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Are you looking to find a free ai image generator to easily create high-quality images that will capture your audience's attention, but you lack the skill, equipment, or time to produce them organically? Do you want something specific that you can’t quite find in stock photo libraries? Then these free AI image generators may be just what you need! 

An AI image generator or AI art generator is an automated tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate pictures digitally with minimal effort on your part. While this technology is relatively new, several machines learning image tools are already available online to get started and see how this innovative solution can benefit your business. 

Some AI image-generative models are paid, but free trials are available, and free AI image-generator apps exist, so you don’t have to spend money to dip your toes in the new world of AI-generated images.

Today we'll tell you the benefits of using an AI image generator. We’ll cover the features, legal considerations, and types of images generated by these machine-learning image tools to help you find the right one for your needs.

Shutterstock Generate: Stock AI Image Generator!

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Shutterstock Generate is a user-friendly and legally-backed AI photo generator developed by Shutterstock in collaboration with OpenAI. It can produce images from text prompts that are fully editable and come with a Shutterstock license.
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Unlock Creative Potential with AI

AI image generators are becoming increasingly popular in the creative industry. While the novelty factor undoubtedly plays a role (barely a year ago, AI-generated images didn’t even exist), they’re also very convenient due to their creative possibilities, time efficiency, and cost savings. 

  • Creative Possibilities: An AI art generator lets you create fantastic, surrealistic images that are impossible to produce otherwise. You may make pictures of places or situations that not everyone can produce organically –an image of the pyramids of Egypt or the inside of a volcano, for example–.They're also useful when you want to create random images! The best is that anyone can create synthetic media with good text prompts; no design or photographic skills are required. 
  • Time Efficiency: Using an AI image generator also saves time compared to traditional stock photography services or traditional media production. AI technology lets you create multiple images in minutes without searching through thousands of photos online or waiting days for a new image from photographers or agencies. This allows you to get projects done faster while still maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Cost Savings: AI image generators offer significant cost savings, too. Since the images are generated by an algorithm rather than a human photographer, there is no need to pay expensive professional fees. And when it comes to free AI image generators, you don’t even have to pay licensing fees or royalties. Additionally, since the same algorithm can be used repeatedly with different parameters, it eliminates the need for purchasing multiple licenses from other photographers or agencies. This makes AI image generation a much more affordable option for people who need large quantities of quality images quickly and on a budget.
  • BONUS – Quality Images: Despite being generated by algorithms instead of humans, AI-generated images are high resolution and often indistinguishable from real photographs – making them perfect for any project that requires visuals but lacks the budget for stock photos. The results produced by these machine learning image tools can be highly customized with almost any photo editor based on specific criteria such as color palette and composition. This gives designers even more control over how their final product looks before they commit to using it in their work.

An AI art Generator can save you time and money while providing high-quality images. The following heading will discuss the types of images that can be generated with AI image generators.

And if you're into creating videos, AI video generation is explained right here.

In terms of creative possibilities, AI image editing apps also play a role. These are applications that use AI to edit existing images, making it possible to achieve professional-looking results even if you are not a professional image editor. Some traditional tools like Adobe Photoshop now include very advanced AI features.
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Types of Images Generated by AI Image Generators

AI image generators are capable of generating a variety of different types of images. Illustrations, photorealistic visuals, 3D models, and even animations can all be developed with an AI image generator.

Illustrations: AI art generators produce all kinds of digital illustrations in different styles. They can replicate oil paintings, comic graphics, or high-quality digital concept art. Illustrations can be anything your imagination comes up with, as long as you transform it into a good text description that the software can process. 

Photorealistic visuals: While no AI generator produces actual photographs, at least many can create photographic-looking illustrations that could easily pass for actual photos. Photorealistic visuals are one of the best images to create with a machine-learning image tool, from landscapes to portraits of fake people. 

3D Models and Animations: Some AI generative apps can make 3D models from text descriptions; such models are suitable for video games or immersive experiences for the Metaverse, among other projects. While AI video generation machine learning image tools are still not widely available, some apps can produce short, animated visuals. 

Using AI image generators is a great way to quickly and easily generate unique visuals, but it's essential to understand the legal implications of using these tools. In the next section, we'll look at the different types of licenses and legal rights over AI-generated images and how they should be used responsibly.

When using an AI image generator, it is crucial to consider the legal implications associated with copyright laws, biometric data, and licensing agreements. 

Copyright law protects original artwork of authorship from being copied or used without permission. An artist is the copyright owner of any original piece of art they made. Right now, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding AI-generated art and copyright due to most AI-generative models being trained with millions of images scraped from the web without proper authorization from their owners. AI generative tools use the information from those images to “build” an entirely new picture, so there is a debate as to whether those synthesized images are legal and if they can be copyrighted as new. 

When using an AI image generator, you must first understand that the legal frame in which your images are created isn’t 100% solid yet. Most platforms include a license agreement that covers the content you create on it and establish what rights you have over the images and how you can (and cannot) use them. It is important to read through these documents before using the artificial intelligence image creator. 

Equally important, always ensure that any images generated do not infringe on existing copyrights or other intellectual property rights – don’t create content that imitates an artist’s signature style or replicates photos already created by someone else, for example. 

Biometric data is a term that refers to a person’s unique physical traits, which are protected by the right to privacy. Just like a person must sign a model release for their likeness to be used in stock photos legally, they must also authorize AI models to use their traits to construct other fake faces. For this reason, you cannot use an image AI generator to create photos of people who exist in real life, be they famous people or not. 

When considering legal considerations for AI Image Generators, it is important to understand copyright laws and licensing agreements, biometric data protection, and liability issues. The next step is to find the right AI Image Generator for your needs.

Explore the best free AI Image Generators

Here we recommend you a list of AI art generators and ai photo generator you can use for free.

Shutterstock Generate 

shutterstock generate prompt samples > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now!

Shutterstock Generate is a tool developed through a collaboration between Shutterstock and OpenAI. It’s Dall-E 2 model –more on this below– but trained exclusively with images from the Shutterstock library, which are all legally verified for commercial use. This sets it apart from other software alternatives. 

It’s straightforward to use as it can produce images from one-word prompts. It comes with helpful style filters, and the pictures are editable, for example, with the Shutterstock Create tool. Plus, Shutterstock contributors receive monetary compensation for every time their work is used in the training that contributes to new synthetic images, making it more respectful of artists’ copyright than other options.

Shutterstock Generate isn’t really free. You can access the app and generate AI art without paying, but if you want to download one for your project, you need to pay for it. The cost of an AI generated image is the same as any other photo from their library, and you can download them with any subscription plan or image pack from their offer. 

However, you can take advantage of the exclusive Shutterstock Free Trial and download up to 10 AI images in one month, completely free of charge!

Adobe Firefly Text-to-Image Art Generator

Adobe Firefly Sample > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now!

Adobe Firefly is Adobe's family of generative AI models, launched in March 2023, and it includes its own text-to-image generator, capable of synthesizing any image from your text input.

It's very simple to use; all you have to do is enter a text description in the text field and hit the “generate” button, then allow a few seconds for the software to process and deliver four image variations based on your prompt.

Additionally, you can further edit your results: change the aspect ratio, set the image format (photorealistic, artistic, graphic), apply style filters, and even adjust concepts like color and tone, lighting, and composition, all with preset controllers.

Once you're happy with the result, you can hit the download button to obtain the file for the image completely free.

Do keep in mind that Adobe has user guidelines that establish you cannot use the tool with ill intent (to create defamatory or offensive content, to try to infringe someone's intellectual property, etc.), as well as some considerations about how to use the AI-generated images.

Plus, there is a Firefly-powered feature named Generative Fill that was recently introduced into Photoshop in May 2023.

An important thing to highlight is that Adobe has put special care into making this tool as ethical as possible: the models are trained with authorized or public domain content only, so the odds of infringing someone's copyright with your creations are lower. All Firefly images downloaded come with Adobe Content Credentials embedded, which establish it's an AI-generated image you are seeing.

Canva Text-to-Image – Maximize your Image Outputs

canva text to image prompt and image example > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now!

The user-friendly design platform Canva has its own AI text-to-image generator launched in 2022, available on its own page and as a button within its design tool’s panel. 

This feature lets you introduce a text prompt to synthesize four images at once. You can apply different style filters to adjust the images’ appearance and edit the AI picture using all of Canva’s image editing functions. You get ownership of the content you create with the AI tool, but the company doesn’t assure you that you can legally copyright it. 

The text-to-image app by Canva is available for all users, free and paid, for up to 100 generations a day. If you want to get the best out of Canva, use the Canva Pro Free Trial with full premium access for free for 45 days! home > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now! is an AI text-to-image generative app built on the base of Stable Diffusion (AI technology developed by and produces synthetic images with great accuracy and detail. 

The user interface is more advanced than other tools, including options for excluding terms and concepts from the prompt, selecting how many images to create per iteration, in which size, and more. Plus, the platform has many different AI generative models you can choose from, including various artistic styles and conceptual visuals. And it adds an AI image editor to fine-tune your creations and even a feature to create immersive visuals from one image. 

There is a free forever version, where you get 100 credits per month to use the service (one credit equals one image). If you need more than that, you can upgrade to a paid subscription, which starts at $12 a month for 3,000 credits. 

Images generated with come with a license that gives you lots of usage rights, but a few considerations: firstly, it is not clear if you can copyright your creations; secondly, has recently been sued by a large stock photography company for alleged copyright infringement in the training of its software, so apps built on top of it are under the scope right now.  

Mokker AI – Perfect Product Images with AI

mokker ai > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now!

Mokker AI is an AI image editor and image generator designed specifically for product photography. It adds AI-generated backgrounds and visual elements to elevate your product photos in minutes and without any design skills needed.

it's a very simple-to-use tool: you upload your product photo, the software automatically eliminates the original background, and then you can use different options to create a new background: select style, use templates (and there are many of them to choose from), add photo props like flowers or other decorative elements, pick color schemes, and more. Once you have entered all your instructions, you hit the “Generate” button, and the app will synthesize four image variations with those parameters for you. All images created with Mokker come with a full coverage commercial license, allowing you to use your new product photos anywhere you want.

Mokker AI is free to sign up for, and it gives you an initial pack of 40 free credits –each image generation costs one credit, so each generation task uses 4 credits–, and once those are up, you can opt between a monthly or annual subscription, starting at €9.99 per month for the monthly plan which also comes with a 7-day free trial.

Dall-E – Expand AI Image Possibilities

dall e generation > Free AI Image Generator: Create Your Own Generated Images Now!

Dall-E is an AI image generative model developed by OpenAI –a tech lab owned by Elon Musk– that was launched to the public last year. It can produce synthetic images based on the user’s text instructions. 

Dall-E can make realistic edits to photos and produce variations of one image, too. The platform gives users a free monthly allotment of 50 and 15 free credits monthly after that. Generating images costs one credit for four pictures. If you need more credits, you can buy packs of 115 for $15 at your discretion. 

At this time, the terms of service on this platform give you full commercial rights over the content you create. However, it’s important to note that the firm behind it has not disclosed the legal status of the datasets they used to train the software, so it’s not clear how legally safe (in terms of copyright infringement claims) it is to use it, particularly for commercial purposes.

Finding the Right AI Image Generator for Your Needs

When it comes to finding the right image AI generator for your needs, there are a few key features you should look for. 

First and foremost, ensure that the app can produce the kind of image you want in a decent quality, and, ideally, it also offers ways to edit the pictures automatically. It’s worth checking how many different images it can generate at once. This will ensure you have access to the type of images you need to create the perfect visuals for your project in less time.

Another critical factor is the user interface. Most AI art generators aim at being user-friendly, but some achieve this better than others. Find the tool that matches your skill level and that you can operate without too much hassle and more efficiently. 

Now about cost. If you’re here, it’s because you want a free artificial intelligence image creator, and we’ve got you covered with different options. While some are technically free, they aren’t so forever or for unlimited use, and you might need to pay for them after reaching a specific limit. Analyze what you get for the price and check if they offer additional services, such as post-processing techniques that can further optimize outputs and enhance visuals. 

Finally, it’s also essential to consider the legal aspect when using an AI image generator, especially if you intend to use the images for commercial purposes such as marketing and advertising or on social media. What rights do you get over the content you produce with the tool? In which ways are you allowed to use the pictures? Do they offer any legal backup regarding issues with copyright infringement and biometric data? Find the answers to these questions before deciding whether an AI generative platform suits your needs.  

By researching the features and comparing different platforms for AI image generators, you can easily find the right AI image generator to meet your needs. Now let's look at best practices for using an AI Image Generator.

Best Practices for Using an AI Image Generator

Using an AI image generator can be a great way to save time and money when creating images for your projects. However, it is vital to understand the best practices for using these tools to get the most out of them.

  • Put Effort in Your Text Prompt: AI image-generating tools work with text-to-image technology and require you to input a text description for the software to synthesize images that match that description. Logically, the better written and more detailed a text prompt is, the better images the software will create. Your focus should be on your ability to describe your vision in words, as you want outstanding pictures that truly convey what you imagined.
  • Avoid Prohibited or Risky Content: Most of these applications expressly forbid creating content that is hateful, violent, related to criminal activity, or potentially offensive, so you must stay clear of such topics. Never use images of celebrities or other real people as input for your AI-generated visuals, as this is also forbidden and potentially very risky from a legal standpoint. 
  • Optimize Outputs With Post-Processing Techniques: Once you have generated your desired images with an AI image generator, post-processing techniques can further improve them before final delivery. These techniques include style filters that can modify the whole look of a visual, variations for you to explore other compositions with the same concept, and more traditional edits like color correction, retouching, special effects like shadows or reflections, etc. Don’t be afraid to use these resources to make images look more realistic and professional.
  • Understand The Limitations Of The Technology: While AI image generators can produce impressive results quickly and easily, it’s important to remember that their algorithms and capabilities still limit them. Understanding these limitations will help ensure that you don’t expect too much from the tool or waste time trying to achieve something impossible with it.


Overall, these best practices for using an AI Image Generator will help ensure success when working on projects involving visuals created with this technology, thus saving time and money.


Are there any free AI image generators?

Yes, there are free artificial intelligence image creators available. However, most of them give you limited use of their service for free, be it a fixed number of image creations or a free trial for a set amount of time, and you must pay for additional access. Sometimes, as a free user, you get less legal coverage over the content you create. 

What is the best free AI image generator?

Technology-wise, there are many great AI image generators, both free and paid. Still, the best tools available now offer increased legal backup regarding copyright and biometric data protection. Shutterstock Generate, for example, is one of the few AI image generators trained solely with authorized images from Shutterstock’s catalog. It also pays artists for their work synthesizing new images, making them one of the best options of late. 

Is DALL-E free to use?

DALL-E is free to use for a limited number of credits, which enables you to generate or process a limited number of pictures. You get an initial set of free credits and a smaller amount each month after that. You can buy extra credit packs online if you require more credits than the provided ones. 

Start Generating Images Safely and for Free now

In conclusion, AI image generators offer a great way to quickly and easily create unique images for your projects. With the right free AI photo generator, you can get high-quality results with minimal effort and at no cost. 

However, knowing the legal considerations when using an AI image generator to protect you from potential risks or liabilities is important. By understanding the benefits, types of images generated, legal coverage, and best practices for using an AI image generator like Shutterstock Generate, you can ensure your free AI photo generator experience is as successful as possible.

Happy designing, or shall we say, happy generating!

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