How to Find Non Copyright Images Online (+ Safer Alternative!)

Looking for images with no copyright to use in your creative endeavors? You’ve come to the right place. 

We will not only tell you exactly where to find no-copyright image libraries, but also explain some aspects of non-copyrighted images you might not be aware of, and give you an awesome list of alternatives that are better than no copyright images for commercial use! 

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Non-copyrighted images are those that are not subject to copyright; they don’t have a legal owner. Be it because the author-photographer is unknown, the author’s rights have expired, or the author voluntarily ceded their rights, non copyright photos belong to everyone.

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Non copyright images are also free to use, anywhere you want, from personal use like social media and scrapbooks to commercial use like marketing and advertising.

Before you leap at the chance of using these stock images without having to pay anything, there are a few legal risks within them that you must be aware of, especially if you intend to use stock photography in commercial-related visuals –such as branding or promotion–. 
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How could there be legal dangers when the photos have no owner, you may ask? That’s precisely why they are dangerous… because they’re hidden. But here they are, exposed: 

  • They might not be legally non-copyright – Say what? Yes. Sometimes copyrighted photos are offered as if they weren't. One of the ways images become copyright-free is when they are ceded into the public domain. But it can happen that whoever ceded the image wasn’t the legal copyright holder (usually, that would be the photographer that shot the picture), thus having no legal right to donate it.
  • Models might not consent to the use – People legally own their own likeness. Therefore, every person included in the image must agree to have their likeness used by signing a model release document. You could find yourself in legal trouble if releases aren't in place. This also applies to private property, including trademarks, logos, and protected landmarks. 
  • Endorsement is restricted – They may be free to use, but direct endorsement is still forbidden even for copyright free images. Meaning you cannot use the photos in a way that explicitly or implicitly suggests the models/the authors are endorsing your product, service, or brand. Especially when you use pictures available through Creative Commons, you need to check if this restriction applies.

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These potential issues get increased when you intend to use the photos for commercial purposes, which includes every visual you create in connection with a profitable activity: adverts, flyers, and packaging, but also social media campaigns, landing pages, and even email newsletters, to name a few.

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This doesn’t mean you cannot use public domain images in your designs, but it does mean you have to be diligent and vet them to make sure they’re legally safe. Because when you use them and share them in a design, you sign up for liability regarding said use.

Warned about the risks, where to go for downloading non copyright, free stock images, including photos and vectors? Here are the best shortcuts to find them: 

  • Free photo sites – Many websites offer large libraries of images you can download and use for free. Not all of them are copyright-free, though. Some require attribution, and others do not, but they’re all free of charge. See our collection of over 27 great free photo sites! It includes sites with Creative Commons Zero CC0 licenses and others with custom terms that are safer overall.
  • Google – The go-to search engine actually has a very convenient way to find copyright-free photos. Simply go to the images search, enter your keywords like you normally would, and on the results page go to “Tools”. Next, go to “Usage Rights” and select “creative commons licenses”. Did you know that now there's also a Google image filter for licensable images?
  • Flickr Commons – Image-focused platform Flickr has this project, The Commons, where they collect public domain visual content from multiple organizations, institutions, and individuals. The resulting library is quite big and very useful for educational and documental projects.
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Royalty Free Images: A Safer, High-Quality Alternative

If you would like to keep your design costs low but don’t want to deal with the risks in non copyright images, royalty free stock photos are ideal. 

Royalty Free images are copyrighted yet licensed through a very flexible agreement: for a small fee, you get to use the image legally in all the designs you want, including commercial-oriented ones, for as long as you wish. Simple as that. 

They are high-resolution photos and suitable for professional use, and they come at very affordable prices. 

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Where to Find Royalty Free Images for Free or Almost Free

If budget constraints prevent you from buying professional stock photos, you’ll love to learn about these cool ways to get high quality, royalty free photos free of charge or at such discounted rates that they are almost as good as free! 

When you choose a paid stock photo service, you access many extra benefits as well. One of them is a better image search experience: stock photo sites let you search images by keyword, with reverse image search, and use AI to give you the best results. Oftentimes you can also filter your results by file type, orientation, color, number of people, and more.

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Now you know where to find non-copyrighted images, and you also know what to watch out for when it comes to using them in your work. 

But more importantly, you also learned that, at heart, royalty free images are a better option in terms of quality and legal safety, so you should definitely opt for them wherever possible. Be it through free trials or super low-priced deals, royalty free images are your best investment in visuals!

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