Where can i find cheap photos for my slideshow or PowerPoint Presentation

Fotolia PowerPoint Slideshow Plugin

Stock photography agencies are a great place to find cheap photos for a personal or business slideshow that is not for resale.  Slideshows require a lot of images, and a diversity of images to keep the audience’s attention.  Trying to personally photograph all the images that you need to create a compelling and interesting slideshow could take months.  Searching and buying images through a stock photography agency takes a few hours.

Image use must follow licensing agreements

The images you buy at a stock photography agency will have royalty free licenses which, is good enough for a personal or business slideshow. Check the licensing agreements to make sure you are not using a stock photo inappropriately.  Inappropriate use refers to branding, pornographic use, product endorsement and associating a model with an illegal action.

Images will make your slideshow memorable

Using powerful images will make your slideshow memorable and a success.  Charts and text are required to get some points across but memorable and powerful presentations are created using powerful and memorable images.  A combination of statistics and images increases information recall by viewers.

Not for Resale

If your slideshow is great and you want to sell it online, your images will require an extended licensing agreement.  There are many companies who can benefit from and look for generic slideshow presentations. Online stores will sell it for you.  Extended licenses are required for the merchandising or sale of items that use stock photography in a digital medium.

Free downloads

If you have decided to create to slideshow as an added value ‘free download’ on your blog or website, using royalty free images is acceptable in this case. Just check how many digital downloads are allowed under the licensing agreement.

Credit, Credit, Credit

If you are pleased with the stock photos you obtained and think that the quality of the photos contributed to the success of your slideshow, credit the stock photography agency at the end of your slideshow.

Fotolia has millions of images that can be used in slideshows and downloaded immediately.  Their forum is also helpful for questions related not only to stock photography use but also digital software that designers use to create slideshow presentations. Fotolia also have a Microsoft Office Plugin for PowerPoint, which make photo buying for your presentation very easy.

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