes and you can specify where you want the content on the image.

Where they do excel in their search options is after you complete the first keyword search. Stockfresh enables the buyer to further define their search through click boxes so that the search can be narrowed.  This can not be done until the initial search is completed. Keyword searches are basic and keyword prompts are not provided.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Extended searches are productive and more defined once an initial search has been completed
  • Searching options on the front end are very basic and simple

Licensing Options

Stockfresh has two licensing options, standard and extended.  Extended licenses can only be purchased with credits with a price of 100 credits.

The Stockfresh Summary

stockfresh logo > Stockfresh ReviewThe Subscription plans and credit buying programs at Stockfresh offer cheap prices compared to other microstock websites. The website is not sophisticated but it is easy to navigate, transparent and full of information. With over 800,000 images, their database is small and growing by 10,000 images per month.

With the ownership power and history that is behind this stock photo agency, it is worth watching.  For the new stock photo buyer, Stockfresh is easy to understand and would be a great introduction to the world of buying stock photos and understanding how stock agencies work.  They have lived up to their philosophy of simplicity and competitive pricing on the launch of this new stock agency website.

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Register for free at Stockfresh today and check out their great prices, stock photo database and search functions.

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