8 Positive Visual Ideas to Communicate and Inspire in Coronavirus Times

The pandemic of Coronavirus –also known as COVID-19– has most of the world in different degrees of quarantine and preventive isolation. Some regions are more affected than others, but the global society follows news on the outbreak closely. 

Such news can be anguish-driving and nerve-wracking, and the lockdown doesn’t help the general mood. While communicating responsibly and respectfully is a must, as a creative/business owner you can choose not to add fuel to the anxiety and sadness fire. 

Instead, you can opt for lighting up the positive vibes and help your audience feel better and focus on the good things, to help them stay safe and content. This much-welcomed relief can also bring better results business-wise.

To aid you in this mission, here we present you 8 spirit-lifting ideas for your visuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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#1. Home is Where the Heart Is

Between work or school, doing the shopping, running the errands, going to the gym, meeting friends for a drink, swinging by the parents’ to check on them and other etceteras, we spend a lot of our day out. 

mom little girl playing

Copryright mashiki / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

Being suddenly limited to staying home can feel confining and bring the idea of being “stuck in here”. But you can remind everyone that’s not a bad thing at all! 

This quarantine is the perfect chance to appreciate the one place in the world we can effectively call ours: our home. 

cat in owner arms

Copyright Romina Schwenker / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

Think of everything that you love that is anchored here, and you never get enough time to enjoy: your family, your pets, your cozy reading corner… The comfort and love you are surrounded with at home are unique, there’s certainly nothing bad in getting to bask in it for a while!

Shutterstock's Life at Home collection is full of great visuals for this concept.

woman bed book coffee

Copyright SianStock / Photocase.com

#2. Teamwork for the Win

Don’t ever underestimate the ability we as a species have to revel the very best of ourselves during tough times! One of the brightest sides of this global situation is our natural leaning towards togetherness. 

Men pulling rope

Copyright real-enrico / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

All over the world, people are coming together to fight a common enemy. The strong take a step back and stay home in the hope for protecting those in risk. Everyone opens their windows and join their voices in a song to remind each other they’re together. 

Community is very much alive, and that’s something worth portraying.

papercut abstract men

Copyright complize / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

#3. Social-Driving Technology

Much has been discussed how technologic developments distance us more and more from our essence as humans, turning us into machine-interacting beings. 

kids videocalling grandma

Copyright davidpereiras / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

But this pandemic shows how we thrive doing exactly the opposite, by using all the available technology (especially Internet and software tools) to feel virtually connected while physical, social distancing becomes a necessity. 

pregnant woman with smartphone

Copyright Eva Blanco Fotografia. / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

Videocalls, instant messaging, social media platforms, they’ve become a great ally in keeping us in touch with those we love and making us all feel accompanied. 

#4. Home = Life's Operative Center

Just as valuable as communication tech, the applications of technology to conduct everyday life tasks from home are a real life-saver in times like this. 

Man laying on floor with laptop sofa dog

Copyright Vadim Brown / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

People from many different fields have been able to continue working from home. Mundane things like buying groceries or paying bills, as well as extraordinary ones like a doctor’s checkup, can be handled or requested with a few clicks on our phones, and done entirely from the comfort of our home. 

woman fashion designer working

Copyright Criene / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

The lockdown didn’t stop the world from spinning nor people from living, and that’s definitely something you want your audience to remember!

#5. A Much-Needed “You” Time

We established that it is a lot that you can do from home… but you’re also presented with the rare chance to do nothing at all. 

young woman looking through window with coffee cup

Copyright Lissy74 / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

The quarantine and self-isolation produce the ideal scenario for you to focus on slowing down, relaxing and de-stressing, and spending time with yourself.

young woman watching laptop in bed in the dark

Copyright Vapi / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

Reading that book that’s been sitting on your table for months. Taking a bubble bath with not a single sign of rush. Catching up with that cool Netflix series you never finished. Lingering about doing literally nothing. 

woman doing yoga at home

Copyright SianStock / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

The sweetness of life can also be found in those moments. 

#6. Appreciating the Essential Staff

Another big positive lighthouse in this sea of uncertainty is how everybody is showing their praise and gratitude to the ones that are out there looking after us. 

african doctor red gown hands to heart

Copyright Gelpi / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

Doctors, nurses, technicians, paramedics, firefighters, but also the police and army forces, food and basic items providers, everyone that is exposing themselves to protect the rest. 

Speaking of food delivery, food stock photos are heavily influenced by this concept, too!

nurse latex gloves knit red heart

Copyright ndanko / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

They deserve all the recognition we have, today and every day. So it’s great to see them receive it. 

#7. The Earth is Breathing

A lot of photojournalists and citizens-turned-into-documentarians have noticed the clear and overwhelming impact that fewer people out and less human activity are having on the environment. 

Landscape high view route woods city

Copyright derProjektor / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

The Venetian canals became green again and swans have been seen swimming away on them. Packs of deers have been caught carefreely strolling down the US street, the intensely-polluted city skies have begun to clear.

hand holding glass sphere landscape reflection

Copyright nanihta / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

The Earth is taking a break from us and using it to heal. It’s a tangible lesson for us to learn, as well as a beautifully inspiring moment to witness. 

sheep walking on street

Copyright christina kohnen / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

#8. Sweet Celebration

“What is the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?” – We know you’ve asked and answered this question at least once in recent days. It’s one of the things that mostly comes to everyone’s minds while we wait for the pandemic to end. 

friends enjoying outdoor barbecue

Copyright davidpereiras / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

And it’s a powerful spirit lifter to explore. The plans for when we can go out again help keep a cheerful mindset and the hopes up.

friends walking down the beach

Copyright manupadilla / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

A barbecue with all of your family and friends? A day-long shopping spree? A hike to the highest point of your region? You name it. Images that inspire the loveliest projections for the end of the pandemic are a must-have. 

Man farsighting and hiking on field

Copyright Jo3rch / Photocase.com, all rights reserved

In this spirit, Pond5's “Reunited” collection is an inspiring set of images revolving around the concept of meeting with family again after a long period of isolation and social distancing. Check it out!

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Inspire Yourself and Inspire Others with Positive Imagery

Remember, in times as complex as this, you're presented with the choice on how to frame your communications, marketing, and visuals in general.

We believe that more than enough people are covering the dark bits of the story and all the downsides of the pandemic and the consequent quarantine.

Going for the bright side is both a welcome relief for your audience and a golden opportunity for your brand.

We hope these 8 ideas inspire you to create and help inspire others through your content. And we'd love to see your positive designs come to life!

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