How can i find photos by color?

Search engines on stock photography agency websites are sophisticated. The success of your search on their stock photo agency websites makes your customer experience positive, and fast and retains your membership. Indexing and keywords are critical parts of the stock photo database. Color is easy to search but you need to determine what you are looking for in your final result before you search.

Pro Tip: Color and inclusivity go hand in hand. Because certain color combinations are easier to see for visually-challenged people –color blind or shortsighted individuals, for example–, choosing colors strategically for your images is a good practice to ensure your designs are accessible for all.

Define how you want to use color in your photo

Before you begin your search, define how you want the color used. Does the color yellow need to dominate the photo or is a yellow object required in the photo? Searching yellow will bring up thousands of photos with yellow as the predominant color and photos with yellow objects. If you want yellow flowers or yellow balls, define this in your search.

If you don't yet know the answer to this question, better fix that ASAP! Color is a key element in photography and marketing, and one very effective resource for attracting and convincing viewers. Strategic use of color has a big effect on landing page design, as well as on newsletter images' success, just to name a couple.

Stock photo search on iStockphoto is easy

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We all make this mistake when searching for information. We are not clear as to what we are looking for in our searches when a word has multiple uses or meanings. For example, the work green can be used to describe environmentally friendly products or actions or the color green or golf green. Internet browsers can get confused and pull up web pages that are unrelated to what we are looking for. The stock photo agency iStockphoto has enhanced its search options by adding a prompting function to its search engine that asks the member to define the use of their search word. This added search feature makes your search better and your results closer to what you are looking for.

Check out the iStockphoto search engine and see if you get better results in your stock photography searches.

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