BRIA AI Launches Responsible Generative AI Models Trained with Licensed Stock Photos

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Today, the visual generative AI expert BRIA announced a new suite of visual generative AI foundation models trained solely with authorized content from partners Getty Images, Alamy, and Envato.

Such a suite provides a responsible use of generative AI technology, ensuring that creators and artists are properly compensated for using their work in training datasets and that the models’ output images are commercially safe to use – two of the most pressing issues surrounding visual AI. 

Read on for more details on this interesting and promising development. 

BRIA’s Collaborative Responsible AI Generative Models

The newly launched AI generative models by BRIA are built on the company’s patent-pending technology and result from a collaboration with several high-profile partners. The models have been trained from scratch through Amazon SageMaker, which makes them sustainable for large-scale commercial use without compromising quality. 

The training datasets are made entirely from high-quality, licensed imagery from their licensing expert partners: the renowned Getty Images, the long-standing Alamy, and the dynamic Envato

They’re foundation models intended for developers to use in creating products and applications that will respect artists’ intellectual property and deliver legally safe(r) AI-generated media. 

AI engineers will be able to build, customize, and deploy their BRIA-based products natively but also have the option to do so on NVIDIA Picasso, a foundry for visual generative AI that allows easy scale-up. 

As you can see, BRIA joined efforts with multiple other companies, each with their own expertise, to build a solution that, according to Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Yair Adato, “helps address (the main) obstacles (in generative AI), delivering businesses commercially viable outputs, based on permissioned data and most importantly, accessibility to any developer or business.” 

BRIA’s Partnerships in the Stock Media Industry

You may remember we told you that Getty Images and BRIA were partnering to cook a responsible generative AI technology some time ago. Now you can see the first results of such a team-up. 

getty partners bria > BRIA AI Launches Responsible Generative AI Models Trained with Licensed Stock Photos

These two companies have aligned goals regarding the importance of protecting human artists’ intellectual property and livelihood and ensuring commercially viable and legally sound results in AI-generated media. 

The partnership with BRIA isn’t the only action Getty has taken in this regard – you may recall they’re also suing Stability AI for copyright infringement in the UK and the US, for example. 

As part of the announcement of this new technology, Alamy‘s Managing Director, Emily Shelley, highlighted that the BRIA models' ability to compensate artists for their source material is what sets it apart and that they feel that matches the agency's core principle of democratizing photography. Envato, on their part, has stated their company is all about empowering creators to thrive and that their involvement in a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem for creative innovation is framed as part of their efforts to bring more opportunities for artists to earn from their work.

What you might not know is that besides Getty, Alamy, and Envato, the AI-focused firm has ongoing collaborations with other stock photo agencies, including, as well as individual photographers and artists. 

Another Step Towards Commercially Sustainable and Responsible AI 

BRIA’s latest development only reinforces the notion that the key issues to address in order to make visual generative AI viable for massive commercial use is to make generative AI models fully compliant with copyright laws by licensing datasets and compensating artists for their work and offering models that are not only scalable but also based on a responsible use of the technology. 

In the words of BRIA CEO Dr. Adato, their foundation models represent “not only a technological milestone, but a movement – an open call to collectively shape a sustainable future for Generative AI.”

Will the industry respond to the call? We believe so, but only time will tell. 

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