Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image use

How many photos are you using per day for your various work activities, digital media and online designs? If you had unlimited access to photos and cheap quality photos that you could download in seconds, how many photos could you use now? With the trend of photo and image use on websites, digital media, blogs and the need for more and more innovative designs, many of us are not using as many photos as we could due to a shortage of images that we have on hand.

There are solutions and once you know the secret to how people are able to produce, find, afford and continue to pump out images that blow your mind away, you too can be as image-centric as other people and businesses. The secret is stock photos, stock vectors and stock images, online websites that sell cheap images to the public and you can have the images in seconds. Designers have been doing this for years. now bloggers, website specialists, and at home based businesses that need access to photos and images fast, are using stock photo agencies as their go to tool to make their work easier, more professional and more impressive without having to waste time.

Stock photo agencies are the main supplier of online images

question sign > Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image useSo you have the secret and are ready to start downloading images, NOW! Not all stock photo agencies are the same and it is important to understand which agencies are affordable and have the type of photos that you need. The second consideration is how the stock photos are purchased from the stock agency. Are you able to purchase single photos, photos through agency credits or subscriptions.

Subscriptions provide the best image price but do require a monthly payment. If you go the subscription route, images can be as little as 21 cents an image. If you go the credit route, each photo will cost you an amount in credits, ranging anywhere from one to 9 credits. A credit can cost as low as $1 USD or as high as $2 USD. Buying stock photos one photo at a time will be more costly per photo but enables you to not be locked into one agency.

5 cheap stock photo agencies and image buying options

shutterstock logo new small > Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image use

Shutterstock is one of the best and most known stock photo agencies and offers stock

photos through subscriptions only. If you know you will need a lot of images this is the way to go. Subscriptions start at 249 USD where you can download 750  images per month. Figure it out, that is dirt cheap! Shutterstock also has one of the largest stock photo libraries with over 20 million images to choose from.


PhotoDune Logo > Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image use

Photodune has a price per image, there are no credits to purchase or subscriptions offered. X-small images start at $1 USD, small images start at $2 USD and prices increase by a dollar each time you go up in size. If you do not need hundreds of photos each month, this is a great place to find cheap photos and not be stuck paying for a subscription or credits that you may not need.


pixmac logo > Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image use

Pixmac sells their stock photos with the credits system. Each credit, depending on the amount that you purchase range in price from $1 USD to .92 cents per credit. The better news is that a small photo costs one credit! So you are paying less for larger images on Pixmac through their credit option. The inventory is smaller than many agencies but their prices are right!


peopleimages logo > Where to Buy Stock Photos Cheap to increase your image use

Yuri Arcurs has been shooting and contributing stock photography to agencies for years. In the last year he has opened up his own stock photo agency that exclusively has his stock photos, a bold but great move. His prices are interesting and worth checking out. In his micro stock he offers some image sizes for free, all images have a dollar value but you can purchase his bonus packs that award you more money to spend on photos than you actually purchased. For an example. If you buy a $31 USD image pack you account will reflect $35 USD. Image prices vary and he is a great at offering basic images for cheap prices. He also has more expensive but better quality photos if you choose one day to spend big for a big return!

Fotolia Logo

Fotolia has a large image library and lets people pay as they go per image or purchase a subscription for as little as 75USD for the month with the ability to download 50 images for that monthly fee. If you invest more into your subscription you will save more. It is that simple and they lay out your options well.

Still want to see if there are more cheap stock photo options out that that meet your needs? Check out this other list of cheap stock photo agencies and see which agency provides you an option that works for your stock photo needs and provides the photos are a super cheap price.

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