Find Better Images, Faster and Easier with Depositphotos New Reverse Image Search!

Deposidepositphotostphotos has just made search for images easier! They've introduced a new Reverse Image Search tool, that applies the latest image recognition technology to analyze a sample image provided by you, and return matching stock photos from their collection.

No more keyword entries, no more struggling to describe what you want. Just upload a photo or introduce an image's web URL and find thousands of similar photos ready to be licensed and used.

Reverse Image Search Simplifies Finding the Right Images

Of course this new tool saves you time, as it can be much easier to just upload an image rather than sitting and thinking of keywords to introduce. But the main benefit in this new function is that it lets you find the best images for your needs in a way that keyword search never could.

Sometimes it's difficult to describe exactly the kind of image you have in mind. Concepts, emotions and visual elements are not always easy to put in words. At times you can find yourself spending a lot of time trying to improve your keyword search and refining results from Depositphotos' 50 million files library, to try and get the images you envisioned.

With the new Reverse Image Search this hassle is eliminated. All you have to do is upload an image from your computer, or introduce the image's web URL into the tool's interface, and within seconds you'll be looking at all the matching and similar photos available at Depositphotos.

Depositphotos Reverse Image Search Screenshot

This is done with top-notch computer vision technology, that analyzes all visual aspects of the images and checks against the whole collection for matching and similar results.

Like this, you can save time and effort in finding a stock photo that is similar to an image you saw elsewhere. If the idea for an image came to you from something you saw in real life, you can simply snap a photo of it, upload it, and find a stock photo that conveys the same concept and style.

Reverse Image Search it's also very useful when you're looking for a higher resolution version of a photo you already have, or when you need images similar to one you have, but with different theme, mood, etc.

Depositphotos Reverse Image Search Screenshot 1

All in all, Reverse Image Search will let you not only save time in finding stock photos, but also to ensure you've found the best possible images to materialize your ideas.

If you haven't tried Depositphotos yet, you can sign up for free right now, and start exploring their library with the new Reverse Image Search!

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Amos Struck

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