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Where can i find travel photos?


Travel Photo
Using stock photography for travel photos saves time, money and travel headaches. Travel photographers submit to all of the stock photo agency websites and provide you with the ability to buy interesting photos for your website or blog.

Travel Photo Search Techniques

Like any stock photo agency search, it is important to specify your keyword search. For travel photos you will need to specify the country, the landmark or environment that you wish to highlight and cultural influencers that could help your readers identify the country or place of your photo choice.

Thinking on the lines of our articles on asian photos, normal people photos and activity photos, pick your noun (country) your adjective (landmark or activity) and an additional adjective that will bring you closer to the stock photos you need. If a particular destination is not part of your marketing agenda, travel is easily recognized if your use a photo of airlines, vegas or a flight . The stock photo of a flight can be enough to put someone into the travel mode and be encouraged to book their next vacation through your website or blog.

If you are not sure what you are looking for and need some inspiration, keep your search basic with just the name of the country. This can inspire a great article or call to action that can make your blog or website more enticing to readers.

Check the license

As per the editorial license guidelines, check the license of your photo choice and use it appropriately. If you require a stock photo for re-sale items, pay for the extended license. Landmarks without property permission and a signed agreement should be used for editorial purposes only and will only be sold under these licenses.

Not all travel photos are staged

If you need photos that are more unique and not staged, stock photos can look like your personal travel photos, without you having to travel. Remember to credit the stock photography agency and photographer so that readers do not assume that your purchased stock photos are personal travel photos.

Great travel photos that include airlines, vegas, flights or destination landscapes can be found on Fotolia. Get inspired and search their travel stock photography.


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