Enter the World of Unique Stock Photos – You’ll Love It!

If you’re one to think stock photos are cheesy, unrealistic images that nobody would ever identify with, well, I get you. There was a time, back in the day, when this was true. But while the stereotype of the “stocky” stock photo persists, unique stock photos disembarked in the stock photography industry a while ago, offering cool, fresh, unconventional images.

The new wave in stock photography trends –you can check our great Photography Trends 2020 report right here– has for years been focused on more modern and relatable images. These trendy photos work great in any design for both commercial purposes and non-commercial work.

But in this now large pool of current, relatable imagery, what constitutes unique stock photos? Where could one find them? And why should one use them?
No question shall remain unanswered!

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How Can There Be Such a Thing as a Unique Stock Photo?

For some, “unique stock photo” sounds almost like an oxymoron. I mean, aren’t all stock photos meant to be similar to one another, repeating the same composition and facial expressions in models? Well, the answer is no. That, my friends, in the past.

In today’s world, the web is overflowing with great stock photo agencies offering huge libraries of images you can browse, license and download with a few simple clicks, and for a very low fee. And most of these microstock sites put great effort in keeping their collections current, trendy and commercially valuable. So while cheesy stock photos might still be around, the vast of their catalogs are much more modern and natural-like style. Do check out our massive list of the Best Stock Photo Sites ever for options!

And what on Earth is Unique Stock Photos Anyway?

While all the big players in stock photography online focus in the hottest image trends –like the evergreen style of Authentic Stock Photos–, and deliver high quality, professional images ready to download and use, it’s still common that most agencies and photographers tend to cover the same popular topics and themes, sometimes still using similar compositions and concepts. So, although current, relatable and professional, these images are kind of alike.

Unique stock photos are, as the term gives away, stock photos that outstand from the rest due to their rarity. Commonly having a greater artsy feel, these are atypical shots, the kind of images you wouldn’t think would be sold as stock. A different perspective on a popular topic, a rate shot of a very unusual theme, a simple composition using different models and/or locations… you get the point. These factors make certain stock photos distinctive from the rest… and therefore unique.

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So Where Do I Buy Unique Stock Photos?

The concept of uniquity implies a much narrower availability. But don’t go thinking you must dig into mountains of regular stock photos to find that rare, unique shot! Well, of course, most large, hyper-commercial stock image libraries have unique photos here and there, but there happens to be one stock photo agency that not only specializes in unique stock photography but also excels in it. Naturally, this is the go-to outlet when looking to buy unique stock photos.

Photocase – Unique Stock Photos with Berlin Style

PhotocasePhotocase is based in Germany, and their catalog is heavily influenced by the modern, youthful and vibrant Berlin style. This agency was specializing in unique stock images before such images were cool or trendy, it’s the main characteristic of their brand, and it works. With over a decade in the industry, they’ve earned a great reputation and a comfy spot in the stock photo market. No wonder it’s one of our best Premium Stock Photo Sites! For more details, check our Photocase review.

Photocase collection is purposely small, as they maintain a very tight, high-standard curation process. Their photos have a very strong artistic feel, are highly unconventional, and cover topics that are very present in our days, such as diversity, gender equality, natural beauty, etc. These are the perfect photos for Instagram posts or Instagram stories, for example, and work really well in any design aimed at young demographics. You can see the lovely images that accompany this article, and also check this great selection of unique photos curated just for you!

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You can buy these unique royalty-free images on demand, paying as you go, and they cost between $10 and $20 each depending on size. But you can also save on bulk purchases by buying credit packs, which let you download more images at lower rates. There are packs from 25 and up to 1000 credits, which buys you from 5 to 200 photos respectively, and they save you between $15 and as much as $1280 from on-demand pricing.

What’s even better is if you use our exclusive Photocase Coupon Code you will get 5 FREE credits plus a great 10% Off on your purchase! Unique stock photos, and at the lowest possible price. Win-win.

Why Use Unique Stock Photography in your Work?

Long story short: to stand out in the crowd! Using rare, unusual images –that are still artistic, appealing and professional of course– is a very simple way to make your website, ad, social media post or any other design to pop up on your audience’s eyes and be more memorable too.

Another important factor is that unique stock imagery can help you define your brand image and the way you communicate with your clients, customers or followers.

Think of what unique stock photos represent: stereotype breaking, out-of-the-box thinking, unconventional beauty, modern society… If these perspectives are something you want your company, brand or body of work to include and project, then you should definitely embrace unique stock photos in your designs.

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Off to Create with Unique Stock Images!

Questions answered, you’re now armed with unique stock photos concept and you can decide how and where you will use them to increase the value in your designs.

Whether it’s posted for your Instagram profile or Instagram story, visuals for your next ad, background images for your website or blog, or any other project you have in mind, using these atypical and creative shots can help you increase the reach and potential of your work.

So don’t forget to check out Photocase for awesome and affordable unique stock photos!

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