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Today was Canva Create 2023, the annual event where the Australian design unicorn unveils its latest developments for its user-friendly creative platform. And it did not disappoint!

With brands and creative teams as the main target, the company introduced new AI-powered features that range from design suggestions to image generation to media editing and presented a whole new Brand Hub for businesses. 

Overall, they’re making the multimedia creation platform much more powerful and useful for designers, editors, and companies of all sizes. 

Here are the highlights of the in-person+virtual Canva Create 2023 event!

Canva Assistant & Its Magic Features

One of the most crucial additions announced today, available for both free and paid users, is the Canva Assistant, an AI quick-access tool available on a window that you can open by clicking the Canva Assistant button on the lower right corner of your screen. 

The Canva Assistant lets you access several new Magic (AI-powered) features. Although some are available only for Canva Pro –paid– users, you can always try them out for free with our extended Canva Pro free trial:

  • Magic Write: This copywriting assistant tool, previously available on Canva Docs only, is now integrated into all Canva projects, from presentations to social media to website designs, and in 18 languages. You can use it to brainstorm ideas, for example, to get a list of social media strategies for a new product launch, to produce copy for your designs, and to summarize information, among other useful tasks.
  • Magic Design: You can feed this tool any image of your choice and select a graphic style, and it will curate and suggest template designs for your intended project, as well as ideal photos, fonts, and other items you can choose and customize. 
  • Magic Edit: With this feature, you can add or replace any element in an image by selecting where on the page you want it and entering a text description. It works on the base of the Canva text-to-image generating feature introduced last year, which is now improved with more style filters and better generation results.
  • Magic Erase: Same as edit, but in reverse, Magic Erase is a content-aware filling tool that lets you select an element in an image and automatically remove it.

Outside the Magic family are three significant AI-fueled additions, one for copy and two for video. 

Translate – This functionality instantly converts any text in your design into any of the 100 languages supported, helping you connect with audiences worldwide and simplifying the workflow for multilingual creative teams. 

Beat Sync – This resource makes video footage perfectly match and align with the beat of a given soundtrack, improving any video project’s appeal and professional feel and automating an otherwise difficult task.

Create an Animation – You can create an animated video effect by just dragging visual elements around the screen in the path you want them to move. 

User-Requested Design Features

The platform also included a few simple but effective resources from user feedback. There is a new Draw feature that, similar to iPhone’s, lets you hand-draw simple shapes and automatically turns them into polished, perfect-border shapes if you hold the mouse down for a few seconds. 

There are Layouts where you can dump your elements onto a page and then get composition recommendations for the design. Styles to get similar recommendations about color palettes and fonts. Also, a new Layers feature to see all the elements of a design together. 

Finally, Canva now supports Alt Text for images which lets you add more information about your visual elements to make them more accessible to the visually impaired. 

New & Improved Brand Hub for Businesses 

Today the previous Brand Kit feature received a revamp, and it is now turned into a Brand Hub, accessible from a button on the left side panel of the design board. 

Just clicking on it, you unfold a window where you can set up and manage all your brand’s visual elements, such as logo, brand colors, fonts, photos, graphics, etc., and even store your own designs turned into custom, reusable templates. Furthermore, there is a new Magic Replace with which you can change your brand’s key visual elements (such as the logo) across all your designs in one swift move. 

And it’s equipped with new and better Admin capabilities that, among other things, allow you to approve designs and workflows right on the Canva site.

Although only available for Canva Pro users, the Brand Hub simplifies accessing and tweaking your brand image’s parameters and helps keep consistency across your projects. 

A More Powerful and Intelligent Canva

Overall, this year’s new features make Canva more useful than ever before. That is saying a lot, considering effectiveness has been one of the key factors in the brand’s meteoric growth after disrupting the graphic design sphere a decade ago. 

Fully embracing AI technology, focusing on creative communities and user-friendliness, and being loyal to their modern and fun-loving style, Canva promises to take design further than ever and for everyone in 2023. 

We are excited to start working with Canva’s new features! Are you? 

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