Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images!

Offset is Shutterstock’s brand and stand-alone service for premium stock photography. It focuses on authentic stock images by renowned photographers. But as its prices aren’t for everyone, many buyers can use an alternative to Offset that fits their needs.

And we didn’t have to dig deep to find one! We happen to know of an agency whose catalog easily rivals Offset’s, but its prices are a lot more budget-friendly and special. We are talking about none other than Photocase.

Ready to discover more about Offset’s offer and the great alternative that Photocase is? Then let’s dive right in!

Offset by Shutterstock and Why We Need an Alternative

Offset LogoTop stock photo agency Shutterstock launched Offset in 2013. It is a premium, niche stock photo service –operated by parent company but running separately– full of highly curated, top quality, trendy imagery that revolves around the hottest style of all since years: authenticity and realism –you can see it in our Photography Trends 2020 report–. Furthermore, Offset collection showcases the work of renowned professional photographers and artists, giving them a more prominent place in the offer. Overall it's a first-class place to find authentic stock images.

Typically, premium stock photography offers like this deal with Rights Managed licensing that ensures custom coverage but add complexity to the buying process and increase prices significantly. An attracting point for Offset is that it works with Royalty Free licenses, making it super simple to purchase photos.

However, such a high-end collection comes at higher price points than microstock has you accustomed: Offset images are sold on-demand only, at $249 – $499 each depending on size. They include image pack deals that save you between $126 and $741 total in bulk purchases.

Offset Authentic Images > Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images!

A sample of Offset's images

Why an Alternative to Offset?

We feel that Offset’s library has a lot to offer to many of you creatives looking for unique stock photos with the best artistic and commercial quality. However, we know not all of you have pockets deep enough to fork five hundred bucks every time you want a cool photo for your designs.

An alternative to Offset that is accessible for everyone, especially small and medium-sized budgets, would be ideal in our opinion. And we happen to know that Photocase is perfect for this!

Photocase home page > Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images!

Photocase: Premium Authentic Stock Photos at Pocket-Friendly Rates

Photocasephotocase logo w > Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images! is a German stock photo agency that was established in 2001. What makes them stand out in the industry –and part of the reason they’re listed in our guide to the 20+ best stock photo sites— is that they were a niche company focused in artsy, quirky stock images from the get-go, in a time where most competitors were all about commercial, generic photos for everyday needs. You can learn more in our full Photocase review.

This agency features a purposely small library (when compared to others) thanks to a super tight curation process, and their handpicked photographs and illustrations are all very edgy, artistic and distinct, while still commercially valuable and high resolution. Photocase is the place to find unique stock images –the kind that is perfect for Instagram and other social media– and certainly a great choice to get the best images for marketing and visual content.

PhotoCase Categories Screenshot > Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images!

Photocase's curated categories

Just like Offset, Photocase sells its imagery under a Royalty Free license that gives great usage flexibility and it’s dead simple to buy and use. And also like Offset, they sell on-demand, paying as you go.

The difference is the price range. At Photocase, you can buy amazing, high-quality photos for between $10 and $20 according to size. And if you wish, you can save in volume with credit packs, that save you from $7 and up to thousands of dollars from single purchase prices. An abysmal difference!

As if that wasn’t enough, we have an exclusive deal for our readers: our Photocase Coupon Code with 5 FREE credits + 10% off on your first purchase! How’s that for affordable, premium photography?

Photocase Images > Photocase: The Affordable Alternative to Offset in Premium Stock Images!

A showcase of Photocase's images

Photocase: the Perfect Alternative to Offset

We sustain that Photocase is by far the ideal alternative to Offset because it offers the exact same kind of images, the same premium quality, uniqueness, artistic value, and curation level, plus the same licensing model, but at a much lower cost. You will hardly find another premium-class stock photo site with images under $15!

But that’s not all. Other valuable points in Photocase are their history and their reputation. This is a company with almost 20 years in business, highly specialized in authentic stock photos and well-known for its trademark quirky style. If you like Offset because it’s backed up by Shutterstock and thus is reliable and professional, you can get that same feeling at Photocase without having to break the bank for one image.

So if you’re eager on using extraordinary, eye-catchy pictures in your designs, go ahead and discover Photocase right now. And don’t forget to grab our Photocase Coupon Code for 5 FREE credits + 10% off!

Happy designing!

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