Adobe Stock’s Diverse Stock Photos: The Fluid Self Exclusive Collection

Adobe Stockadobe stock logo 1 > Adobe Stock’s Diverse Stock Photos: The Fluid Self Exclusive Collection is clearly committed to keep their image offer up to date with photography trends 2020, and to increase visibility in current, yet still underrepresented photography niches. Framed in the authentic style that defines their exclusive Premium Collection, the new “Fluid Self” series explores a trending topic in human identity, and now includes an inclusive, visual love story by photographer Ussi’n Yala. (Find more details on the agency in our Adobe Stock review).

Diverse stock photos –which look to bring more and better representation of people in individual and collective identity concepts– are a trend on their own since a while now, and most premium and popular stock agencies have exploited it.

Today we will tell you more about Adobe Stock’s Fluid Self series and Yala’s contribution, and why is important to incorporate diversity photos in your designs.

Adobe Stock The Fluid Self Gallery > Adobe Stock’s Diverse Stock Photos: The Fluid Self Exclusive Collection

Adobe Stock’s Fluid Self: Exclusive, Trendy Diversity Photos

Adobe Stock images aim at being as current and varied as possible. The Fluid Self is a photo series within Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, which is exclusive to the agency, high value and available on demand only (you can learn more about Adobe Stock Premium here). If the series name rings a bell, it’s because it matches that of one of Adobe Stock photos trends their experts identified for this year –find that and more in photography trends 2020–.

This trend focuses in the contemporary notion of human identity, which sees it as fluid and ever-changing subject, rather than immobile, boxed labels. It’s a concept rooted in the authentic photography wave that took over the stock photo industry since the rise of Instagram – more about this in our Authentic Stock Photos article.

The Fluid Self gallery englobes topics like body positivity, natural beauty, modern genre identities, lifestyle choices, and more.

Adobe Stock The Fluid Self Ussin Yala > Adobe Stock’s Diverse Stock Photos: The Fluid Self Exclusive Collection

The Ussi’n Yala Contribution: Diversity, Identity, Inclusion

Recently, Adobe’s Fluid Self series was enriched with the adding of a photo shoot from up and coming African photographer and Adobe Stock contributor Ussi’n Yala, which narrates a love story between two men of colour through aesthetically beautiful, natural-like, royalty free stock images.

Such an addition brings in diversity in various fronts: it's not just black stock images, but lifestyle photos in the context of cultural, ethnical and regional perspectives. It’s a very authentic take at visual stories that are still not often represented, an artistic and commercially valuable work of inclusion in stock photography.

See Ussi’n Yala’s shoot for Adobe Stock Premium collection here.

Diversity Stock Photos: Why to Use Them, Where to Buy Them

Terms like authenticity, diversity and inclusion are not new in the stock photo market. Not only that, but they’ve been at the center of most photo trends in recent years. As society evolves, acceptance for different lifestyles and identities becomes a norm, and images that accurately portray them are every day more demanded.

Why should you use photos that represent diversity and inclusion in your work? Simply put: because it’s what most people want to see. The public wants images they can relate with, and whether they are part of those identities that were before under-represented, or they are accepting of them, photos with diversity in focus connect with them at a deeper level.

It’s of course up to you to decide if, how and where this trend fits within your topic or field, but from a business perspective it makes a lot of sense to use images that portray diversity in an authentic, relatable way.

And where can you find them? Well, for starters in Adobe Stock Premium collection. The Fluid Self is a very current series full of high quality images in the diversity topic.

For further alternatives, check our Diverse Stock Photos article including a list of 10 agencies to buy from!

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