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Today the user-friendly design service Canva rolled out its first global event for its entire community: Canva Create 2022 “The Future is Visual”

The two-hour event was a faithful representation of the brand’s core values: visual entertainment, a lifting and fun atmosphere, multicultural respect and inclusion, and a clear passion for visual communication. But most of all, it was packed with exciting news on Canva’s latest developments for the designer and creative community. 

From new work suite features to an all-new AI image generator, here is everything that is new in Canva starting today. Plus, a cool sneak peek into what’s coming to the platform in 2023!

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Canva All-New AI Image Generator

Canva text to image generator > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

By far one of the most exciting launches announced at today’s event is Canva’s new text-to-image creation tool.

Through AI technology provided by Stable Diffusion, this feature –which is currently in beta and integrated into Canva’s design panel– lets you enter a text description of a visual, and then it creates it for you. 

This is the kind of AI image technology that is all the rage today and is set to take over the whole visual industry in the coming years. And Canva has a lot of plans for it (more on this, below).

Canva Visual Worksuite: Improved Features + All-New Applications

canva visual worksuite > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

The Canva design platform you know and love has been revamped to create a complete Visual Worksuite that better serves creatives from all tastes: freelancers, business owners, companies, schools, students, and organizations, among others. This reconfiguration hopes to boost visual communication in areas that other tools have failed to reach as the modern visual world evolved.  

On this Visual Worksuite, which is now available for everyone using Canva across the board, you will find quick-access buttons to each of Canva’s most popular design solutions, such as Presentations or Social Media Graphics, for example. The best of all is that there are new features and apps to discover here. 

Test Canva Pro for free for 30 days. Full access to Canva Pro features! Cancel risk-free anytime within the 30-day free trial.
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canva whiteboards > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

NEW Canva Whiteboards – An infinite canvas with real-time collaboration enabled – such as stickers, sticky notes, and ratings– as well as direct access to Canva Whiteboard templates and graphic design tools, that can be used to visually communicate anything you need: become an engaging presentation, concentrate your campaign’s visual assets, brainstorm with your team, among many other possibilities, with limitless workspace available. This tool is especially children-friendly and has cool applications for homework and classroom work, to create cool Canva projects for kids

canva websites > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

NEW Canva Websites – Design one-page, interactive websites in minutes and with no previous skills needed. Use Canva website templates, customize the design to your brand, and collaborate with your team in the process. You can choose a free Canva Sites domain or purchase your own, and publish your site right away. Best of all, Canva Website designs are responsive and adapt to desktop, mobile, and tablet screens automatically. 

canva docs > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

NEW Canva Docs – Bring visual power to your documents through the seamless embedding of Canva designs, including editing designs directly within your doc. You can currently sign up for a chance to try this new function. 

UPDATED Canva Video – The Canva Video editor with its large video template library and drag-and-drop editing features is already a darling on the platform, but it is now even better with the addition of one-click video background removal and animated transitions to combine two scenes into one. Plus, there is new presentation-to-video functionality to integrate your video into a slide easily. 

UPDATED Canva Presentations – This tool to quickly and effortlessly create powerful presentations isn’t new, but it is now better than ever with the addition of features from Canva Video! This enables visual storytelling through animation, to design slides with interactive data that engage audiences. They introduced a tool to record yourself in real-time, and –check this out– a digital remote control to start and pause your presentation from anywhere in the world using your phone for absolute precision. 

UPDATED Canva Prints – The design-to-print service by Canva is now a lot more advanced. You can choose from over 35 different items to customize with a unique design, and get free delivery or free in-store pickup on FedEx or Staples stores. The coolest new feature is automatic proofing: the system will alert you of elements being cut off your design, or of low-resolution images, before printing. Their packaging is also revamped to include illustrations from selected artists, and they have assumed the commitment of planting one tree per design printed, hoping to reach 5 million trees in 2022. 

Canva Community Platform: 2 Community Marketplaces 

When it comes to the ever-growing base of Canva users, the company announced today two new spaces, one for creatives to monetize their designs, and the other for developers to build Canva integrations easily. 

canva creators > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

Canva Creators: Canva Creators is a content marketplace where photographers, videographers, educators, and more creatives can sell their work. Currently, the creators in the beta trial have contributed over 1.5 million templates and 22 million+ images from all over the world. From today, anyone can register their interest to become a contributor on Creators marketplace.

App Marketplace: Through the Canva AP, the App Marketplace allows any developer in the world to build directly on Canva. Their goal is to make Canva the most pluggable platform ever. 

Community Awards: As part of their community-embracing philosophy, Canva rolled out their first Community Awards today, where they acknowledged people and companies that used Canva in inspiring, transforming ways.

Canva for Teams & Beyond: A Focus in Collaboration and Management

The recently launched Canva for Teams seems to be already popular, with 1.4 million organizations already using this solution to manage their content, their team, and their workflow all in one place.

canva for teams > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

This service is said to help teams of two as much as teams of thousands of members, and bring visual storytelling power to help their branding and visual marketing, while giving them resources to effectively organize the creative workflow. 

canva for nonprofits > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

What was announced today is Canva for Nonprofits, which allows non-profit organizations free access to Canva for Teams for up to 50 members. Another important revelation is that Canva for Education, which tailors the team collaboration features for schools, teachers, and students, will now be free for schools in every district in the world. This will benefit over 100,000 teachers and 2 million students all over the globe. 

canva for education > Canva Create 2022 Event: All The Exciting News from Canva

Sneak Peek Into 2023: The Future is Magic

As a little parting gift, the design unicorn let everyone have a little taste of what they’re working on to roll out in 2023. If in 2022 the future is visual, in 2023, the future will be magic. Or so they say!

Essentially, it will be all focused on automating creative workflows through AI: 

  • Text to image creation (which is already in beta)
  • Text to image editing 
  • Automatic design creation from text descriptions 
  • Automatic text summarizing
  • Automatic syncing of music and video

And I’m sure there’s a lot more to come. 

Overall, the first Canva Create event was very on-brand, very modern, and very promising. The new features really do seem to have captured user feedback and the needs of the creative community at large, and the update is a testament to what makes Canva such a popular platform. 

Are you as excited as we are? 

See the complete Canva Create 2022 “The Future is Visual” Event Replay here!

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