Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

Stock photos are a great resource to save time and money in creating visuals for marketing, advertising, branding or social media presence, etc. But what if you want images you can print on t-shirts (or any other item) for series production and sell them to make some bucks? Well, you can. All you've to do is purchase images for commercial use, under an Extended License agreement.

Don't be put off by how complicated it sounds: it's dead simple. An Extended license is the same Royalty Free license you use for every other projects, only adding the necessary rights to use the images in products for resale, and unlimited copies.

So, when do you need an Extended License? Where to buy stock photos for commercial use? How much will they cost you? Read on as we answer all these questions one by one and find a list of stock agencies below!

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Quick Guide to Buy Stock Photos for Commercial Use

First of all, let's make clear here we are talking about images under Royalty Free license, which gives you a number of preset rights for a one time fee, letting you use the photos forever, in as many designs as you want.

Now, stock photos under this license can be used for commercial purposes (the agency makes sure to check all rights are cleared for such use). With the Standard license (the default one at pretty much every agency) you can use the photos in any commercial project that doesn't involve selling the image repeatedly and directly. Marketing campaigns, adverts, banners, social media posts, store decoration, and more are typical commercial image licensing uses.

The main restrictions in this license are the number of copies you can distribute (commonly set at 500,000 units), and the prohibition to use photos in products or designs you will then resell for a profit.

What is a Commercial Extended License?

You can click here for detailed info on Extended Licenses and practical examples on its uses. But simply put, it's an upgraded version of Royalty Free license. As its name gives away, it extends the usage rights you get, removing certain limitations of the Standard license and adding some very useful rights. It is also a one-time fee model: you pay once, and gain the usage rights forever.

Extended License mainly adds to very important rights:

  • Unlimited print run
  • Use in products for resale

When you buy images under Extended License, they are photos for commercial use that you can legally include into products you will repeatedly sell to multiple clients. And you don't have to worry about production run, as you can use the image in unlimited reproductions.

When Do I Need an Extended License?

As you likely guessed, you're going to need an Extended License when:

  • You intend to distribute more than the Standard limit of copies (even if it's not for reselling purposes)
  • You want to use the photo in a design that will be reproduced and sold for a profit (be it in physical or digital products)

If you're looking for images to print on t-shirts, hats, mugs, posters, etc., then you definitely need to purchase images for commercial use with Extended License.

When you Don't Need an Extended License!

  • Blog posts or website
  • Socia Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Images for Personal Use
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • eBooks
  • Limited Print Runs

What is the Best Source for Buying Images for Commercial Use?

As we said, many stock photo agencies include Extended Licenses in their offer. In pretty much all cases this license can be acquired on demand, but not with subscriptions.

Here we bring you a list of the best places to purchase stock photos for commercial use with an Extended License. Most of these agencies are also amongst our Best Stock Photo Sites ever. Have a quick look at their amazing prices!

Best 5 Stock Photo Offers: Prices for Extended Licenses

AgencyPrice per Photo with
Smallest Investment
Best Price per Photo
SPS Shop$80 / $40 for members$44 / $22 for members
iStock$192 $152
Adobe Stock$79,99$79,99

Buy Images for Commercial Use – The Best 5 Offers

StockPhotoSecrets-Logo-WhiteStockPhotoSecrets Shop – let you use photos for commercial products

StockPhotoSecrets Shop is a stock photo agency thought specifically for small to medium businesses, with very cheap deals in high quality images. Here you can buy photos for commercial use with one of the best offers in the market!

The shop has a collection with 5 million images, vectors and fonts to choose from, all up to XXL size at no added cost. Plus, 100,000 new files are added every month. Having deals for monthly and annual subscriptions, plus on demand image packs and a very popular annual plan -99club offer-, the shop has recently added great Extended License packs that let you purchase stock photos for commercial use including products for resale.

SPS Shop Extended License Packs Prices 1 > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?


Extended License packs come at 1 image for $80, 5 images for $300, and 25 images for $1100. Now these prices are very competitive, but what's even best is that there's a 50% discount on any pack for customers on any of the monthly or annual subscriptions! That's right, if you have a monthly or annual plan in SPS Shop, you will be able to buy Extended License packs with photos for commercial use at half price. Plus the packs never expire, you can buy them and use them whenever you want. Getting to as low as just $22 per photo, it's by far the cheapest image license offer in the market! You can learn more details about Extended License packs here.

Get your Extended License pack at SPS Shop today! And don't forget to check the monthly and annual offers to seize the chance of getting awesome cheap photos and a 50% off in Extended Licenses! This is a good place to start!


One of the most popular stock photo agencies in the business, Shutterstock offers Royalty Free images at super low prices for both commercial and editorial use. When it comes to images for commercial use, they include Extended License (what they call Enhanced license) in their service at reasonable price points.

Shutterstock Enhanced License Pricing 2017 > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

Shutterstock has one of the largest image collections in the industry with over 100 million photos, vectors and illustrations. They offer subscriptions and image packs, and when it comes to Extended License they're available on-demand, also in pack form where the more images you buy in advance, the more money you save in the long run.

Their Enhanced License packs aka photos for commercial usage are at $199 for 2 images, $449 for 5, and $1699 for 25. Depending on how many you want to buy, they'll cost you between $68 and $99.50 each. The packs are valid for one year after the purchase date, so you have a lot of flexibility to invest and use your photos for commercial use.

Sign up for free at Shutterstock to buy their Enhanced Image packs! And if you want to get them cheaper, use our special Shutterstock Coupon Code with up to 20% Off!

iStock – purchase extended licenses from one of the best agencies

istocklogo300 > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?One of the oldest established and most popular stock photo agencies in the industry, iStock specialises in royalty-free images for commercial use. They offer a carefully curated library full of these images, and they include Extended License options with added usage rights including resale of products.

iStock offers millions of photos and illustrations curated into two main collections, one economic and the other exclusive. You can get these images with a subscription, or on demand with credits. Extended Licenses are available with credits only, and each bonus right comes as a separate license.

iStock Extended License Price > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

All Extended License options are 18 credits each (depending on the pack you buy, this will be between $144 and $170). Physical Products is the label of the option for products for resale, and there's also Unlimited Reproduction, Multi-Seat and other alternatives. It's important to note each of these options adds 18 credits to the individual image price, which is either 1 or 3 credits depending on the collection. Like this, a photo for printing on a t-shirt or any other item can cost you roughly from $152 to $192. Considering this agency offers premium, exclusive images and high quality budget photos, it's a very reasonable deal.

Sign up for free at iStock to get awesome images for your t-shirt designs!

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shutterstock logo new s > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

adobe stock logo > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is Adobe's very own stock photo service, which is deeply integrated to their Creative Cloud platform providing a seamless workflow for creatives using stock photos. Their offer is complete with Extended License, and you can buy images for commercial use at convenient prices.

Adobe Stock has over 60 million files in their library, all royalty free images for commercial use. They have subscription plans with many options, and also credit packs for bonus content. All their photos have Extended license (called Enhanced) available, which gives you the right to unlimited print run and use in products to be resold.

Adobe Stock Enhanced License Price > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

Their Enhanced license is priced at just $79,99 per photo, and you pay as you go. It's a very simple and straight forward system that lets you get just as many images as you need, whenever you need them.

Explore Adobe Stock's collections for free! If you want to test their service, seize this Adobe Stock Free Trial with 10 standard images for free!


Depositphotos is a well established and reputable stock photo agency amongst the leaders in the market. With a wide offer in cheap stock photos, they include option for Extended License on all their images, thus licensing images for commercial use.

Depositphotos Extended License Packs > Buy Images for Commercial Use or Where to Get Images Licensed to Print on T-Shirts?

This image bank counts with over 60 million photos, vectors and illustrators ready to download and use commercially. You can buy them with subscription plans or image packs, and Extended Licenses are also available as on demand packs you pay in advance and use whenever you want within one year.

Enhanced License packs come with 1 image for $89, 5 images for $359 or 25 images for $1599. Depending on how much you want to invest, they'll cost you from $64 to $89 per photo. Certainly a good deal!

Sign up for free at Depositphotos right here to explore their images! If you want to save in your purchase of stock images for commercial use, grab our special Depositphotos Coupon Code with 5 FREE images + 20% Off!

What about free images or creative common?

Users often ask: “Can I use pixabay images for commercial use?” and this is a good question. If you want to use creative commons free images you should be really be certain that you own a license. Why? Imagine you are downloading a free photo for commercial use from websites like,, or others and create a product for resale. You then spend thousands of USD in producing the products only to find out that you actually can't use the image you have printed on it. Therefore I recommend NOT to do use any creative common free stock photos at all. Rather go with a cheap commercial license like the one from SPS Shop and secure your business investment.

Licensing Images for Commercial Use: Cost-Effective Way to Make Money from Your Designs!

Being a one time fee license that grants you perpetual use of the images, buying stock photos for commercial use with Extended License is a very cost-effective way to create amazing designs to print on t-shirts, hats, mugs, and any other apparel or physical item you can then sell to make money.

The costs are really low: at any of the above listed companies, you can purchase photos for commercial use for less than $100.

By far the best deal is that of our SPS Shop, with the cheapest Extended Licenses to buy images for commercial use in the market at just $22 per photo. Purchase your Extended License image pack today!

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