The Best Nature Stock Photos to Inspire your Audience

A brand's Instagram page isn't complete without a few images of spring flowers and blue skies. See a business presentation about company growth, chances are you'll find a beautiful mountain landscape in a slide. Nature stock photos are everywhere.

And not without reason: images of nature are a great way to visualize concepts and feelings like ecology, peacefulness, or freedom, plus they're perfect complements for promoting nature-related products.

This is all you need to know about the best nature stock images.

The Trendiest Nature Photography in 2021

As a topic, nature stock photos are as wide as nature itself. But what we really want to dig in is what are the nature-themed images that better resonate with audiences right now, for you to integrate into your branding efforts.

It'll come as no surprise that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has highly influenced what people crave from nature and in what ways they connect with it, but there is a way to channel that in a positive visual way:

In-House Nature

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Copyright: Natalia Maro/, all rights reserved

The global pandemic called for everyone to stay home, which gave a chance for people to appreciate the little natural corners each of us has.

Lush gardens and backyards are a constant presence. Even pot plants and vertical gardens are very popular.

Local Landscapes

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Copyright: Edyta Pawlowska/, all rights reserved

Nature photography also shifts towards appreciating local sceneries. We are seeing a lot more nature photos that highlight the beauty in everyday landscapes: national parks, nearby rivers and lakes, etc.

Isolated Destinations

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Copyright: przemekklos/, all rights reserved

On the other side of the spectrum, after over a year of confinement, people are also craving for an escape from indoor living and some fresh, outdoor air.

This translates into dreamy shots of isolated places and remote locations where one can´ get still remain safely distanced from crowds.

Open Spaces

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Copyright: Addictive Stock/, all rights reserved

Part of that need for escaping is eluding the feeling of enclosure that inevitably comes with so many months of staying inside.

That's why photos that show wide open spaces are so relevant this year.

The Most Bankable Uses for Nature Photos

Nature stock images are a valuable asset in the visual marketing arsenal. These images are perfect for marketing campaigns of many industries:

  • Outdoor gear/sports/services
  • Travel
  • Environmentalism/Preservation

Among many more. You can use nature imagery in multiple promotion channels and mediums: website's hero images, landing pages, advertising, presentations… the possibilities are endless. See how to DIY with our 102 tips for visual marketing!

But a key value in nature photography is that it can be used as visual inspiration and instant spirit-lifter, which all businesses can benefit from! Use nature photos in connection with concepts like:

  • Freedom
  • Mindfulness
  • Relax
  • Peace
  • Balance

You get the idea.

Nature images are particularly great for social media graphics that mix a beautiful photo with a powerful quote, making for highly shareable content.

There is also the strong link between nature and ecology. As everyday more companies and brands embark in eco-friendly initiatives and call for their customers to “go green”, images of nature are super useful to illustrate such actions.

Best Stock Photo Sites with Nature Photos

These are our recommendations in top stock photo agencies with cool, modern, and high-resolution nature-themed images.

Paid > Free – We recommend premium, paid sites with royalty-free images. While there are a few free stock photo sites with high-quality content, their licensing (often Creative Commons licenses) is still insufficient to grant legal safety when using free nature images for commercial purposes.
Learn how to use stock photos safely!

Photocase homepage

A unique stock photo site with artistic images, Photocase has a large offer in royalty-free nature stock photos, like the ones accompanying this article.

Learn more in our Photocase review, and make sure to use our Photocase coupon!

Stock Photo Secrets Shop homepage

Our Stock Photo Secrets Shop is the ideal complement for small and medium-sized businesses needing beautiful visuals with affordable pricing. We have a wide selection of images of nature readily available for you!

Check out the full Stock Photo Secrets Shop review, and don't miss the cool 99Club deal!

Shutterstock homepage

Arguably the largest stock photo library on the web, Shutterstock is no short of choice in royalty-free images for every topic imaginable, including nature backgrounds and nature-themed photos.

Get the full scope in our Shutterstock review, test it out for free with the Shutterstock free trial, and grab the Shutterstock coupon for extra savings!

iStock homepage

iStock is renowned for its curation process that splits its big catalog into budget-friendly and exclusive images. Both segments have plenty of nature photos to choose from.

All details in our iStock review, and don't forget to use our iStock promo code to save money!

Adobe Stock homepage

Adobe Stock is a creative-oriented stock photo service that thrives to have the trendiest photos ever. Their galleries are full of beautiful nature images that are current and highly valuable.

Discover more in our Adobe Stock review, and take advantage of the Adobe Stock free trial while you're at it!

Nature in Stock homepage

If you're looking for something more specific, Nature in Stock is a stock photo agency specialized in nature and wildlife photography. They have everything from exotic animals in their habitats to breathtaking landscapes from all over the world.

Inspiring Nature Stock Photos for Everyone

Whether you're looking to promote your products, inspire your followers or cheer them up, nature photography can help you achieve it. All you need to do is select trendy photos, from any of the sites we listed above.

What are you waiting for?

Header image: Copyright by Natalia Maro/, Edyta Pawlowska/, Addictive Stock/, przemekklos/, all rights reserved.

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