78 Surprising Stock Photography Trends 2015

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Last year, we have asked image agencies for their take on the upcoming photography trends for 2014, and many of the 50 stock photo trends we published were spot on. 2015, we are going even further: 16 agencies replied to our request for their trends in photography, so we are presenting the top 80 photography trends 2015 and of course shooting ideas for photographers. Among them, the return from Instagram like processed images to more natural light, enhanced with soft light and flares, the return to film and its rich shadows, and the megatrends of mature and senior adults becoming an important clientele will influence how big companies will use imagery to bring across their messages. We expect some of these current photography trends to last well into the next years, they seem more sustainable than the short-lived styles influenced by the rise of mobile photography apps we have seen in recent years. So you might be well advised to learn from the agencies and their big clients for your own needs and find an image language that supports selling your products and easily convey the messages to your readers and customers.

Dive into our massive list of 80 stock photography trends 2015, which we gathered and compiled from 16 stock photo agencies worldwide

You can either scroll down to go through all the photography trends or click on the certain agency logo to directly jump to these agencies.

500px prime


Shutterstock Review / 10% Off Coupon Code shutterstock-widget Shutterstock has distilled their insights from searches on Shutterstock by designers, art directors, marketers, and advertisers to reflect trends to come. The overarching theme: it’s getting harder to visually stand out, so brands are willing to be bolder with imagery. They have seen this in the growing demand for “unique perspectives,” a way for creative professionals to reposition familiar objects, and for double exposure images. Here are their photography trends in a nutshell.

1. Double Exposure

The rise of double exposure in design continues the trend of analog art and photography techniques (like lens flare and collage) resurfacing in digital imagery.

Double Exposure - 205910935

Victor Tongdee / Shutterstock.com


2. Unique Perspective

Views from below, from above, and from varied points of view have been on the rise in the creative industry for the past 12 months, as professionals look for more innovative ways to reposition familiar objects. The “top-down” view is commonly used in food photography, in product shots, and to tell stories from the perspective of the maker.

Unique Perspectives (below) - 80778397

Alex Emanuel Koch / Shutterstock.com


3. Soft Light

This gentle lighting style generally makes images look paler and more natural. It also looks authentic, often drawing on outdoor and natural light to add softness to a photo.

Soft Light - 115812106

Maria Timofeeva / Shutterstock.com


4. Macro

Macro is a style that’s consistently popular on social media — it’s something that’s not seen every day, so it really stands out and pulls you in. This visual style can bring a lot of texture, depth, and color to an image, playing with detail, and making common images seem suddenly unfamiliar.

Macro - 64825648

Tomatito / Shutterstock.com


5. Blur

Blurred images make great backgrounds, adding color and texture to a design without distracting from the focal point. Both bokeh and deep focus can be used to bring a blurred aesthetic to photography.

Blur (deep focus) - 121003627

Bulbash / Shutterstock.com


iStock Review / 20% Off Promo Codes iStock's trends expert, Rebecca Swift outlines the key visual trends shaping design in 2015, based upon the research and insights by the global iStock creative research team. From sensory immersion to super still, these are the gems that will be calling the creative shots in 2015:

6. Dynamic Woman

Unique lifestyles. Original looks. 2015 is all about the interesting female. Instead of cliché, over-idealized images, we’re saluting original, surprising women — quirks and all. Friends blowing bubbles on roadtrip

7. Point Of View

The love affair with our own point of view isn’t over. Thanks to technology, it’s just getting more intimate. Now we take photos from ski masks, surfboards and the collars of our four-legged friends. The visual stories of 2015 bring us unexpected perspectives, up close and personal. iStock_000026253999_Social

8. Sensory Immersion

Bring on pixels you can taste, touch, and smell — never mind the screen. 2015 is all about embracing experience in vivid, immersive imagery. Try macro images that heighten awareness, creating a sensory wonderland. Purple clematis blossom

9. Super Still Life

Inanimate objects are taking over the small screen. And not in any ordinary way. 2015 is about the artistry of still life — the interesting angle, the exquisite arrangement, even capturing the intricate handmade object — resulting in big, dynamic images for small screens. Outfit of business man.

10. Monochromatic Color

Technology’s moving so fast, we sometimes get nostalgic for the old days. Images are feeling the tug, harkening back to the look of the rich film and monochromatic color. Think bright whites and strong blacks, a modern take on Kodak Porta color negative film. iStock_000013386414_Sociall


Fotolia Review3 Fee Credits via our Promo Code fotolia-logoFotolia condensed the visual trends they expect to see emerge and take visual and creative precedence in 2015. Spontaneity and realism are the hero words that capture the essence and subject matter of each of their five choices.

11. The World Is One Big City

For most of us now, the world, despite its vast expanse, is becoming smaller than ever, the ease of low-cost flying and transcontinental business partnerships mean that more of us are able to see more of it than ever before. Localized images are therefore extremely important. As we all know, images of big cities and famous landmarks are fantastic sellers but where there is a need is for images representing small towns, villages, local landmarks in lesser-known areas as well as locals going about their daily business.  When it comes to shooting big cities the more impressive, the better. Go for scale and detail. Highlight the beauty, uniqueness, and intricacies.

shanghai elevated road junction panorama

© chungking – Fotolia.com


12. Age Shows No Barrier

Age really is just a number and images highlighting people of different ages participating in activities that don’t fall under the realm of their usual stereotyped definitions will no doubt become more popular. A variety of different aged people (particularly in groups) is also important to consider when choosing your subjects and capturing them as naturally and realistically as possible. Remember that as the population as a whole gets older due to a longer life span companies are increasingly targeting them. ‘Tweens’, typically considered being those that are no longer children and yet not yet teenagers (between 10 to 12 years old), are also a demographic that is highly recommended to include in your images particularly in terms of the consumer market.

happy elderly couple coming home with groceries on golf cart

© Joshua Resnick – Fotolia.com


13. Off The Beaten Track

Leave the map at home and explore! Go wild, scenes of natural beauty whether that is landscapes, weather fronts or wildlife are increasingly popular. There is nature all around you whether it’s on your doorstep in suburban settings or in exotic, far-away lands. A holiday safari, mountain trekking or simply just a walk in your local park there is natural beauty to be enjoyed and photographed!

Hike in mountains

© Galyna Andrushko – Fotolia.com


14. Family Matters

The make-up of families has transformed over recent years; we live in a day and age now where anything other than a 2.4 children family is no longer considered unfamiliar territory or a rarity.  Children growing up with two fathers, two mothers, stay at home Dad, working mothers, parents of different age ranges, with their grandparents or with siblings with different ethnic backgrounds. These are all regular familial set-ups that are reflected in today’s society and as a result, need to be represented in the type of imagery we offer.

Father Holding Daughter

© AVAVA – Fotolia.com


15. Smartphone Photography

The Fotolia Instant Collection has become an increasingly popular ‘genre’ in our stock photography portfolio. Rather than limiting creativity and artistry, having a smartphone on you at all times only enhances inspired photos opportunities captured at spontaneous moments. Aesthetically the Instant Collection encapsulates the character of smartphone imagery; raw, authentic, genuine moments captured in available light using real people (not models) with none, or limited post-production. Released first on iOS and more recently on Android, the app allows anyone to become professional photographers from the palm of their own hands allowing them to reap the same financial rewards as traditional Fotolia Contributors in terms of standard licensing. All images are also non-exclusive highlighting how intent we are at promoting mobile photography.

cute girl under the tree

© bennnn – Fotolia.com


IngImage Review / 7-Day Free Downloads download Every two weeks the Ingimage content scouts assemble a mini-gallery of the 50 most exciting new additions to our collection. This is principally to keep our subscribers in the know, but the process also gives us a great measure of the gradual shifts in style from our photographers. For the most part, we are predicting 2015 will see current trends evolve and develop into a range of more specific niches… rather than a radical change of thinking.

16. Aerial View

In a similar vein to ‘flat' illustration, aerial photography has the effect of transforming a scene into something diagrammatic and with generous copy space. We expect this viewpoint to be applied to more and more photographic subjects this year.

ISS 10317 01085 > 78 Surprising Stock Photography Trends 2015



17. Candid-style Snaps

Consumers are responding to authenticity in branding and marketing. To this end, professionals are emulating the spontaneity and character of candid snaps taken by everyday people.




18. Scandimania

Right across the Arts, from crime dramas to architecture, the world is looking towards Scandinavia. We don't think stock photography will be an exception.




19. Vintage Travel

The vintage aesthetic still isn't going anywhere. Taking note of the runaway success of Wes Andersson's ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' we expect aspirational travel-based vintage photos to thrive in 2015.

Woman in sunglasses waiting train on railroad station. The autumn cold weather. Beige coat. Retro suitcase.



20. Vibrancy

In extreme contrast to the predominant muted filters of the hipster/retro-look, this year we expect to see a renaissance of high impact vibrant imagery gradually creeping in. Pro tip: To spot new trends in photography – fashion shoots are a great place to look, often leading the way.

girl in colourful paint



Depositphotos Review / 5 Free Credits + 15% Off here depositphotos Depositphotos believe that 2015 photo trends will reflect our tendency to simple and dynamic life. These features only seem to contradict, in fact, they are the two sides of the same coin: as our life's tempo grows we naturally tend to get rid of excessive things, ideas and visuals. They aspire for elegant and laconic design, lifestyle, and photos. Out-of-the-box solutions also gonna be trendy as well as everything that makes us catch a break, evoke surprise and delight! They welcome such tendencies and mark out some new trends that will single out this year

21. Lifestyle

We keep on worshiping a healthy and organic life. In 2014 youth stepped aside for experience, and 2015 keeps this tendency in photos and lifestyle.

Thyme and sage plants on urban garden

martiapunts / Depositphotos


22. Perspective & Geometry

Get hypnotized by rhythmic lines and curves, whether it's natural or artificial engineer construction.

close up nautilus shell pattern

Joingate / Depositphotos


23. Still Life

Hard to avoid the temptation to incarnate your vision of an ideal life in a still life. Give yourself a treat!

Pasta word written on table

martiapunts / Depositphotos


24. Agile-business

Leadership and creative thinking – that's all we appreciate!

Fashion designer daydreaming in the studio

mindof / Depositphotos


25. Boundless World

The fewer places on the Earth remain unexplored, the more we struggle to keep our idea about it as a mysterious and endless place. All sciences are nothing comparing to its grandeur!

Sunrise at San Quirico d'Orcia

Shaiith79 / Depositphotos


Photocase Review / Coupon Code for 5 Free Image + 10% Discount download Photocase say they understand predicting trends not just as a magical look into a crystal ball. They gather their trends knowledge by talking constantly to our photographers and costumers. It's getting more and more clear that the big thing is and will be: authenticity.

26. Epic Nature

Tourism is booming. And with that comes the need for epic shots of beautiful landscape.


Pischare / photocase.com


27. Authentic People

Fake, posed portrait photographs are no longer relevant. People are shown in natural light, real compositions and with all their personality is the way to go.


Nordreisender / photocase.com


28. Socially Relevant

Social topics are more than before relevant these days. Costumers need meaningful and creative photos to illustrate real-world problems.


David-W- / photocase.com


29. Storytelling With Details

Little snapshots from everyday life are giving visual storytelling a new extension and scope of interpretation.


Hauninho / photocase.com


30. Creative Typography

The typography trend forms the last years will continue and inspire photographers to get new ideas and explore new possibilities using typography in their pictures.


Lucas1989 / photocase.com


123rf Review / Coupon Code 10% Off

123rf LogoThe past year saw a sway towards real people doing real things in real environments and the popularity continues into 2015 where we revisit existing stock photography trends with a fresh perspective and a sprinkle of authenticity. Creativity is also pushed to the limits; in fact, the execution of each shot is meeting a higher standard while retaining interesting elements. 123RF sees the trend going towards more dynamic concepts with the inevitable emphasis on Genuity.

31. Conceptual Business Infographics

Content is still king in 2015, but the delivery has changed a little with infographics becoming somewhat conceptual and creative, not just a simple flow chart or a diagram to get the message across.

Conceptual Business Infographics

Kittisak Taramas

32. People In Nature

We see people doing things all the time, but not so much indoors anymore. Say goodbye to studio shots with overexposed lights and forced smiles, it's time to ring in the outside world and the real beauty it has to offer.

People In Nature


33. Close Up Perspectives

Thank the advancement in camera technology for letting us take photos anytime anywhere. Selfies have also evolved from posed, “kissy” takes to more close-up perspectives of living in the here and now. Be ready for the documentation of life through photos and adding some context to them, much like visual storytelling.

Close Up Perspectives

Dmitrii Kotin

34. Merging Mediums

Photos depicting more than just a straight-cut visual, it contains a deeper meaning that becomes almost philosophical. It's these shots that often get a second look and jaw-droppingly so.

Merging Mediums


35. Soft Color Tones

With marsala being the Pantone color of the year, a trend continues towards “earthiness” that exudes a warm embrace. This also applies to monochromatic images with a subtle touch of soft hues, like a kiss of sunshine on a blooming bud.

Soft Color Tones



Stocksy Review / Save 10% using coupon code: STOCKPHOTOPRESS stocksy-logo-300x223 Stocksy’s take on 2015 photography trends is that we’re seeing more subtlety and nuance compared to the big shifts of 2013/2014. Shadows and light sources are more sophisticated, while dedicated shooters are returning to their roots in the richness and depth of the film. Meanwhile, skilled conceptual thinkers continue to add imagination and wit to still life.

36. Artistic Light And Shadow

Light sources and their shadows cast unique patterns, reveal textures, and play on geometric shapes.

Marija Kovac for Stocksy United

Marija Kovac for Stocksy United

37. Artistic Still Life

Artistic perspectives and use of geometry also carry over to still life, where photographers are using vibrant colors to bring abstract concepts and inanimate objects to life.


W + M for Stocksy United


38. Gray Hair

Silver-haired models in 2015 break conventional norms of stereotypes of a more dynamic idea of beauty.


Alberto Bogo for Stocksy United


39. Informal Foods

Food in 2015 is about small, easy to share portions you can share with friends.


Ellie Baygulov for Stocksy United


40. The Return Of Film

In an exploration of the photographic art and craft, the film makes its return, with a refined eye for depth in pastels.


Marta Locklear for Stocksy United


Pixtastock Review / PixtaTrends for stock photos are changing year by year. It is true that images with simple composition and white background are still in demand. However, images that capture more realism in life (such as capturing a special moment or story) are becoming very popular. Here is PIXTA trends for 2015:

41. Unwashed Vegetables

Due to recent concerns with health and well-being, images of organic vegetables fresh from farms will be in high demand as icons of healthy food. Unwashed Vegetables

42. Bright Future

Young people and elderly folks feel anxious about their futures. Images that preview a bright future will resolve their anxiety and will be used in a variety of industries such as banking, education and medical. Bright Future

43. A Moment Of Joy

Images that capture a blissful moment in our daily lives are becoming more mainstream annually. A Moment of Joy

44. Luxury Senior Model's Hobby

As the number of elderly people is increasing, images with rich and intelligent senior models indulging in a hobby will be in high demand. Luxury Senior Model’s Hobby

45. Male Beauty

Over the years, men are getting increasingly conscious of their looks. To appeal to more male customers, companies will start using these images. Male Beauty


Panthermedia Review, Generally speaking, the design in 2015 will continue to focus on simplicity, usability, and a clean structure (flat design, squares, large copy space). The internet is driven by its development in mobile technology, hence we identify following photography topics to stand out from the crowd.

46. Generation Y

The target group is now becoming very attractive and will be increasingly addressed via all channels, e.g. social media, apps, streaming platforms. Images have to reflect the „hipster“ style.

PantherMedia A29092290

kho / PantherMedia


47. Mobile

Still on the rise is the need for more authentic images, increasingly shot with mobile phone cameras. Generation Y is consuming a lot of Instagram photos and this trend influences commercial photography.

PantherMedia A20165490

nito500 / PantherMedia


48. The Internet Of Things

We will see more business models coming up that are connecting different machines. One of the most prominent examples is smartwatches or smart homes.

PantherMedia A34046883

bswei / PantherMedia


49. Sustainability

Smart home, for example, is focused on simplifying your life, but also to reduce and optimize the energy and costs one puts into his or her home. As a matter of fact, this development is affecting all parts of our lives.

A man in a business suit astride a bicycle with helmet in hand.

MintImages / PantherMedia


50. Infographics

It is not a trend anymore, but in 2015 infographics will also be very useful when it comes to illustrating complex business, projects or situations.

PantherMedia A35591398

a7880s / PantherMedia


Photospin Review / Coupon Code – 1 additional Month free photospin-logo-fb-like-image “Each year we ask our artists to push themselves, not to follow the pack but lead and be the exception, not the rule. This year we are asking our artists ‘To Keep it Real’ for real people in real situations. To show life as it really happens.”
said Val Gelineau, CEO PhotoSpin, Inc.

51. Diversity In And Out Of The Home

Global- we like to think the world revolves around America but there is a big world out there. Marketing professionals need images that are not just stereotypes of what we think they should be, but real people in real situations doing regular things around the world.


SVLuma / Photospin.com


52. Creative Work Places

Business stock images as we know them are not how many people are working today. We want our artists to try to capture real offices with real people, either at home or in the office. With technology, you can be anywhere. I’m writing this while sitting in my living room.


Lev Dolgachov  / Photospin.com


53. Authentic “Real” People

As the saying goes ‘if you do not ask you will not know’. So if you see a great situation and you want to photograph it ‘ask’ and get a release. You may get a great image and a new group of models for future projects.


Scott Griessel/Creatista / Photospin.com


54. International Families

Family, business, lifestyle, food, and locations are always needed. According to the Bloomberg report, the top 5 most innovative countries are South Korea, Japan, Germany, Finland, and Israel. We need images to reflect this trend


MonkeyBusiness Images / Photospin.com


55. Altered States

Using the above, ‘keep it real’ create a concept, change reality into fantasy, let your imagination go. Clients are always looking to use an image to tell a story. Be bold. Think in terms of conceptual images. Don’t be afraid to try.




Peopleimages Review PEOPLEFor the last five years, Peopleimages.com collection has been the world's top-selling, and there's a reason for that. Simply put, we love what we do, and our ambition is to never settle for mediocrity. “I believe 2015 will be the year of change. We will begin to see images that will change the way we look at stock photography. 2015 is going to be an exciting year and I look forward to seeing what it has installed”, said Yuri Arcurs.

56. The Death Of The Hipster

At the beginning of 2014, the searches for “hipster” saw an all-time high. However, the interest died down after a few months partly due to people just getting tired of the recognizable hipster style. The style was also mocked in the media and Hollywood movies. I think that “hipster” is being replaced by a more sophisticated style that looks a bit more professional while still keeping it casual.

Death of the Hipster: Casual, yet again not so casual. Ready to work

Yuri Arcurs Photography / Peopleimages.com


57. The Birth Of The Reversed Selfie

Instead of taking a selfie there is a trend of rather turning the focus onto how we perceive the world. It becomes even more intimate than the selfie as it portrays you and what you see. The public readiness for such images is being matured through the same perspective in GoPro videos and even computer gaming. By GoPro, we are of course referring to the type of images where the camera is attached to your body and basically “sees” what you see.

The moments we remember forever

Yuri Arcurs Photography / Peopleimages.com


58. From Filters To Flare

This year we'll see a reduction in the interest of over-processing filters ala Instagram. Instead, we will see a steady rise in images using techniques that produce a more natural, non-disruptive effect. Images with flare and copy space typically make for an easy read and sell well whilst still looking interesting, but not looking Instagram-like.

Meeting of like-minded professionals

Yuri Arcurs Photography / Peopleimages.com


59. A Shift Of Perspective – Entry Of The Drone

There are few images taken between 10 meters above ground and up to whatever flyby limit or low pass limit is applicable (which is normally quite high). Because taking images from this perspective would require a plane or crane, these images are few in numbers in the stock industry. With the introduction of drones, which is basically a flying GoPro, we open up for an overhead perspective without the use of helicopters, trucks, or cranes. I believe the use of drones in photography will facilitate the demand for images from this perspective.

Living the dream

Yuri Arcurs Photography / Peopleimages.com


60. Sexy And Eye-Catching Images On The Rise

We have seen a huge rise in sales of “sexy” type images of men and women. In comparison to previous years, the sexy images trending in 2015 are more direct than previous years and represent what we formerly may have considered too sexy for standard advertising. I believe the reasons behind increased sales of more graphic or blunt sexiness is based on an increase in general public exposure through reality series such as Jersey shores, Geordie shores, etc. We are becoming accustomed to “sexy” much faster than we may realize and this is certainly evident when taking a look at the kind of selfies we see on Instagram, which could just as well change their domain name to endlessselfies.com. The continuative habituation of sexual content is definitely contributing to the image industry by turning the sexiness up a notch in order to keep people interested and get noticed.

She's the epitomy of gorgeous!

Yuri Arcurs Photography / Peopleimages.com

500px Prime

500px Review use coupon code PRIMETIME20 to get 20% Off (expires May 1st) .500px primeAt 500px Prime we’re embracing diversity, preparing for a connected tech explosion, and making sure our photos don’t look like the posed and cheesy stock imagery of yesteryear. In 2015, stock photography gets real.

61. Photography That Rejects Stereotypes

If the excitement surrounding 500px Prime’s recent partnership with the for-women-by-women stock photo agency Shestock is any indication, people are ready to say goodbye and good riddance to a traditional stock photography stereotype. Make sure your photos represent the diverse reality we live in.


Shestock / 500px


62. Epic Landscape With Small People To Provide A Sense Of Scale

Beautiful landscapes aren’t enough anymore; one of the fastest-growing trends in the epic landscape complete with a small figure to help provide a sense of scale. These images allow the viewers to put themselves inside the scene and convey a sense of adventure that’s missing in traditional landscape photos.


Mattia Bonavida / 500px


63. Photos that Don’t Look Like Stock

Cheesy, posed, obvious stock photography is out and very far out. Candid lifestyle shots that feel and look really are in.


Soumyendra Saha / 500px


64. The Interaction Of  Tech And Real Life

As tech integrates further and further into our lives, stock photography will have to keep pace with this trend. Be ready for the exponential growth of wearables of all types, smart home tech, personal 3D printing, and more.


D Bunn / 500px


65. Overhead Food Shots

The overhead food shot is still very hot, but it has to be done right. Geometrically beautiful images like the work of Dina Belenko are a great example of overhead food photos that will stand out and sell like hotcakes, pun intended.

Puff pastry with stardust

Dina Belenko / 500px


Pressfoto Review logo_2

“Be Natural. Be Real”

Visual taste of the audience is becoming more selective year by year. Everyday people see a lot of professional content from ads, magazines, social networks, etc. People became pickier with a higher level of perception. Contributors have to improve the artistic and technical level of the photographs. Content buyers’ requests have significantly changed while there are mostly still the same “Stock” images everywhere. Images are supposed to be more natural, meaningful, and casual so that other people could “believe” them.

66. Daily Life

People want to see professionally shot images of daily life: routine, hobby, nutrition, sports, etc. Anything natural, emotional, highly close to reality.

Daily Life

Alena Ozerova / PressFoto.com


67. View From Above

New perspectives on the same topics including kids, business, family, etc. Quadrocopter shootings help to get a fresh vision at usual things.

View From Above

Monkey Business Images / PressFoto.com


68. Color Blending

Color blending, filter imitation, and retro-style stay popular thanks to Instagram and other mobile applications for image editing.

Beautiful young brunette girl

AliakseiSmalenski / PressFoto.com


69. Small Business

Photostories about small businesses and their real owners inspire people to start their own businesses. Companies, which help to start their own business, are in great need of images with successful samples.

Small Business

Monkey Business Images / PressFoto.com


70. Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development, start-up teams, and social network themes stay popular as well.

Icons for the application

DragonImagesAsia / PressFoto.com


Dreamstime Review / 3 Free Credits via this Coupon Code Dreamstime We've put together this year's trends in photography, but what defines them best is a simple word: sharing. Follow our tips and you will see why:

71. 4k Ultra Video And Photography

4K Ultra HD video & photography becomes more widespread and commercially available. 2015 is the year of 4k. With so many affordable 4k cameras from all the major manufacturers in the industry (Blackmagic, Leica, Panasonic, Sony, Gopro) and with the recent price drop of Canon’s 1C, we can predict a huge amount of Ultra HD videos to be uploaded this year. The trend has become noticeable since the last trimester of 2014 and it will simply explode if Canon launches the 5D Mk IV by the end of 2015. 1_4k_36996004

72. Mobile News – Real-Time News

You already see that much breaking news is covered first time by footage or photos taken by eyewitnesses using their mobile phones. News has also started to be all over on social media – and this will probably create channels that will overcome traditional news agencies. 3_mobilenews_40102368

73. Healthy Lifestyle

The need for such images will increase as individuals will care more about their real-life instead of online and office life but this is also an increasing trend at the moment. 5_healthy_lifestyle_39908700

74. Protest And Global Tension

Unfortunately, the protests and global tensions will become more popular, following an already increasing trend in the last years. We will become more familiar with words like terrorism, protest, violence, and war. 8_protests_46912542

75. Fifa Woman's World Cup Tournament

FIFA Women’s World Cup, starting this summer in Canada, will bring together 24 teams in 52 matches. We expect this will attract a lot of attention for women soccer players, cheering fans, vector elements of competing teams, and, of course, stunning views of Canada’s cities. 7_womens_worldcup_5285239


Alamy Review download The photography trends for 2015 reflect the way things are changing in society. From how we eat, to what we do for fun and when and where we travel, everything is set for a shakeup in 2015 and that will result in some great opportunities for photographers.

76. Technology

Perhaps the biggest buzz trends for 2015 are around technology. Of course, we’ve had the “wearable tech” trope chucked at us throughout the whole of 2014 but in 2015, with the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch, we may see this finally take off. Aside from wristbands, there’ll be an increase in technology ridden clothing like T-shirts that can monitor our heartbeat – and you really need to be up on IoT (the Internet of Things): smart technology shoehorned into everything around us from washing machines to plant pots. New technology will provide huge stock photo opportunities.

Stylish coffee machines with touch screen. control by smartphone.

© Haiyin Wang / Alamy


77. Food

Food is always a popular subject for stock photography but this year small is going to be big, small plates that are. Apparently, we’ll see a continuation of the meal of the small plates with a particular surge in Persian cuisine. Fermented food is also on the rise and will be popular along with increased use of cauliflower as the go-to ingredient for carb-dodgers. Sherry is also on the up, apparently due to the growing popularity of Spanish tapas restaurants.

Berry Palov, traditional persian food at Britannia and Company, Parsi and Iranian restaurant in Mumbai, India

© dbimages / Alamy 

78. Sensen

All the hours spent in front of a screen urge our generation to seek something interactive in our visual surroundings. Images that recall a smell, a touch, or simply challenge the way we perceive color, are top of the table. Transform the act of looking, into an experience of feeling. It’s predicted that we’ll see a lot more of the dusk and pastel colors this year. In addition, you can expect to find warmer tones such as peach, wine, earth, and jungle green coming up. Having a defined color pallet can be the golden key for your photos to be noticed… or sensed.

young woman singing with headphones on a light background

© Igor Korionov / Alamy

All images provided and © by certain stock agencies

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