Bigstock announces their 10 Millionth image

There is something happening at Bigstock and the news is traveling quickly, about as quickly as Bigstock is acquiring new images to their website.
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History of Bigstock Image collection

In 2009, Bigstock had an image collection of 3.7 million images. At the end of 2010, Bigstock had an image library that reached 5.7 million images. In mid 2011, Bigstock grew their image library to 8.5 million images. The New Year in 2012 has Bigstock announcing that that library hit 10 million images!

In less than 3 years and it may be less than that, Bigstock, a stock photo agency committed to offering high quality, low priced, credit buying options to stock photo buyers, has tripled their image library. That is a feat and we hope that their customer base has grown just as fast!

Bigstock has credit buying options with great quality photos

bigstock small screenshot > Bigstock announces their 10 Millionth imageThe success of this increase could be due to a few factors, the acquisition by Shutterstock, the great leadership, the increased amount of photographers utilizing the Bigstock site, or the expansion to international markets like Germany and Latin America. Whatever the reason, the has result is the best options for stock photo buyers. 10 Million images is a great variety of images and their low cost credit system makes this a stock photography site to watch and review.

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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