Best Car Outlines Solution: Vehicle Templates and Where to Buy Them

Car Outlines – what you need to know

Vehicle wraps are nothing new under the sun but are certainly still a very popular marketing resource, because they’re simply effective. To design and print a wrap design, car outlines are essential: you need the exact measurements of the vehicle your design will be laid on, taking all dimensions in mind, to ensure a perfect result.

And that’s why vehicle wrap templates are so useful. These are very accurate, detailed car outlines ready to download and use, letting you create a design for a car wrap for you or for your client in less time.

It’s an ideal complement to run a vehicle wrap business, to include vehicle wrap design in your graphic designer's services, or even to create just one or a few vinyl car wraps for your own use.

Read on as we cover everything from what vehicle templates are and how they work, to the great Vehicle Club offer to get pro vehicle template files cheaply!

For in-depth info, check out this complete guide on car wraps, vehicle templates and vinyl graphics!

Car Wraps are a Simple and Effective Marketing Solution

Vehicle graphics have been around for a really long time, back since the early 90s when a famous soda brand used the first vinyl car wrap ad on the side of a bus. And it’s still a popular choice for advertising and branding efforts today.

The reasons for this popularity are very clear: it’s effective! Having your brand name, logo and attractive design displayed on a vehicle that is circling around on the streets gives your ad high-visibility at a very low-cost compared to other alternatives. Any vehicle you own becomes a canvas awaiting its own vehicle wrap design. And there’s always the opportunity to make deals with other companies like taxis, buses and car services.

So it’s an option worth exploring for any business owner, and one you can make some good incomes from if you include it in your graphic design services and/or large format printing service.

Car Outline Example

Vehicle Car Templates Make your Life Easier when Designing Car Wraps

The reason exact measurements are so important for car outlines designs is rather evident: you design in 2D, but the final print is applied onto a 3D surface: cars have door handles, mirrors, front and rear lamps, and a defined shape. To ensure your car wrap fits perfectly (which is what sets it apart from a bad wrap), you need to design having the exact dimensions of the car, including volume, curves, etc.

Taking this measurements yourself and later scaling them to work on them is doable, but you must be very precise and it’s very time consuming. For this very reason, asking your client to do it themselves is out of question.

Vehicle wrap templates come in to save you from the hassle of measuring vehicles altogether and speed up the design process in custom vehicle wraps. These are essentially a stock media type designed just for car outlines: templates for cars, vans, trucks and various other type of vehicles. Here’s why they’re so useful:

  • Varied: you can find vehicle templates for virtually all cars and motor vehicles in circulation, some vehicle wrap template libraries are updated with the latest 2018 models even
  • Precise: these templates are designed using accurate measurements for each car model
  • Scaled: they’re all already scaled mockups for easy manipulation
  • Editable: vehicle templates come in various formats such as CDR, AI, DXF and EPS, that are fully editable with most image and vector manipulation tools
  • Ready: car templates are ready to download and use, all you (or your designer) have to do is open them in your editor of choice and start designing your wrap graphic

It’s a no-brainer that vehicle templates are a great aid when it comes to car wrap design, and that’s why there’s every day more companies offering them, and more graphic designers looking for them.

Car Outlines Template

For more details on how to create a car wrap easily, check out this great Guide to Design a Car Wrap in 6 Simple Steps!

Buy Vehicle Wrap Templates from a Pro Supplier

Once you’re ready to create a car wrap and you have a designer and/or printer lined up, it’s time to choose where to buy your vehicle templates. Of course, as with anything, you need to know exactly where to go to get the best for your bucks. Here we bring you one of the best options in the market!


Outline Download SignSilo

SignSilo is a sign-making specialized marketplace with a very strong and super budget-friendly offer in vehicle templates for car wraps. Perfect for startups, new projects, small and medium-sized businesses, and anyone wanting to get affordable resources for vehicle graphics.

They have 20,000 precise car template files spanning three decades of various types of vehicles up to the latest models, plus 30,000 additional graphics resources for a vehicle wrap, truck wrap and similar vehicle advertising like high-resolution images, vectors, illustrations, wrap artwork and vinyl ready files, all royalty free and ready to use, for as long as you wish, paying for the rights to use them only once.

Car Outlines

SignSilo has an unbeatable deal in vehicle wrap templates: their exclusive Vehicle Club plan that gives you access to the entire car template files catalog, with 25 downloads per month for a whole year, for just $99! That totals 300 car outline downloads in one year, at $0,32 each! A perfect offer for those with a limited budget who need lots of vehicle templates all the time!

Grab your Vehicle Club plan right here!

signsilo vehicle club offer > Best Car Outlines Solution: Vehicle Templates and Where to Buy Them

In addition, their pricing options include month-to-month subscription, plus a full membership plan that includes vehicle wrap templates plus additional media like images, vectors, and fonts, that is also available monthly or annually.

The whole library is easily searchable with keywords and is conveniently organized by media type and models, ensuring you will find the car outline you need in the results. Plus, their site includes free tester files for you to see exactly what you get.

Visit SignSilo here to explore their graphics and professional vehicle templates! And don’t forget to check their awesome Vehicle Club offer! Test the waters with a free file first, too!

Example of our Car Outline

Bring your Car Wrap to Life in Simple Steps

Once you have your auto wrap design ready –and you will have it ready much sooner using vehicle templates–, it is time to make it a reality by putting on the actual vehicle.

You will need to hire the services of a professional, large format printing shop. As for materials, you should definitely opt for vinyl. There are price variations according to quality that you can explore.

The final step once the car wrap is printed is the installation. And don't overlook it, as this is also one of the critical points that differentiate a bad wrap from a great one. Find a knowledgeable vehicle outline professional with an appropriate space in their workshop to install it making sure no traces of dust or dirt, and of course, no bubbles, are trapped between your car and your vinyl wrap.

For more information on these further steps, check out this comprehensive guide on vehicle wraps!

Use Stock Car Outlines to Create Awesome Car Wraps

Using vehicle wrap templates you will be able to take your car wrap designs from your mind to your car faster, easier, and cheaper! Simply download car outlines for your car model and work on a cool design. From then, it’s only a matter of printing it in vinyl and getting it installed on your vehicle!

With SignSilo and it’s super convenient Vehicle Club offer, you’ll be able to save time, effort and money in creating the most amazing car wraps that ever circled the streets. We look forward to seeing them! Go get your Car Outlines now!

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