Comparison between Thinkstock and Shutterstock (2 helpful Alternatives)

UPDATE April 2018: Thinkstock has announced it will close in mid-2019, and has already discontinued its annual plans. Find the best alternatives to Thinkstock here!

Shutterstock and Thinkstock are two long standing stock photo agencies that are in the top six recommended and used stock photo options for design and publishing professionals. But what is the difference between these two agencies? Many businesses have to pick one over the other as financial demands do not allow for a full year subscription at both stock photo agencies. So why would you consider Shutterstock over Thinkstock or visa versa?

The difference really comes down your needs, not prices, and in many cases not photos. Both agencies have large image libraries, both agencies offer competitive pricing. But there are some fundamental differences between Shutterstock and Thinkstock that could make one stock photo agency work for you better than the other.

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The basics about Shutterstock and Thinkstock – Comparison Table

Stock AgencyMax. Downloads / DayJPG (Photo)EPS (Vector)VideoAudioLowest Prices Image US$File SizeMin. Time
Shutterstock25yesyesyesyes$0.28all1 month
Thinkstock25yesyesnono$0.40all1 month

Both companies are dedicated to providing quality images to professionals who need great quality photos. Both companies are dedicated to multiple languages, international images and providing fast downloads to their customers. Both companies offer subscriptions and on demand image packs.

So what makes Shutterstock so different?

Shutterstock LogoShuttertock is international in both image options and language options. Shutterstock is less expensive per image. Shutterstock offers different image sizes and pricing that reflects those differences  = savings. Shutterstock provides more image options in their searches. Shutterstock has video and audio in their libraries. We are very happy to announce up to 10% off via our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock Subscription Prices

Shutterstock pricing chart - Stock Photo Secrets

What makes Thinkstock so different?

thinkstock_logoThinkstock coordinates their library of images with Getty images, iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and more. You get access to all of these stock photo agency images in one location. Thinkstock provides one image size that you can re-size to fit your needs. Their prices are not image size specific which makes life easier in many cases and you do not have to determine in advance what image size you may need.

Anual and Monthly Prices of Thinkstock

Thinkstock subscriptions comparison chart - Stock Photo Secrets

Image Packs of Thinkstock

Thinkstock image packs pricing - Stock Photo Secrets

What are your Stock Image needs?

Before you make your decision, outline what you need for images, determine what your design needs are daily, monthly, annually and then review the differences. Once you know this, the decision is actually quite easy. Based on your needs which stock photo agency would you choose? Is your choice based on budget or is it based on image flexibility?

Compare Thinkstock and Shutterstock with our Comparison Table

Stock AgencyMax. Downloads / DayJPG (Photo)EPS (Vector)VideoAudioLowest Prices Image US$File SizeMin. Time
Shutterstock25yesyesyesyes$0.28all1 month
Thinkstock25yesyesnono$0.40all1 month

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