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Photodune, part of Envato's marketplaces network, is a great resource to buy cheap stock photos. With a straight-forward, on-demand selling model and offering images from as low as $1 each, Photodune pricing is one of the main reasons they are chosen by many buyers like yourself to get stock imagery cheap. But many of you may now be after an alternative to Photodune for inexpensive Royalty Free stock photos.

This stock photo marketplace is currently undergoing a massive transformation of their platform and service, mainly switching from a quantity-driven to a quality-focused offer. As part of this strategy, they will no longer offer images at $1 – they are moving to a different system, with better images and slightly higher prices.

So, where to buy cheap stock photos other than at Photodune?

Here we present you a list of the best 6 Photodune Alternatives, great stock photo agencies where you can buy stock images for 1 dollar or less per item. Read on and find a new supplier for your stock photo needs that pleases both your creative eye and your pocket.

Best 6 Photodune Alternatives to Cheap Stock Photos

Stock Photo Agency

Subscription Image Price

On Demand Image Price

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stockphotos logo tight > Stock Photo Sites Like Photodune - 6 Great Photodune Alternatives



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$9.99 homepage



Club Easy – Only $0,49 per High-Resolution Image, Vector and Font

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At, you will find the Club Easy plan, one of the best deals in stock photo services. Designed especially for small-to-medium sized businesses working on a tight budget, that lets you get hundreds of images for less than $1 each.

The Club plan gives you 200 XXL image downloads for one year for only $99. That is only $0.49 per image! You can choose your images from a library of over 8 Million assets, and there are no daily or monthly download limits. You can download up to 200 images whenever you want. In addition, this plan gives you a great discount for extended licenses, plus bonus downloads and extra media files. All images are Royalty Free and yours to use forever in multiple commercial or editorial projects.

Club Easy is one of the cheapest and most flexible stock photo services around and makes for a great Photodune Alternative. While it involves a longer commitment to the agency, it gives you super low prices per image and the flexibility to use your downloads whenever you want. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

Get it today!

Annual Club Plans – If you need more images per year

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At, they think about all buyer's needs. For those small-to-medium businesses needing a larger number of images, they have two more annual subscription offers, which give you more images and an even lower price.

Club Plus gives you 500 XXL image downloads for one year for only $199. Which means you only pay $0.39 per image.

And Club Ultimate offers 1,000 XXL image downloads for one year for just $299, breaking down to $0.29 per download!

Just as with Club Easy, there are no daily nor monthly download restrictions: during one year from the purchase date, you can download up to 500 or 1,000 images in total at your own pace. Exclusive member discounts and bonuses are included, too.

If you have a use for a larger volume of images per year, these deals are the perfect chance to get super cheap stock photos for your business. So hurry up and get them now!



Bigstock is a well-known agency, subsidiary of Shutterstock, and it's popular for its wide range of prices and buying options. They have a large library with over 41 Million stock images, and you can buy them on demand or with subscriptions for the same price than at Photodune, or even less!

Bigstock lets you buy images on demand, paying as you go, but with credits: you buy a credit pack and then use the credits to pay for the photos you want. The larger the credit pack you buy, the cheaper each photo will cost you. Their images are priced according to size. Depending on the credit pack you get, you can buy a Small size image for between $0,99 and $3,50. An Extra Large file would cost you between $5,94 and $21.

But you can get even lower prices with subscriptions! A daily-limit subscription for 5 images a day costs you $69, dropping image price down to $0.53. Larger volume plans for longer periods of time (up to one year) are even cheaper!

If you want to buy images on demand, just like at Photodune, Bigstock has a good deal in prices. But if you have use for stock photos every month, the monthly subscriptions are the best option to save money. And now you can save even more with our special Bigstock Coupon Code for 15% Off!



Shutterstock is by far one of the most popular stock photo agencies in the market, and they are the owners of one of the largest online photo libraries, with their over 100 Million assets. As if this was not good enough, they also have super cheap prices for both on demand and subscription systems.

They sell images on demand with image packs, meaning you buy a fixed number of downloads before-hand, and use them to get images whenever you want. Of course, the larger the pack you buy, the cheaper each image will cost you. If small-to-medium image sizes work for your needs you can get the best deal, paying as little as $3,81 per image with the largest image pack available. If you want to download images in all sizes including large and above, then you will still find them affordable, as they all are under $10 per image depending on the pack.

However, the best deal in the market is for their stock photo subscription. Shutterstock gives you great stock photos for the super low price of $0.33 per image, hiring their monthly plan for 750 downloads a month. And believe it or not, that price per image can be even lower if you hire the plan for longer!

Shutterstock is certainly a great stock photo site to buy stock photos, comparable, if not exceeding, Photodune's offer. And now you will be able to spend even less, thanks to our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code with 15% Off!

Adobe Stock


Adobe Stock is a stock photo service that is fully integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud platform. The core value in this offer is that you can access a large library of over 60 Million images directly from your favorite design applications, and you can search, test edit and license images to use in your designs without ever leaving Creative Cloud interface. But in addition to this, Adobe Stock has very flexible and affordable plans.

You can buy images one by one, at $9,99 each. But their smallest subscription option has much better rates and doesn't require a big investment: they give you 10 images per month, for one year, for only $2,99 per image ($29,99 per month). As if this was not a good deal already, the first month is free!

If you use Creative Cloud tools in your graphic design workflow, then Adobe Stock is a great alternative to Photodune for you. It gives you very low priced images, with the added value of saving you time and effort in adding them to your designs! And don't forget that you get the first month free with Adobe Stock Free Trial!

6 Stock Photo Sites Like Photodune: Find Great and Cheap Stock Photos

At any of the 6 agencies listed above, you will find pricing structures that are par or even better than Photodune. Even in the cases where image price may appear to be higher, you will easily see you are getting more benefits and increased services.

All in all, in these 6 Photodune Alternative Stock Agencies you will get a lot of value for your money, and you are certain to find compelling and high quality imagery to use in your projects.

If you want to spend $1 or less in your stock images, these companies have you covered. Which one will you choose? (I highly recommend our 99club though).

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