Benefits of buying a Royalty free stock photo from a stock photo agency

There are many benefits to buying stock photos through online stock photography agencies. Some people are not yet using stock photo agencies and could benefit from their services if they understood what they are and how they work.  Many people see the term Royalty free and assume the photos on stock photo agencies are for free. The use of the word free in ‘Royalty Free’ is not referring to price.  There is a price for Royalty Free photos.  The term ‘free’ in Royalty Free outlines copyright agreements and licensing use for the purchaser.  The term Royalty Free provides the purchaser with certain user rights that include where a stock photo can be used, under what conditions, for how long and on what products. there are many benefits to buying Royalty free stock photos that a new user to stock photography may not be aware of.

Benefits to Buying Stock Agency Photos

  1. Using stock photos legally that comply with international copyright laws.
  2. Can use the stock photos on multiple promotional campaigns, designs and digital media.
  3. Cheap and fast to use.
  4. Do not have to find photographers to create the exact image you need.  This saves time and money.
  5. Can search, find and use international cheap stock photos quickly and without adding costs.
  6. Receive many benefits from stock agency free memberships.

What does a Royalty Free Photo cost?

Royalty Free stock photos can be purchased for as low as $1 to $2 USD for an x-small photo.  If you own a subscription then the price could be as low as $0.32 USD.  The credit package or subscription you choose will determine the actual price of the Royalty Free stock photo.

FREE Royalty Free stock photos

On most stock agency websites, a free stock photo is offered to enrolled members on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The photo can be downloaded during a limited time frame and provides the stock agency member with the right to use the photo under Royalty Free copyright conditions.  This is a great membership benefit and members can download every free photo and use for their design needs.  Oh and membership on stock photo agency websites is for FREE!

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