5 Visual Pointers for Industrial Stock Photos

Industrial stock photos are those that depict everything related to the manufacturing of products.

As our world becomes more and more industrialized, and technology makes way for automation and innovation in processes, every day more people need images with an industrial theme: companies looking to add visual power to their websites and presentations, publishers needing to illustrate their articles, just to name a few.

For all of them, here we cover the main visual pointers to select great industrial stock images.

How Can I Use Industrial Visuals?

Royalty-free stock images have endless possible uses, but when it comes to industrial photos, the most common use is, logically, within manufacturing companies, or companies that provide a service for those –safety gear suppliers, for example–. Some popular uses are:

  • For marketing visuals like adverts and promotional content
  • In safety guidelines for workers and supervisors
  • On presentations for new or prospective hires, or investors.
  • Within internal documents, brochures, etc.
  • On company websites, to avoid using images from the actual factories and still have visuals with industrial concept
  • Accompanying blog posts or news articles, to help illustrate industrial topics

Beyond this, industrial-themed pictures can be used anywhere, from social media to billboards, every time it makes sense to include them.

What are the Best Industrial Stock Photos?

Next, let’s cover 5 visual concepts that make for engaging industrial images, worth using in your designs.

Industrial Workers

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Using photos of people in an industrial setting is a great way to humanize the industrialization process. Construction workers, factory employees, industrial engineers –remember to include female engineers and female workers in general–, and all kinds of people involved in the manufacturing process should be depicted authentically.

Safety in the Industrial Workplace

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A big topic within industrial background images is that of safety. Everything from protective gear to safe-to-use machinery is very sought-after.

A production line worker with his protective goggles and gloves on. A construction worker with his bright yellow hard hat. The safety instructions sign on the side of a big heavy machine. All good and very relevant images to have.

Automation of Industrial Processes

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Modern industrial technology is another big factor for industrial imagery, especially regarding the automatization of work in industrial factories.

Images of conveyor belts, cogwheels, even robotic arms in the middle of a production cycle, are a staple in this category.

Industrial Interiors and Buildings

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Ever heard of industrial design? That’s an aesthetic decoration style that inspires in the settings of industrial buildings: power plants, factories, you get the point. Those industrial interiors are great to include because they give a realistic look into industrial work and are also visually interesting.

Trending: Manufacturing of Medicine

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The manufacturing of chemicals isn’t new in the industrial photos fields. Images related to petrochemicals have been popular in the past. But since 2020 and with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and development of vaccines, there is a surge in demand for photos of medical manufacturing: the making of chemical components but also of ventilators, face masks, sanitizer… All this is very trending.

Where Can I Download Industrial Images?

There are many top stock photo sites where you can find industrial photos. But these are the ones we recommend the most to find current, high resolution, royalty-free photos with an industrial concept.

Remember: While there’s no denial some free stock image sites have good industrial pictures, we don’t recommend them for professional, commercial use because their licensing and vetting isn’t remotely as safe as that of paid, royalty-free images.
If you must use free photos, though, make sure to know how to use them as safely as possible!
www.photocase.com homepage

Photocase – A Unique Twist

Photocase is a German agency full of very artsy and unexpected images, something like the anti-stock photo. Their industrial image selection is very interesting and compelling.

Learn more in the Photocase review, and make sure to grab the Photocase coupon to save in your images!

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Stock Photo Secrets Shop – Affordable Images

Our Stock Photo Secrets Shop focuses on high-quality photos at affordable pricing for everyone. Our collection on the industrial theme is very complete!

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Shutterstock – All Images Imaginable

Shutterstock has a colossal stock photo library with hundreds of millions of images. Here you can find every industrial photo you can think of!

All details in the Shutterstock review, and you can take advantage of the Shutterstock free trial, plus using the Shutterstock coupon for extra savings!

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iStock – Affordable and Exclusive

iStock has a unique offer in their two-fold image catalog that has budget-friendly photos as well as exclusive, high-value images. For both options, you are no short of choice on industrial stock images!

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Adobe Stock – A Trendy Hub

Adobe Stock is Adobe’s stock photo service and is heavily focused on trendy visuals for creatives. The industrial background images you’ll find here are the most up-to-date of them all.

Find out more in the Adobe Stock review, and don’t hesitate to use the Adobe Stock free trial, too!

Ready to start downloading awesome industrial-themed photos? Off you go!

Header image: Copyright by birdys/Photocase.com; Images/Ingram Image/Stock Photo Secrets Shop, all rights reserved.

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