Adobe Generative Fill: The New Firefly-Powered Feature in Photoshop

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Exciting times for Adobe fans today, as the company unveiled Generative Fill, the first feature powered by Adobe Firefly‘s family of AI generative models, in Photoshop.

The new feature, which can add content and remove or replace parts of an image from user-input text prompts, marks the beginning of the integration of generative AI functionality into the Adobe ecosystem. It combines the power of AI image generation with Photoshop’s professional photo editing capabilities to speed up and expand creative workflows. 

This launch is part of a broader Photoshop update that seeks to simplify image editing tasks further through AI functionality. 


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Adobe Generative Fill: In-Design AI Image Generation & Editing 

When they introduced Adobe Firefly to the world six weeks ago, Adobe made it clear it intended to progressively integrate its features into its Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express platforms, to enhance and expand professional creatives' possibilities.

The newly introduced Generative Fill, the first step into this generative AI integration, operates as a “creative co-pilot” for Photoshop: software that understands natural-language written instructions and generates visual content based on it instantaneously, assisting in and improving the creative process.

This is what you need to know about this new tool:

  • It can add, remove, or expand image content: Generate and insert entirely new objects, remove or replace unwanted objects, or expand the existing image outside the preset bounds, all with just a text prompt. 
  • It uses natural language: Write simple-worded instructions to perform your desired tasks; there is no need for complex text prompts. 
  • It's a non-destructive editing tool: Generative Fill creates new generative layers for different prompts, so you can try different compositions and ideas and go back to previous steps without altering your original permanently.
  • It enables a new level of creative speed: By just typing out your ideas, you can easily and quickly visualize concepts and explore unlimited variations in design at never-before-seen rates.

Equally relevant, Adobe Firefly –and tools built on its models– offers an added layer of ethical responsibility and legal safety: the software is trained exclusively with Adobe Stock content and authorized or non-copyrighted content from different sources, reducing the risk of copyright infringement on the resulting image generations done with it; and Adobe is working on a program that compensates Adobe Stock contributors when their work is used in the training of Firefly models.

Generative Fill is in beta mode and available on the desktop version of Photoshop —which you can check how to start a Photoshop free trial here–, but also a stand-alone beta feature on the Firefly web page. 

corgi before and after adobe generative fill > Adobe Generative Fill: The New Firefly-Powered Feature in Photoshop
Before (left) and after (right) of an image edited with Adobe Generative Fill

Latest Photoshop Update: Design Easier and More Intuitively with AI 

Besides Generative Fill, Adobe has introduced several updates to Photoshop that leverage the power of AI to perform intuitive editing tasks and simplify your workflow. They are: 

Adjustment Presets – A collection of predesigned filters that modify the look of your image in one click. There are 32 new presets available that you can preview on your images and apply at your discretion, and they’re all customizable via the layers panel. 

Adjustment Presets > Adobe Generative Fill: The New Firefly-Powered Feature in Photoshop
Photoshop Adjustment Presets sample

Remove Tool – This AI-based feature lets you brush over any object on an image and remove it smoothly, preserving the integrity of the nearby objects and background and matching the smooth focus shift across the image. It works particularly well in complex backgrounds and compositions. 

Contextual Task Bar – A newly added task bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen when you select an object or area of your design, summoning up the most common editing tasks associated with that action in the workflow. For example, if you select an object, the contextual task bar will display functions such as Generative Fill, Select and Mask, Feather, Invert, and Create Adjustment Layer, among others.

Remove Tool > Adobe Generative Fill: The New Firefly-Powered Feature in Photoshop
Example of Photoshop Remove tool in use

Gradients Update – The Gradients feature has been improved to include on-canvas controls and a live preview showing exactly how your changes would look in the finished design. 

Photoshop Starts a Generative AI Workflow on the Adobe Platform

The landing of Adobe Generative Fill on Photoshop marks the beginning of a transformation in the Adobe ecosystem, turning it into a generative AI creative workflow platform. Like Shutterstock and other players, Adobe seems to think combining AI image generation with traditional media resources is the most useful approach for professional creatives. 

According to the company, the first text-to-image feature of Adobe Firefly produced over 100 million AI-generated assets in less than two months since its launch, so it’s now a matter of waiting and seeing how much users employ and like this new tool. 

What do you think, are you excited to try Generative Fill on Photoshop?

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