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Just today, Depositphotos announced that they have been acquired by global design platform VistaPrint. 

The stock photo agency announced that they will continue operating as a standalone brand and fueling the growth of its service for creatives, now under the VistaPrint umbrella that is rebranding into Vista, integrating Depositphothos' Crello tool, and profiling as a competitor to Canva and similar design suites. 

Want to know what this means for you as a customer? Read on!

Depositphotos + Vista: A New Digital Design Hub

VistaPrint is an Irish company focused on printing and marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, that lately has been working towards becoming a competitor to Canva, with strategic acquisitions such as 99Designs. 

According to TechCrunch, VistaPrint acquired the Depositphotos Group –including the stock photo agency and their online graphic design tool, Crello– for $85 Million. This is part of a larger investment by the company, which is rebranding into Vista as they evolve into a full digital content creation platform.

As a part of this transformation, Crello, which is Depositphotos' free, online graphic design tool to perform simple but powerful edits on images, has been rebranded into Vista Create and integrated into its services. Their intention is to provide a complete creative design solution for small businesses.

Depositphotos will continue to be Depositphotos, though, operating as a standalone website and brand. And Vadim Nekhai, the current CEO of Depositphotos, is taking on a new role as VP of Depositphotos and Vista Create.

In the coming months after the acquisition, the company says they will fuel growth, especially in North America and Europe, by hiring new talent and doubling the size of their team, expanding the stock imagery library, and developing tech and services for small businesses and creatives. 

Sounds exciting!

What the Depositphotos Acquisition Means for You

For those contributors selling their work on Depositphotos, the integration of the marketplace into an international corporation means exposure to about 20 million users worldwide, with the potential that implies for their personal performance. 

But for stock photo buyers, at this time there aren’t relevant changes besides the management of your personal data on the platform: Depositphotos Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect these changes, so you should check it out. 

In the near future, though, you can expect to see new images, new design features, and other interesting developments from Depositphotos and Vista Create. 

What do you think? 

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