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Thinkstock is a stock photo agency property of Getty Images, which launched in 2010 to offer more affordable stock photo subscriptions online. Given iStock is also under the Getty umbrella and also offers subscriptions since a while, the parent company announced this year that they will be closing the service in mid-2019, and since April 2018 they no longer sell any images.

But don’t worry, if you like Thinkstock’s offer in prices and image quality, we have great alternatives for you. has great annual plans with even better prices.

And iStock also provides very similar images in their budget collection, with the plus of being owned by the same company.

Either way, you’ll find a great alternative to Thinkstock to buy your stock photos.


Thinkstock Review

UPDATE: Thinkstock closed - 2019

Thinkstock has effectively closed its doors in mid-2019, but you can find awesome Thinkstock alternatives here!

Thinkstock  Basicsthinkstock_logo

  • Million images – including photos, illustrations and vectors
  • Thinkstock  was launched (again) by Getty Images in 2010
  • Accepts payments by Visa, American Express and MasterCard
  • All prices are in US dollars and all payments are in US dollars (European option available)

Thinkstock Particulars

  • Over 13 international sites including Europe, North America, Asia and Australia with corresponding languages.
  • Large selection of quality images that are sourced from Jupiter Images, iStockphoto, Getty Images, Punchstock and
  • Search options are extensive. Included are image technique, collections, composition, subject and concept.
  • Thinkstock corporate headquarters is located in New York, USA with international contact numbers of global websites.

Image Pack and Subscription buying options

Thinkstock Image Pack options


  • All image sizes are included in the Image Pack option with a standard Thinkstock license.
  • 4 Image Pack options ranging in price from $49 US to $1499 USD
  • Image Packs are valid for one year and images can be download at any time during that year

Image Pack Pros

  • Affordable option at $49 USD and $249 USD
  • Thinkstock offers regular  discount coupons on their images packs
  • Perfect buying option for bloggers, independent small businesses, one time purchases
  • Downloaded Images can be used at any time in any number of projects
  • Legal protection offered up to 10,000 USD

Image Pack Cons

  • More expensive buying option per image
  • Extended licenses are purchased separately

Thinkstock subscription options

Thinkstock Subscription Options

  • There are two subscription options, one year flex (50 images per month) or monthly subscriptions (750 images per month)
  • All image sizes are included in the 2 subscription options with a standard Thinkstock license.
  • Subscription options ranging in price from $139 US to $299 USD per month
  • Subscriptions make the price per image very affordable
  • Legal protection offered up to 10,000 USD as part of the subscription price
  • All subscription buyers receive 10% off Getty Image and iStockphoto purchases

 Subscription Pros

  • Flex option with 50 downloads per month prices each image at $2.78 USD
  • Other monthly subscriptions price images at 40 cents to 26 cetns per month depending on the option used
  • Annual subscriptions can be paid monthly to make it easier on buyers with no increase in price

Subscription Cons

  • Extended licenses negotiated seperately
  • Per day download limits
  • Any images downloaded during subscription time but not used in projects can not be used after the subscription is expired

Image Searching Tools


You can easily search images by  keyword, collections, image type, orientation, people, content, style and collections. If you need to narrow your search further, Thinkstock enables searches within searches, a very cool feature.

Thinkstock Collections and Licensing

Licensing options – Standard license and Extended licensing only

When you buy your image the standard license (similar to a royalty free license) is automatic. Any extended licensing options requires a phone call to Thinkstock. Pricing for extended licenses was not available online.

Thinkstock has Photographer Collections

Thinkstock Photographer Collection

Unlike other stock photo agencies that have exclusive collections by subject, Thinkstock has arranged their special collections by Photographer. This enables a buyer to search within a photographers collection of images using the search criteria.

Thinkstock has one mission – provide the freedom to focus on being creative

Thinkstock has one mission, to provide the freedom focus on being creative. The subscription options, one image size download option, invoicing procedure and search options are easy to use, understand and realize. Creativity is first for Thinkstock, a collection of images from some of the best stock agencies. Their model was generated to save money for buyers, deliver a fast and effective way to get images and utilize the expertise of the parent company Getty Images. They seem to have succeeded.

Thinkstock highlights

  • Concentrate on being creative
  • Higher resolution comps with no watermarks
  • Free insurance protection for all images
  • Easy payment options and monthly invoicing of photo downloads
  • Best images regardless of budget

Video Review of Thinkstock Royalty Free Stock Agency

Thinkstock Summary

Thinkstock is the only subscription that combines millions of photos, vector art and illustrations selected from Getty Images, iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and worldwide image partners. Owned by Getty Images, Thinkstock is a less expensive option to Getty Images but is not the cheapest stock photo agency. We love that their images are large, beautiful and unique, but they can be costly.


 Check out Thinkstock now!

Thinkstock is relying on their greatest assets to sell images to creative professionals. They selling features include legal protection for copyright issues, affordable and flexible payment options, broad global licensing and image diversity. All of these points are true and the annual subscription makes Thinkstock one of the cheapest stock photo agencies, but for the independent creative that does not require 750 images per month, the price is a bit steep.

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