Introducing PixelRockstar: The Blog Photo Solution for WordPress Bloggers

If you're a blogger, you know how important great photos are to spice up your blog posts and keep your readers engaged with your content. And if you use WordPress, you also know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to get the right photos for your website.

Whether you buy licenses from a stock photo agency or you grab free photos from the Internet, you waste a lot of time at the task. And here's the worst part: you are also risking yourself to have legal problems with unauthorized usage and copyright infringement.

With all this in mind, and being long-time WordPress publisher myself, I teamed up two great guys to create PixelRockstar, a WordPress Photo Plugin designed specially for WordPress publishers, that puts millions of stock photos at your blog's reach for as little as $0.57 each!

You can now browse, license and add amazing stock photos to your blog posts in just seconds, without ever leaving WordPress. And you can relax knowing they are legally-safe to use in websites and social media! Sounds amazing, doesn't it? That's because it is. Check PixelRockstar now!

PixelRockstar: Safe Images for Your Blog

PixelRockstarHere's what our WordPress Image plugin offers you:

  • 4 Million high quality stock photos
  • All legally-safe to use for commercial and editorial purposes
  • Tailored license to use photos in websites and social media
  • Simple and affordable pricing – from $0.57 per image!

You like that? Give it a shot: try PixelRockstar today!


The Time Consuming Search for Photos for Blog Posts

Getting the best possible photos to illustrate and boost up the visual appeal of your website in WordPress is very time-consuming. If you do more than one post a day, and if you have more than one website, you can easily spend hours at this task! It's a waste of your time and it can be very frustrating.

You have to go to a stock photo agency website, or to a free photo site. Then browse 'til you find the right images for your content and download them. And you're still not even close to done: next you have to upload them to WordPress library, and add them to your post.

With the PixelRockstar WordPress Photo Plugin you get rid of all those tedious steps. The plugin puts a collection of millions of stock photos right into WordPress interface. You can browse, select, license and add stock photos to your posts all at one place, with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Quick 30 Second PixelRockstar Preview

And there's also the issue of the cost: stock photos are the best choice to have compelling imagery that is also licensed and legal to use, but at times that can get expensive, depending on which supplier you use.

Of course you can fish out the web for free stock images for blogs, but in doing this you're risking yourself to infringe license terms and/or copyright. Trust me, if you get caught using a photo in an unauthorized way, you can easily be in a lot of legal trouble.

Even worse: not all stock photo agencies licensing terms allow uses that are critical to the success of your blog, like social media posts for example.

PixelRockstar is a great solution to this problem, as we provide a huge collection of stock photos that are super cheap, with a custom license that covers website and social media use.

Legal Risks with Free Photos

If you've been blogging for a while, or did your research before starting, you probably already know that using photos found with Google Images is a big no-no when it comes to legal safety. If you didn't know, you can learn the 5 Dangers of Using Google Images here. But even the sites that offer free photos can be problematic when it comes to using images in WordPress publications.

Most free photo sites offer photos under different versions of Creative Commons license. This means that all these photos are in fact copyrighted: someone owns them and holds the property rights for them. Creative Commons has many different licensing options, and if you don't know them well, it's very easy to misuse them. Some demand that you credit the author, some require that you modify the original, some allow commercial use, some don't. Then there's Creative Commons Zero (CC0) that basically puts the content under public domain (the author cedes their copyright to the public).

But here's the thing: if there's people or private property being depicted in the photos, you must assure the proper model and property releases are signed. That's the only way to make sure the photos are safe to use legally. And most of these free photo sites do not check this. Checking it yourself would be incredibly difficult, at times impossible, and would be a senseless waste of time and resources. And so, you're left having to trust the people who put those photos to use for free has the releases that grant it's legality. Not the wisest thing to do.

With PixelRockstar you will avoid these problems completely, as we offer only legally-safe images that are model and property released as required, and although you'll be paying, the cost is very low considering the benefits in safety and time-savings!

The Problem with Stock Agencies License

Stock photos eliminate the risk of infringing copyright or individual rights, as all agencies verify the legality of the images they sell.

However, not all agencies have licensing terms that address use of photos in social media. In fact, some agencies' licenses restrict this usage, or sell the rights for it separately, for a higher price.

At PixelRockstar, all the images come with a special digital-license that grants you rights to use them in websites and social media alike!

PixelRockstar: The Blog Photo Solution for WordPress Bloggers


Alex Preukschat & Amos Struck two of the PixelRockstar Co-Founders

I am part of the three-man team that made this tool possible. I, Amos Struck, joined Alex Preukschat – a long-time WordPress publisher like myself – to develop this plugin. Later on, WordPress web developer and stock photography executive Vita Valka joined us, and together we work to make PixelRockstar the best solution for WordPress publishers needing images.

As a WordPress publisher, I am excited about this product and it's great utility. As a creative stock photo tool creator, I am proud of having built something that truly helps you save time and money, and get the best visual content for your site and social channels.

Save Time, Effort and Money with PixelRockstar

Our product is not only the best solution in the market to get legally-safe images fast and easy into your WordPress site, but also the best valued. You get to save time and spare unnecessary effort, for a very affordable price.

PixelRockstar comes with annual packages: you pay once and you get the plugin, access to the library and a determined number of downloads. No extra fees, and simple buying: one download correspond to one image.

We have different volume options that adjust to your image needs. We recommend the Rock package, which gives you 50 images a year for $35. That's $0.70 per image!

PixelRockstar Pricing

We also have a low volume option with the Fan package that gives you 10 images a year for just $9 (only $0.90 per photo!). And finally our Star package for large image needs, that comes with 350 images per year for $200. This is our best deal, at only $0.57 per image!

For more information, check PixelRockstar Pricing here.

Millions of Stock Photos Just One Click Away

PixelRockstar Plugin gives you access to a library of over 4 Million stock photos. You can find lots of images in practically every theme and style you need. And they come to as high as 2,000 pixels.

The best? They are all right in WordPress. You don't need to visit other websites, you don't need to create extra accounts at stock agencies, and you don't need to make any extra payments.

Just log in to your PixelRockstar account. Then you can use the plugin to browse the collection, select the photos you want to license, and add them to your post. Simple as that!

A Tailored License for Your Publishing Needs

All PixelRockstar images come with our special, custom digital license.

This license allows you use PixelRockstar images in any website or social media accounts that you own, forever. There's no limitations to how many times or in how many online locations you use the images, as long as it is in sites and channels that you own directly.

Keep in mind our photos are for digital publishing only, and they are not to be used in any physical way (like prints, books, magazines, posters or products for resale). And you cannot use them in websites or social media profiles you are not the owner.

Some other restrictions in our terms are regarding sensitive use: you cannot use the images in any way that connects with illegal activity, hate messages or questionable morale. And you are not allowed to sell, distribute nor give away the images to third parties.

Legally-Safe Photos for your Blog

All of our 4 Million stock photos have been checked for legality, and are backed up by us.

We assure we have all the required model and property releases, and that our entire collection is safe to use legally in any website or social media content.

Plus, all our images are covered with a $10,000 insurance.

With PixelRockstar, legal trouble will never be a concern for you anymore. Just add photos to your blog and social media posts, and forget about it!

For more info, check our Licensing terms here.

Try PixelRockstar, Share your Thoughts!

If you are a blogger who's tired of dealing with the frustrating process of finding photos for your posts, I invite you to try PixelRockstar WordPress Photo Plugin.

Kevin Muldoon Review of PixelRockstar

Great publishers have already tried it and they are very happy with their results. Kevin Muldoon (RiseForums), thinks PixelRockstar is “one of the best solutions available. Its simplicity is its best feature”. Read Kevin's full review on our plugin here.

And don't forget to share your experience and thoughts too. We welcome your feedback, and we are happy to hear how does PixelRockstar work for you!

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

I am a publisher and entrepreneur in the stock imagery field. I focus on providing knowledge and solutions for buyers, contributors and agencies, aiming at contributing to the growth and development of the industry. I am the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, one of the largest networks of online magazines in the industry. I am the founder of Microstock Expo, the only conference dedicated to the microstock segment. I created several software solutions in stock photography like WordPress plugins. Plus I am a recurrent speaker at Photokina Official Stage, and an industry consultant at StockPhotoInsight. I am passionate about technology, marketing and visual imagery.

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