4 Ultimate Photo Editing Free Trials [2024 UPDATED]

For photo enthusiasts and professional photographers, having the right photo editing software is crucial to achieving better images. 

However, investing in photo editing software can be quite costly, especially for beginners just starting out with creative work or business owners who want to edit images for their marketing needs quickly. 

Thankfully, many photo editing software providers offer free trials, allowing users to test their product before purchasing. 

www.skylum.com luminar neo free trial

In this article, we will list some of the best photo editing free trials available in the market.

By the way, you should definitely combine these offers with our awesome list of stock photo free trials for the ultimate, free access to premium visual resources!

For example, the Shutterstock free trial lets you enjoy one month of a paid subscription for free. This trial includes 10 image downloads of your choice from Shutterstock's catalog and access to the premium design features the agency offers, including Creative Flow+ and the new Creative AI features: automatic object removal, image variations, graphic design styles, and even background removal, all with AI, that you can use on any Shutterstock image from the library, and even on AI-generated images you made yourself using the Shutterstock AI image generator. Try it!

#1. Luminar Neo 7-Day Free Trial + 10% Discount!

www.skylum.com luminar neo free trial
www.skylum.com luminar neo free trial

Luminar Neo is the latest version of Luminar AI, a new photo editing software gaining popularity among professional and amateur photographers and photo editors. 

It offers a variety of advanced editing tools powered by AI technology that automates the most common editing tasks and achieves professional results with little to no editing skills needed. It includes AI-powered sky replacement, image upscaling, and features for enhancing photos, including portraits. Furthermore, it performs basic but complex tasks easily, so you can reduce noise, remove red eyes, smoothen skin imperfections, or light up a dark photo in just a few clicks.   

This is an installable software compatible with macOS and Windows, and it’s subscription-based. There is also a lifetime purchase option but, as of January 2024, all the generative AI features are available with a subscription only.

Luminar Neo offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days, during which you can try out all the premium features at no cost before deciding to purchase a subscription. You can download the trial version for free, and you are not required to enter credit card details or any other payment info to activate your free trial. Once the trial period is up, you must acquire a paid plan to continue using the service or uninstall it if you’re done. Keep in mind, that we have a great 10% discount on all Luminar plans!

Enjoy the power of AI photo editing with a 10% discount! Valid for all Luminar Neo plans

Here, you can learn more about the Luminar free trial. But if you want to start using it today, click here: 

#2. Adobe Photoshop 7-Day Free Trial: Advanced Photo Editing with AI-Powered Features

photo editing free trials adobe photoshop free trial
photoshop express > 4 Ultimate Photo Editing Free Trials [[wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year] UPDATED]

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to photo editing software. It offers a wide range of advanced features, including layers, masks, and various filters. It’s a professional-grade tool that requires a considerable level of skill to use. 

Lately, Photoshop has incorporated AI-powered features that improve results and automate parts of the editing process, enhancing your creative workflow. The latest integrations are fueled by Adobe Firefly, the company’s native generative AI technology, and are pretty impressive.

Plus, it integrates a large content library from Adobe Stock to access authentic stock images, design templates, fonts, and more right on the graphic design tool. You can even combine it with an exclusive Adobe Stock free trial to get free stock images, too!

This software’s cost is reasonable for its capabilities and intended use, but it can be expensive for some. Photoshop is part of Adobe Creative Cloud and requires a Creative Cloud membership to use it. You can subscribe to just the Photoshop app for $20.99/mo and get it as part of a Photography plan or an All Apps plan, which comes at higher price points but includes more applications and bonuses. 

Luckily, Adobe offers a Photoshop free trial that lasts for 7 days. During this initial week, users can test out all the software's features and decide whether it is worth the investment before committing to pay. You can cancel your trial within the first 7 days without getting charged a penny. Or you can stay subscribed if you like the service and continue to a paid membership. 

You can learn all about the Photoshop free trial right here. To activate your trial, click on the button below: 

#3. Adobe Lightroom 7-Day Free Trial: Streamlined Photo Editing and Image Management

photo editing free trials adobe lightroom free trial
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC logo.svg > 4 Ultimate Photo Editing Free Trials [[wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year] UPDATED]

Adobe Lightroom is another popular photo editing software widely used by photographers. While it shares some similarities with Photoshop, Lightroom adds high-performing image file management to manage multiple images simultaneously and in one place. Its editing features are non-destructive, to process images without having to save multiple versions, and it has a user-friendly interface that is more accessible to users of all skill levels. 

Adobe offers a 7-day free trial of Lightroom, allowing users to test the software and decide whether it meets their needs, just like Photoshop. The Lightroom free trial gives you the first week free of a paid membership with a credit card required to activate, so you have to cancel within the first 7 days to avoid charges or stay subscribed to become a paid user if you like the app. Lightroom as a solo app is $9.99 per month, but you can also obtain it with a Photography plan or an All Apps subscription. Just like Photoshop, the plan includes cloud storage and other extra perks. 

An important note is that Lightroom CC works across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Lightroom Classic, the desktop-only version, is available only with the Photography plan. 

#4. Pixlr 30-Day (!) Free Trial: Free and Pro Photo Editing Solutions

photo editing free trials pixlr free trial
wwww.pixlr.com homepage

Pixlr is a free online photo editor suite with a basic photo editor and template designer, an advanced image editing and design app, and a one-click background remover, among other tools. It’s ideal for beginners and to handle quick photo edits, such as applying filters and overlays, easily. While it may not offer the professional features of other photo editing software, it is a great option for beginners just starting out and anyone needing a simple tool to create social media posts, collages, etc. 

The platform has a free option with limited access to Pixlr editor (both the basic and advanced), but if you want to take advantage of the full photo editing suite, you need a paid Pixlr Pro membership, starting at $7.99/mo. 

Pixlr also offers a free trial of its Pro version (unlimited access to all the suite’s tools) that lasts 30 days. You must create an account and enter your payment information to activate it. You will not be charged for the initial month of premium access, but you must make sure to cancel within 30 days. Otherwise, you will be charged for the 2nd month onwards. If you want to try, hit the Start Free Trial Button and go!

Photo Editing Free Trials FAQ

Let’s quickly answer the most common questions about photo editing free trials.

Is there a totally free photo editing app?

Yes, there are many free photo editing software options, but with most of them, you get what you pay for – a free photo editor is usually only suitable for basic tasks and produces less-than-ideal results.
Among the best free photo editing tools, you have Canva (although Canva Pro is better), Adobe Express, and Shutterstock Creative Flow

Where can I learn photo editing for free?

Some photo editors have dedicated tutorial sections where you can learn how to use them for free. Adobe has such a section, and Canva tutorials are very popular, too. And, of course, you have us. Stock Photo Secrets has great free guides to learning photo editing, such as our list of pro editing tips to learn how to edit photos. 

What photo editor doesn't require a subscription?

Today, most of the best and most popular photo editors are subscription-based. Even Photoshop, which used to be a one-time purchase, is now under subscription. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, Photo AI by Topaz Labs has a lifetime purchase option. And it’s a very good option for AI-powered photo editing. 

Is there a free program like Photoshop?

If you’ve exhausted your Photoshop free trial but cannot afford to pay for the subscription, there are a few free alternatives. GIMP is a very popular, open-source graphic design software with similar capabilities and interface as Photoshop, worth exploring. 

Edit Better and for Free with Free Trials

With any of the above-listed photo editing free trials, you can edit and enhance your photos like a professional without spending money while testing out if the chosen software is worth your dime. 

So waste no more time and start your preferred photo editor free trial right now!

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