Dreamstime new “similar images” learns from customers

As most microstock agencies, Dreamstime also offers the buyers a link between the image he looks at and similar files matching the same topic. Now Dreamstime adds a new twist: Learning from buyer behaviour in the past.

We all know this kind of feature from Amazon and other online retailers: When looking at a certain item, we get a (visual) list of related items called “What other users bought“. Those items might not match the same keywords but go together well with what we were actually looking for. These previews are generated from other buyers' behavior in the past. If several buyers looking for a “tripod” have also bought a new “fluid head” along with it, we will get to see more “fluid heads” when looking at tripods.

Dreamstime learns from buyers behavior

Sounds simple as that, not so simple to automatically all the data of millions of buyers and users in the backend. And so Dreamstime will be the first among the stock agencies to learn from buyers behavior in the past to improve the search experience for new buyers reaching the site.

Dreamstime believes, this approach to presenting connected images will lead to create additional value for the buyer and therefore generate more revenue for the agency and its contributors. As CEO Serban Enache states:

“Users will now have the opportunity to take a peek at stock photos that other designers and photographers are selecting, and have the option to further explore on first sight.”

In another approach to learn from its users, Dreamstime plans to figure in social media activity like Twitter and Facebook links to images as a help in finding out which images are catering a certain need.

Dreamstime currently represents about 26 million images provided by almost 200,000 contributors from around the world. Check out our Dreamstime review here!


Amos Struck
Amos Struck

Amos Struck, a renowned expert with over two decades in the stock photography industry, is known for his profound expertise in both stock imagery and artificial intelligence (AI). He is the founder of StockPhotoSecrets.com and a driving force behind the innovative AI-driven platform, Stockphotos.com. His pioneering work in visual AI is marked by co-founding Ximilar AI. Amos also established the Microstock Expo Conference, a key event in the stock photography sector. As a regular speaker at major industry conferences like DMLA and a prominent member of CEPIC, he consistently contributes to the industry's growth and evolution through a blend of technological innovation and market insight.

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