The Most Inspiring Interiors Images

Interiors images are those that depict the interior spaces in which our lives happen: home, offices, and all kinds of workspaces, restaurants, gyms, stores, etc. 

The core value in this stock photography category is in the aesthetic possibilities of interior design. You can set up a mood, and virtually transport viewers into the spaces your pictures show, as well as giving them a touch of visual inspiration for their lives. All that, with just one image. How cool is that? 

Today, we’ll go over the most appealing and inspiring interiors images of late, for you to know exactly what to look for when using interiors stock photos in your designs. 

Interior Design in Images: Enticing, Inspiring, Mood-Setting

Interiors images, as we said, are focused not only on indoor spaces but also on the aesthetic design and styling of said spaces. They are a good resource for marketing and graphic design, and there are powerful reasons behind that. 

The elements in interior design, from concept to color schemes to furniture style, paired with photography skills regarding angles, lighting, and ambient, produce a complete sensorial experience for viewers. A carefully chosen visual of an interior can make the audience feel, admire, and want exactly what we want them to.

Take an image of a living room interior, for example. If you go for a room with a comfy love seat in earthy tones and a matching blanket, all in the dim light of a nearby lit fire, your viewers will immediately feel the warmth, coziness, and comfort of such a homely scene. If, on the other hand, you opt for a clean lines sofa in pastel tone, as part of a minimalist-style room with bare white walls, a few evergreen plants in pots, and a design magazine resting on a glass coffee table, the feeling would be one of modernity, edge, and luxury. All that difference, just by choosing an image in particular. 

Interiors photos are ideal for visuals for those in related fields: interior designers, home decor and appliances, real estate, etc. But you can use them every time you want to set a mood, make your audience feel like part of a virtual space, or even giving them design ideas.  

The Best Interiors Images to Catch People’s Eye

These are some best-performing interiors stock images in 2021. Explore them, and don’t hesitate in using them to boost up your visuals!

The Heart of the Home

photocase photo id 2708652 square > The Most Inspiring Interiors Images
Copyright: mashiki/, all rights reserved

Considering the recent worldwide events that confined us to our home interiors, it makes sense that we are now all about our personal living spaces. Within them, kitchen interiors and living room interiors are the most sought-after. They are the heart of the home, where most of daytime life happens. 

Be it a modern kitchen with pro-level appliances, a classic dining room that reminds you of your childhood home, or a luxury interior sitting area that looks like the cover of a home design mag, it’s all about making you feel like a person cooks, eats, and lives in these rooms, and aspiring to do so yourself. 

Workspaces Galore

photocase photo id 4185663 square > The Most Inspiring Interiors Images
Copyright: Tatiana Kutina/, all rights reserved

While 2020 was all about home office, in 2021 we are returning to in-house workspaces. Office interiors are again very popular, but commercial interiors such as restaurants and cafés are also relevant as part of this new normal after the pandemic. 

The trendiest and more modern these spaces look, the better!

Urban Style

photocase photo id 3961123 square > The Most Inspiring Interiors Images
Copyright: Addictive Stock/, all rights reserved

And what is trending in interior photos, this year? Urban style is one of the stars of modern homes. Clean and functional concepts, with earthy-toned palettes and natural materials –like exposed, unpainted wood and lots of natural lighting– are very in the now, be it for apartment interiors or commercial establishments. 

Industrial Design

photocase photo id 4054173 square > The Most Inspiring Interiors Images
Copyright: davidpereiras/, all rights reserved

Another current favorite in interior decoration is industrial design. Inspired by the dispositions in factories and large warehouses, this style now extends to office spaces and even modern house interiors. Open concept, exposed brick walls, concrete-like floors, lots of steel and rustic furniture make for this modern look. 

Top Stock Photo Sites with Interiors Stock Photos

Finally, here is a list of the best stock photography agencies to download high-quality, royalty-free interior photos that are legally safe to use in marketing, advertising, publishing, and all kinds of creative projects. 

How about free images? You can find good quality interiors images on free stock photo sites, however, their licenses and vetting process aren’t as safe when it comes to using those images for commercial purposes. This is why we highly recommend the following sites that offer royalty-free, very affordable images. 

Photocase homepage

Photocase offers a vibrant, artsy stock photo library like no other, full of beautiful, inspiring interiors images to liven up your visuals. 

You can read more about them in the Photocase review, and make sure to use the Photocase coupon for a nice freebie and discount on your purchase!

Stock Photo Secrets Shop homepage

Our Stock Photo Secrets Shop is ideal to find high-res interiors photos at affordable prices, so you can get beautiful visuals no matter what your budget is. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Find out more in the Stock Photo Secrets Shop review, and also check out the perks in the 99Club offer!

Shutterstock homepage

The largest stock photo library on the web, Shutterstock has millions upon millions of interiors images for every space, style, and concept you can dream of. If you like variety in your interior design pictures, this is where you find it. 

More details, in the Shutterstock review. Mind you to try the service for free with the Shutterstock free trial, and unlock cool savings with the Shutterstock coupon!

iStock homepage

iStock is a well-known name in the industry thanks to its two-tiered image catalog where you can find both exclusive high-end pictures and budget-friendly photos. And interiors stock images are available in both!

Learn more in our iStock review, and while you’re at it, grab this special iStock promo to save money!

Adobe Stock homepage

Adobe’s very own stock photo service, Adobe Stock is all about serving creatives with the latest and most popular images. Including interior design themes, with lots of variety in trendy styles. 

Discover this service in the Adobe Stock review, and try it out without spending with the Adobe Stock free trial!

Have you selected interiors images for your next project, yet? Show us your picks!

Header image: Copyright mashiki/, Tatiana Kutina/, Addictive Stock/, davidpereiras/, all rights reserved.

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