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There is a reason why everyone loves the new stock photo agency Stocksy so much. Our Stocksy review will give a detailed view on this new cooperative agency – which treats their photographers like partners and their customers like friends.

stocksy-logoStocksy Basics

Here are the basics at first glance:

  • Stock Photos only with few licensing options
  • Stocksy – opened in March, 2013
  • Accepts payments by Visa, American Express and Mastercard

Stocksy Review

Stocksy Particulars

  • Stocksy is a new concept in stock photography. The agency is a co-operative owned collectively by photographers and members. The vision is to democratize the process of stock photography with this sustainable business model developed by Bruce Livingstone, the original owner and creator of iStockphoto
  • Small stock photo agency that sells licensed images that are not sold anywhere else
  • Stocksy is all about simplicity. The concept, search and buying process is simple and straightforward
  • Photographers are personally branded on the site with their own galleries making it easy to search a particular photographers work.
  • The website is all about great images and buying the right to use these great images
  • Head office is in Victoria BC, Canada.

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Buying Options

Stocksy Buying Options

Stocksy has a very transparent and simple buying process. All images have royalty free licenses, and all images are the same price. Simple.

  • Prices for images start at $10 USD with the top price for an x-large file being $100 USD
  • 100% of the extended license is payed to the photographer
  • Three licensing options are available with pricing depending on the use
  • Single image buying option only. This site does not have credit or subscription options

Stocksy  Pros

  • Image prices correspond to the quality of the images, they are great images
  • Prices are transparent and easy to understand
  • If you want a great image this is a small price to pay
  • Guest purchases allowed. Registration is not required for payment
  • Licensing options are affordable

Stocksy Cons

  • No discounts for bulk purchases

Image Searching Tools

Image searching Options

Enhanced Search with Locations

There is a basic search tool to find images that is defined by keyword, people, location, composition. On the homepage you can view the latest images that have been uploaded to Stocksy.

Image searching filters can be added or remove and there are plenty of possibilities. For example one could search images showing the faces of people in some certain age group that are done in US and UK. The filters can be added or removed easily enough to locate you desired sets of pictures.

What is a unique asset to this site, which has been developed based on the business model, is the ability to see all participating photographers and look through their personal stock photography galleries that show their work. This has been the most gratifying search on the site.

Licensing Options

Licensing options – 3 Licensing options above the Royalty free license include Unlimited print, Products for Resale and Electronics.

All photos come with a Royalty free license that permits 500,000 uses of the images with standard use. The extra licenses clearly state the terms and conditions that support the need for the additional license. Extra licensing starts at $300 USD and caps at $700 USD.

Stocksy Assets

Stocksy has great photos! They are showcasing photos that are authentic, intelligent, beautiful, useful and realistic. With digital media shifting from text to images rapidly, Stocksy images are reflecting this need for great images that speak a million words.

They even have a curated gallery, which i love to flip through.

The website is super simple shifting the focus of microstock from understanding how a stock agency works to just buying great photos. Microstock has become complicated over the years, and buyers have focused more on understanding the pricing, buying process and licensing then focusing on the photos that they actually need. Stocksy is all about the photos done by photographers, not the process of buying photos.

Stocksy is raising the industry standard for stock photography

Stocksy Team

The Team behind Stocksy

Stocksy in not just another stock photo agency. Sure they want to sell photos but the main focus of this site is to have great photos that people that want to license. It takes very little time to find a great photo for your marketing needs on this site. You do not have to search through millions of photos looking for the perfect photo as many of the photos are perfect.

If you need basic photos that don't tell a story, use another stock photo agency (check out our Stocksy vs. Shutterstock comparison).

If you are looking for great photos that will wow people,
go to Stocksy!

Bruce Livingstone and his team got it right. They are not big, the pricing is not for everyone, but they have great photos for those who want them, will pay the price and wish to tell a good story.

Stocksy highlights

  • Single image purchases with no required investment
  • Inexpensive photos for the quality
  • Game changing business model in stock photography for buyers and photographers


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