Where to Find Hipster Stock Photos That Break Past the Stereotypical Mold

Finding high-quality hipster stock photos can be a challenge – which is evident by the number of businesses and graphic designers that find themselves caught in the trap of using low resolution, low quality, cheesy stock images in their blog posts, and social media updates. The stock images you choose for your content and promotional materials speak volumes about you as a business, and an image that doesn’t align with your business persona is going to create confusion among your audience. 

For businesses that cater to hipster markets, finding high-quality photos that align with their brand image is even more of a challenge. You’ve probably heard the misinformed stereotype that all hipsters look alike and breaking through this myth demands images that showcase true hipster culture – which hip, young, modern, sustainable – and unique.

Many of the stock photo sites are full of great, first-class hipster imagery. And here we will tell you how to discern a great and authentic hipster themed photo from the rest.

hipster man with beard on white background
Copyright 2020 Jcalveraphotography / Photocase, all rights reserved.

Do All Hipster Stock Images Look Alike?

Hipster imagery is a subcategory of lifestyle images, one of the most evergreen subjects in photography. With a little effort, you can find hipster stock images that don't suck like the stereotypical ones and deliver a visual message, like these images here at Photocase, but you need to know what you’re looking for and where to find it. If you don’t put effort into finding high-quality authentic stock images, you might end up with a situation like the recent story that only perpetuates the “all hipsters look-alike” myth.

Portrait of bearded man in denim shirt and suspenders
Copyright 2020 Jcalveraphotography / Photocase, all rights reserved.

Recently, a man spotted an image of himself in an article published in the MIT Technology Review, titled “The Hipster Effect: Why Anti-Conformists Always End Up Looking the Same” by Editor-in-chief Gideon Lichfield. The subject of the image was less than pleased when he spotted himself in the article as the actual hipster man. Not only did MIT not have his permission to use his likeness, but he also didn’t appreciate that his face was being used to perpetuate the stereotype that all hipsters look alike.

Except, it didn’t take long for him to realize he had proved the article’s main point. The image that he thought he identified himself (the face he should know better than any other face in the world) in, actually wasn’t him at all but another hipster model. This, after he wrote the MIT Technology Review a scathing reply to the use of the image.

One thing here is obvious – the image did a great job of representing hipster culture, and the undeniable stereotypes attached to it. At this point, the image is quite famous, with the irony capturing the love of ironic hipsters everywhere. If you want to be a part of the love, you can still buy that particular image at Getty images if really you’re keen on using it.

What does this story have to do with finding quality authentic stock images? Practically everything. Hipster culture is modern and cool, but it’s also unique and you need access to the best hipster stock images that follow through on delivering hipster values. Authentic stock photography is all about this, but even within this style, there is a lot to look out to find the real gems in hipster images.

Jute bag with vegetables next to man in jeans and bare feet
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Start your Hipster Stock Photo Search Now

Finding the perfect hipster image –a style that makes for one of the most ideal photos for marketing and visual content— is as easy as entering a relevant keyword or to into our helpful search bar tool. Armed with a few hipster related keywords, you can easily find the images you’re looking for with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your keyboard.

Here are some fun keywords to use to find hipster related stock images in our search engine: 

  • Hipster
Details of a red golden vintage road bike
Copyright 2019 Eliza / Photocase, all rights reserved.
  • Hipster Man
  • Hipster Woman
  • Hipster Girl
  • Wooden Background
  • Handsome Young Man
  • Trendy Winter Attire
  • bearded man
  • Beard
  • Beanie
  • Vanlife
  • Flannel
  • Moustache 
  • Sweater
  • vegan food
  • expat
  • cold brew coffee
  • bike packing
  • real ale
  • To discover awesome images right this second, simply hit the blue button in the search bar below, or use one of the listed keywords in it to get more specific photos!

    Hipster Man Beard Leaf
    Hipster Man – Copyright 2019 Addictive Stock / Photocase, all rights reserved.

    Defining Hipster Culture – What Makes a Hipster?

    When you’re looking to attract a hipster market base (if you're creating images for Instagram posts, for example), you need to connect with them emotionally through visual imagery aka hipster photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you need to have a clearly defined concept of the hipster subculture if you want to be able to identify images that communicate what being a hipster is all about. 

    In some circles, the hipster subculture has been the victim of stereotypes and ridiculed by those who don’t really understand what the movement stands for. Each generation has a subculture that pushes the boundaries forward to promote social change. In our modern generation, it’s the hipster who’s at the forefront of the movement. 

    This brings us to the question of “what makes a hipster?”. Hipster-ism isn’t an easy concept to define but there are some traits and topics that trend in hipster circles. This shortlist just begins to tap the surface of hipster culture-related topics. 

    • Beard Oil
    • Vanlife
    • Artisanal Coffee place
    • Alternative Living
    • Hipster Entrepreneur
    • Vagabond
    • Facial Hair
    • Independent
    • Trendy
    • Hairy (LOL)
    Clothes on a clothes rail in a shop
    Copyright 2019 Eliza / Photocase, all rights reserved.
  • Stylized Comfy Clothes (think your dad’s flannel but fitted instead of frumpy)
  • Acoustic Guitars, Polaroid Cameras and a Flair for Being “Unplugged”
  • #ShopLocal
  • Rebellion Against Consumerism
  • Artisanal Craft Breweries
  • Hipsters are progressives and non-conformists who spark intelligent conversations and promote forward-moving societal change. The age demographic of the hipster subculture isn’t set in stone, but they’re primarily younger millennials who are in their 20s and 30s. From a demographics standpoint, the average hipster is highly educated, politically informed, socially active, and from the middle to the upper-class background. This description sums up the general “mold” but there are certainly those who break it, especially considering that the hipster subculture dates back decades, forming roots as early as the 1940s.

    What Details Make for Exceptional Hipster Stock Images?

    Happy Woman Beard Funny Hipster
    Copyright 2016 FemmeCurieuse / Photocase, all rights reserved.

    When looking for hipster stock photos, the quality of detail is everything. This is true across the board with stock images but when you’re looking to appeal to a very specific subculture, it becomes even more important to establish a connection through quality visuals.

    An issue with much of the stock images you’ll find is that it doesn’t really do a great job of forming an emotional connection with the audience, which is of critical importance in email marketing and social media posts. The quality of the photography itself might be just fine, but there’s something missing in the delivery that makes the image less than relatable. Think along the lines of cheesy stock images that don’t do anything to help the viewer form a reality-based connection. There are barely any funny hipster photos as well like the one above from Photocase.

    Man Woman Laugh Balloons Grass Hipster
    Copyright 2019 Addictive Stock / Photocase, all rights reserved.

    Considering that hipster culture centers around modern, intelligent thought, social philosophy, authenticity, and transparency, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to finding stock images that align with hipster values.

    Stylization is key. There’s a very specific hipster look that attached to hipster culture. For men, this involves images that include male models that are groomed without it looking forced. This might include the classics of a substantial but well-groomed beard and the iconic hipster rimmed eyeglasses. But more important than wearing the right clothes, it is crucial that your hipster stock photos convey a message that hipster culture is smooth and stylized without being pretentious or exploiting social stereotypes.

    Teenage girl with roller skates sitting near yellow wall
    Copyright 2020 Addictive Stock / Photocase, all rights reserved.

    High-quality hipster feminine stock photos (like this collection here at Photocase) also need to have a certain look about them to successfully convey the message of the content or promotional material that they’re attached to. An issue with stock that attempts to showcase the female hipster is that they often miss the mark entirely from a stylization standpoint.

    A stylized female hipster has a look that is unconventional and casual but still maintains a look of class and vintage elegance. Neither hipster man nor female hipsters present themselves as “sloppy” dressers. If one element doesn’t align, it can throw the whole image off.

    Speaking of class and elegance, hipster pictures should be of the highest quality. Your audience knows and recognizes when businesses aren’t being authentic in their presentation, and that’s a huge turn-off for this subculture. Details like background imagery, body language, lighting, color, and filters are key to a great looking hipster stock photo.

    Hipster Stock Photos – Where Can You Find Them?

    Couple Winter Snow Fight Laugh Hipster Fun
    Copyright 2014 beornbjorn / Photocase, all rights reserved.

    Now we get down to the real nuts and bolts of the discussion. You need high-quality photos that are going to appeal to the hipster market base. We’ve talked a little about what to look for in stock images, and what to avoid using them in design, but where on earth do you find them?

    Knowing where to source high-quality stock images is a bit of an art form. There are tons of stock photo sites where you can access a database of images that’s practically infinite. Some of these sites require memberships or ask you to pay a certain amount per image. Others are completely free to use without any commitment whatsoever.

    On the topic of price, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to unearth quality hipster images. There are plenty of free sites, which we’ll get to in a minute, that offer a collection of free, royalty-free images for you to use in any capacity with no attribution required. When looking for images, pay attention to quality, detail and emotional impact more than pricing structure, as these types of images can be found at practically any price point.

    Now let’s dig into the best places to find top-notch hipster images.

    Photocase – the Hip Agency Based in Berlin

    photocase logo w > Where to Find Hipster Stock Photos That Break Past the Stereotypical Mold

    Photocase is a stock image agency based in Berlin, which is part of the reason why the collection you’re going to find on this site is vastly different from the same old, typical selection found on others. Compared to some others, their image library is relatively small, coming in at about 500,000 images. But, what they lack in size they more than make up for in quality with modern authentic images that will fit your hipster marketing needs. Just have a peek at their cool selection of hipster-themed images! 

    Other Collections to check out at Photocase:

    For more details, you can check our Photocase review. And if you're decided to get some of these quirky hipster photos, make sure to grab our special Photocase Coupon Code with free credits and a great discount!

    Remember you can see a great array of hipster imagery just hitting the blue button below, or using one of the keywords from the list above inside this search bar!

    Some example galleries from Photocase:

    Stockphotos.com – the Budget-Friendly Alternative

    Stockphotos Logo Tight

    When you start looking around at the various sites for stock photography, it can all seem like a bit much – especially if you’re a small business on a limited budget. The pricing plans on some platforms are out of reach for some businesses, especially if they’re heavily invested in content creation or working on a larger-scale marketing campaign. Stockphotos.com solves all of these woes by providing a database of beautiful stock images that are affordable and modern – perfect for attracting the hipster market.

    Learn more about the agency in our Stockphotos.com review. And do explore the great value in the special Club Easy offer to get the best hipster images at the lowest price!

    Check out the cool hipster imagery available by clicking on this button below, or type in some of the keywords listed above inside this search bar for better results!

    Example Collection from Stock Photo Secrets Shop:

    iStock Signature – Exclusive Images for Worldwide Use

    istocklogo300 > Where to Find Hipster Stock Photos That Break Past the Stereotypical Mold

    iStock is known as a pioneer in the microstock stock image space. Over time, they’ve fine-tuned their platform even more and now offer an uber-affordable, premium stock photo platform. What you’ll find at iStock Signature is a library of high-quality images that look exactly like the ones you’d pay hundreds of dollars to use from other sites. iStock Signature provides the exact type of professional, stylized images your hipster market is looking for.

    See what this company has to offer in our full iStock review. And to get the best possible price, don't hesitate grabbing our exclusive iStock offer.

    Shutterstock – If You Need Any Hipster Image

    shutterstock logo new s > Where to Find Hipster Stock Photos That Break Past the Stereotypical Mold

    Shutterstock is arguably one of the most well-known stock image sites out there. With a database that can claim to be the largest collection of stock images in the world – we’re talking more than 240 million images – there’s no doubt that you’ll find the exact hipster image you’re looking for on this platform. Shutterstock also has one of the most user-friendly platforms, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    All the details about this agency can be found in our Shutterstock review. And you will also find a nice exclusive discount on our very own Shutterstock review.

    Adobe Stock – The European Style

    adobe stock logo 1 > Where to Find Hipster Stock Photos That Break Past the Stereotypical Mold

    As evident in their name, Adobe Stock is owned by Adobe, so you know you’re getting a selection that’s aligned with the level of quality you’ve come to expect from the software giant. Of course, the collection on this site works well with any Adobe applications, but more than 80 million stock photos can be seamlessly used for all your content and marketing efforts.

    To know more about this service, do check our Adobe Stock review. And if you want to test how their hipster imagery works in your designs before spending, take advantage of this cool Adobe Stock review

    Additional Free Websites for Hipster Stock Photos

    Of course, in addition to sites mentioned above where you can source quality stock photography free, there are those that you can access an entire library of great stock photography that’s completely free. A quick search on the internet will guide you to plenty of sources for free stock photography. That said, not all of them are created equal. For exceptional quality in free stock photography, here are a few sites where you’re going to find the best hipster images. 

    As crucial as image quality, it is the issue of legal safety. Remember all photographs are subject to copyright, and those offered for free download are no exception. While said pictures come with a free usage license (often a form of Creative Commons license), many free sites don’t police submissions and copyright validity, leading to their libraries hiding considerable legal risks for users like yourself – get more details in our article on the dangers of using free images from the web. At Stock Photo Secrets we have done our homework and curated a list of 27+ Free Photo Sites that are both high quality and legally safe.

    List where you can get Hipster Stock Photos Free: 

    • Pixabay: With a collection of more than 1 million stock photography that is free to use under the creative commons license, you’re sure to find lots of great options for making a visual connection with your hipster market. All available as a free download.
    • Pexels: As a close runner up to Pixabay in the size of their library, you’ll find the Pexels offers hipster pictures that have a more stylized flair to them. 
    • Unsplash: Type “hipster” into the search bar on Unsplash and you’ll be presented with more than 1.5k results. Unsplash’s stock photo collection is highly stylized and very modern looking with minimal “cheese” factor.
    • PikWizard: PikWizard’s library features over 1 million pictures and videos that are free to use with no attribution required. With a little searching, you’ll find the pictures on this site are on point with the expectations of your hipster market. 
    • Burst: Burst is a free stock photo site powered by Shopify that features a library rich in images that are ideal for commercial use. The images are all high resolution, and the photography is top-notch. 

    Take Your Images to a New Level

    Whether you’re a content creator who depends on powerful images to attract interest on your blog posts or social media or a business that heavily relies on stock imagery to optimize the performance of your promotional campaigns, knowing how and where to source the highest quality photos will set you up for the highest probability of success in your content marketing efforts. Digital marketing is changing and becoming much more visual, which means high- quality stock photography is more important than ever. Hopefully, the advice and direction we've provided here will help you uncover images to better connect and engage with your hipster market.

    To recap, these are your go-to agencies for great hipster stock photos:

    • Photocase, for that unique quirky vibe
    • Stockphotos.com, for images that don't break the bank
    • iStock, for exclusive images of the hipster culture
    • Shutterstock, for a huge variety in hipster-themed photos
    • Adobe Stock, for hipster imagery with a clear European style

    Which one will it be?

    Amos Struck
    Amos Struck

    Amos Struck, a renowned expert with over two decades in the stock photography industry, is known for his profound expertise in both stock imagery and artificial intelligence (AI). He is the founder of StockPhotoSecrets.com and a driving force behind the innovative AI-driven platform, Stockphotos.com. His pioneering work in visual AI is marked by co-founding Ximilar AI. Amos also established the Microstock Expo Conference, a key event in the stock photography sector. As a regular speaker at major industry conferences like DMLA and a prominent member of CEPIC, he consistently contributes to the industry's growth and evolution through a blend of technological innovation and market insight.

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