Crello: Depositphotos’ Free Image Editor for Non-Designers!

Depositphotosdepositphotos is a stock photo agency well known not only for their many years amongst the top companies in the industry but also for their dedicated customer service. Both of these characteristics are more evident now with the recent launching of Crello, their new free image editor for marketing and social media.

CrelloLogo White Bckgrnd e1570095409372 > Crello: Depositphotos' Free Image Editor for Non-Designers!Powered by Depositphotos' large library of high quality images and graphic elements, Crello is very user friendly and does not require special designing skills, yet delivers professional looking designs. Plus, it comes with a wide free assets offer and super cheap paid features. All of which makes it a very useful tool for all those who want to use awesome imagery in professional quality visuals, but do not have a graphic design background.

If you don't know much about graphic design and you don't have a big budget, but you want cool visual material to promote yourself or your business, and to engage your audience and strengthen your presence in social media, try Crello here! And keep reading as we tell you all about this new tool.

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An Awesome Graphic Design Tool for Non-Designers

According to Depositphotos, their aim with this image editing software was to offer a solution to create professional designs in a simple, quick and inexpensive way, suitable for all those without graphic design knowledge.

Crello aims at addressing a three-part problem that many users have when it comes to visuals for their business. For one, money is a concern for many photo buyers intending to create promotional material. Not all of them can afford to spend hundreds in a design, even if the stock photos they use are cheap. Another focus point is that of time, as a lot of business owners need visual content for their marketing purposes sharply done, for yesterday. And finally, there's the issue of the skills, as a lot of people really need professional content for their promotions, but they lack the skill level to produce it themselves.

Depositphotos' new graphic design tool covers all these fronts, being a free service with plenty of free content and very pocket-friendly paid assets, and so simple to use that you can create intricate and high-quality designs in just a few simple clicks regardless of your previous design knowledge.

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A Great Solution for Visual Marketing and Social Media

At this point, if you're a business owner, a marketer or creative, you must already know how important photos are for the success of your promotional material. Stunning images that are high quality, current and visually attractive help you effectively reach your target audience or consumer segment. The same goes for social media, one of the best resources for branding and marketing of our times. Social media posts including professional images perform a lot better than those without them, and a strong social media presence is essential to the success of your business or your career.

Depositphotos' new image editor intends to assist you in the creation of visual material for your marketing efforts and social media campaigns, without breaking the bank nor force you to learn impossible new skills.

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An Effective Design Tool with a Robust Free Assets Offer

With a simple three-step system that takes you from format to design style to customization, Crello lets you take care of image editing in a very short time and stress-free, even if you don't know all about graphic designing. Here's what it offers:

  • Formats: 29 preset popular image dimensions
  • Easy Starter Kit: thousands of free items!
  • Premium Paid Assets: tens of thousands of high quality graphic elements, for less than a dollar each!
  • Personal Touch: upload your own elements to add to the design
  • Modifications: a set of filters and visual effects
  • Multiple Use License: pay for premium items once, use forever!

Formats include popular social media dimensions like Facebook and Twitter covers and posts, simplifying the creation process from the beginning. Design step counts with thousands of templates to choose from, covering a wide range of styles and themes.

Crello's easy starter pack comes with over 10,000 free elements including stock photos, icons, patterns, vectors, frames, shapes, and illustrations. More than enough to create awesome material without spending a penny! 

And they also add thousands of premium paid assets up to $0,99 each. It is that cheap! This includes over 10,000 design elements and around 60,000 high resolution stock photos. The best? All paid files come with a multiple use license: once you pay for an item, it remains in your account ready to be used whenever you want, and for as many times as you like.

04 crello press kit > Crello: Depositphotos' Free Image Editor for Non-Designers!

Design Made Easy, Quick and Cheap with Great Stock Photos

With Crello, Depositphotos is bringing up a very user friendly online graphic design tool to create custom made, professional designs without spending much and even if you're not graphic designers.

Powered by their awesome stock photo and graphic elements library, you are sure to find high quality imagery to realize any idea you have in mind.

And the best is you don't have to invest hundreds of dollars to get the visuals you need. You can get designs for your social media and your marketing plans for literally nothing, or from $0,99! And you even get to use the paid elements for ever and in multiple future projects.

Intrigued in seeing if it's as good as it sounds? Try Crello here! For more amazing cheap royalty free stock photos, sign up with Depositphotos now! And don't forget to grab our special Depositphotos Coupon Code for 20% discount and 5 free images!

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