Depositphotos doubled their library – over 11 million files now

Depositphotos is being called the fastest growing online stock image agency in the world and they just proved it! In a year they have over doubled their file library of images, photos, vectors and videos from 5 million files to 11 million files. The submissions go through a screening process so this is a larger quality library not just a larger library.

Some quick specs about the Depositphotos growths

  • In one year – they have doubled their photo, vector and video library
  • 5 million to 11 million files in just the last year
  • 11 new files per minute
  • 4600 fans on Facebook
  • 2800 follower on Twitter

Depositphotos opened their doors in 2009 in Florida and they have been adding new files at a rate of 11 new files per minute over the last 3 years! That is pretty impressive and the library of files is even more impressive. DepositPhotos considers themselves a creative content marketplace as they have more than just stock photos. They also consider their buyers as important as their contributors, which attests to why they are doing so well with their increasing library of various content types; photos, vectors and video.

As they are nurturing their library, contributors and buyers they have an impressive social media presence with over 4600 fans on Facebook and over 2800 followers on Twitter, a sure way to nurture all parties involved in the ongoing success of the fastest growing stock agency in the world!

Check out Depositphotos and review their file library, search capability and quality of files.

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Amos Struck

Amos Struck

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