Finance Stock Photos That Aren’t Boring (and Where to Find Them)

Finance stock photos depict concepts related to the world of finances, accounting, economy, and business. 

All these concepts can be visually boring, mainly if you stick to old stock image clichés. But the whole point of using images in your designs is to make them more appealing for viewers. 

So, how do you make finance concepts more enticing through photos? By selecting visually powerful pictures and perfectly on topic, we are about to tell you which ones they are and where to buy them.

Where Makes Sense to Use Finance Themed Images

As we said, inserting images is a great way to add visual impact and make content more engaging for viewers. It is even more crucial when dealing with topics that can be complex, too theoretical, or simply a bit dull. Finances certainly fall within all those categories. 

It makes a lot of sense to include pictures for things like:

And more.

Finance stock photos also fit within many industries and services within the finance business: accounting business, personal finance, financial planning, real estate, among many others. You can expect that the best business concept images overlap with the most engaging finance images. 

The key is knowing which images to use to catch viewers’ eyes and direct their attention to the rest of your content. And that is also heavily linked not only to where you're going to be using the images but also to who you are aiming with them. The same finance-themed photo won't have the same effect on a 65-year-old as on a 21-year-old, even if in both cases you're trying to lure them into investing in the crypto market, for example.

They all have a specific way to be addressed visually.

Finance Images That Are Not Boring

To make complex or tedious concepts be more exciting and ensure the delivery of messages and information, you must use images that speak to your audience louder than text can. 

Stay away from dated, insipid stock images like the typical handshake between three-piece-suit-wearing men or the white-shirted businesswoman pointing at a finance report on a whiteboard. 

These are the images worth using in the hottest finance concepts of today:


photocase photo id 4519339 square > Finance Stock Photos That Aren’t Boring (and Where to Find Them)
Copyright: przemekklos/, all rights reserved

You have to live on a deserted island not to have heard that digital currencies are the future, and most businesses and self-starter individuals are eager to jump on board the cryptocurrency train. 

Images about Bitcoin –or other relevant coins-, digital wallets and similar, are a great way to grab viewers’ attention and keep their focus when laying down the complex information about the topic. Plus, more “mundane” but related images can help deliver messages, too: if you’re writing an article about buying your first crypto coins, a young Gen Z guy holding a credit card and a Smartphone is more than enough to illustrate it. 

Futuristic Business 

ISS 24026 00017 > Finance Stock Photos That Aren’t Boring (and Where to Find Them)
Copyright:, all rights reserved

Cryptocurrency is a visually appealing topic, even for those who aren’t inserted in the financial industry because it appears futuristic. 

That attraction for technology and sci-fi-turned-reality concepts extends to many other aspects of finance working: images that depict things like holographic charts or people working with surrealistic holographic tablets or touchscreens are good picks. The whole “virtuality” concept also makes for excellent finance background images, by the way.

Stock Market 

photocase photo id 4003338 square > Finance Stock Photos That Aren’t Boring (and Where to Find Them)
Copyright: David-W-/, all rights reserved

Everything related to business finance and investment concepts eventually ends up being about the stock market. 

The most attractive pictures within this topic are more about teamwork and the analytical work that goes into it, and the potential earnings. Use photos of young professionals brainstorming while checking stock movement charts, for example. But even simple conceptual images like a close-up of a piggy bank or a pile of coins can be engaging, always within context –if you’re addressing people trying to invest their savings in stock, for example–.

People in Finance

photocase photo id 2046755 square > Finance Stock Photos That Aren’t Boring (and Where to Find Them)
Copyright: criene/, all rights reserved

Images of people are a fool-proof way to make any content more engaging. It is even more critical in topics like finance that can be too abstract or theoretical and need the human factor to liven it up. 

Use current, authentic, inclusive photos of people that feel realistic and organic. Business people come in every gender, age, size, ethnicity. And while most financial businesses happen in office environments, there are a lot of workers who follow casual dress codes, and modern offices are a lot less structured and solemn, so keep that in mind. 

Where to Download Great Finance Stock Images

These are our recommended stock photo sites to download royalty free stock photos with a finance theme to use anywhere you want, from your website and social media to wallpapers or presentations. 

Stockphotos Logo Tight Budget Friendly caters to small and medium-sized businesses, and its pricing reflects that with flexibility and low rates. Plus, you’ll find thousands upon thousands of finance-themed photos, vectors, and illustrations!

Read the review for more details, and make sure to check the Club Easy deal. Plus, don't miss our special coupon!

Photocase: Unique Style homepage

A stock photo site based in Germany and specializing in quirky and unique, royalty-free images, Photocase is ideal if you want to spice up your designs with less conventional finance stock photos. 

See the Photocase review for more info, and don’t miss our special Photocase coupon to save on your purchase!

Shutterstock: Commercial Ready homepage

Shutterstock is one of the largest stock photo agencies on the web. Its extensive library hosts hundreds of millions of commercial-ready images, including those with a finance concept. Any image you look for, Shutterstock has it.

Visit our Shutterstock review for the complete overview. You may try them for free with the Shutterstock free trial and save some nice bucks with our Shutterstock coupon, too!

iStock: Exclusive Images homepage

One of the pioneers in the microstock industry, iStock is a renowned agency where you can find both budget-friendly and exclusive, high-end pictures. On both their main collections, there are plenty of financial stock images!

Read the iStock review for all the details, and grab our iStock promo code for a fantastic discount!

Adobe Stock: Trendy Content homepage

Adobe Stock is Adobe’s native stock image service, strongly oriented towards professional creatives. Their millions of pictures are very trendy and varied, and you are not short of choice for finance-themed images!

See our Adobe Stock review for full coverage of the agency, and try it out for free with the Adobe Stock free trial!

Header image: Copyright: David-W-/, przemekklos/, criene/, all rights reserved.

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