Fotolia Closing in 2019: Members Migration to Adobe Stock Starts Now

IMPORTANT FOR ALL FOTOLIA CUSTOMERS - 2020.01.01The closure explained in this article has already taken place and Fotolia does not exist as a stand-alone agency anymore, but you can still find all their images inAdobe Stock.
More importantly, you can switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock, transferring all your existing credits and unused image downloads, so you don't miss out in downloads you already paid for.

Click here to switch your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock.

The news is out: Adobe is closing Fotolia definitely in one year from now. The renowned stock photo agency has been operating on their own website since 2005, even after been acquired by Adobe in late 2014. But will be officially closed by November 2019.

The company is already inviting Fotolia customers to Adobe Stock, the stock media service initially built upon Fotolia's library and fully integrated into the Creative Cloud platform, via account transfers subject to eligibility.

Keep reading for more details on this move and what it means for customers!


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When is Fotolia Closing and Why

fotolia by adobe logo 1 > Fotolia Closing in 2019: Members Migration to Adobe Stock Starts NowAs disclosed today, Fotolia will officially close on November 5, 2019 (one year from now), after 14 years in business, the last 3 under the Adobe umbrella. And this news comes as no surprise for most of the stock photo industry insiders, including me.

Following the acquisition of Fotolia by Adobe in December 2014, the software giant went on to launch Adobe Stock service in 2015, a stock photo service that works both as stand-alone and integrated into their Creative Cloud platform.

It was evident from the start that the company was focusing their efforts on this product. While Fotolia's library was the foundation for Adobe Stock's initial catalogue, soon enough they opened their own contributor portal to source content from artists' directly, and Adobe Stock has been constantly and consistently upgrading and adding perks to their service, which now widely surpasses that of Fotolia.

These facts made a lot of us believe that a gradual pivot to Fotolia's closing was likely to happen, a thought that seems to coincide with the company's words on the reasons for the upcoming permanent shutdown: “Adobe Stock is a leading, comprehensive marketplace for digital creative assets. Given our progress, we’ll close Fotolia on November 5, 2019.”

Fotolia Closing Adobe Stock > Fotolia Closing in 2019: Members Migration to Adobe Stock Starts Now

What's in Adobe Stock for Customers

adobe stock logo 1 > Fotolia Closing in 2019: Members Migration to Adobe Stock Starts NowAdobe Stock is a very well-rounded product with lots of value for stock photo buyers and especially for designers and creatives. It's fully integrated into Creative Cloud, meaning you can work with stock media seamlessly and significantly improve your workflow if you use Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC.

Plus it has a lot more media types available as it adds 3D models, graphic templates, HD video, editorial imagery and premium photography collections to the regular stock photos and vectors offer. All these are licensed under Royalty-free model and at very convenient prices for both subscriptions and credit packs.

Some of the latest upgrades to the service include an AI-powered search engine, and more recently, a Preview Crop feature to instantly edit photos for social media usage.

If you wish to know more details about this service, like its prices, its licensing terms and how to get 10 free images in one month, do check out our complete Adobe Stock review!

How to Transfer Member Accounts from Fotolia to Adobe Stock

If you are an active customer in Fotolia, Adobe Stock is offering the chance to transfer or migrate your account and convert your credits or downloads. However, this is not possible for all members: eligible members for migration are those of individual accounts with monthly subscriptions or credit packs.


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Fotolia closing - Migration Start

Members of team accounts, subscribers to daily subscriptions and API customers are not allowed to transfer to Adobe Stock but are offered the chance to contact support directly to discuss their options.

If you're eligible, you will see a banner on your Fotolia's member account offering you to move to Adobe Stock. You can opt between a transfer and a full migration: the difference is the former keeps your Fotolia plan actively converting to Adobe Stock until it expires or the site closes, and the latter converts your current plan until the monthly period expires –after which you can buy an Adobe Stock plan–.

Fotolia Closing Member Account > Fotolia Closing in 2019: Members Migration to Adobe Stock Starts Now

In all cases, the conversion rate is the following:

  • 5 Fotolia credits = 1 Adobe Stock credit (uneven numbers are rounded up in customer's benefit)
  • 1 Fotolia download = 2 Adobe Stock downloads

These credits and downloads will be valid for one year from the conversion date (or until your monthly period concludes). What is useful is that all of your info will be transferred too: lightboxes, purchase history and invoices, downloads history, etc.

The process takes only a couple minutes and the only thing you must do to get it started is to go here and login with your Fotolia credentials!

See Fotolia's updated FAQ on the upcoming closure. And it would also serve you to go here and login with your Fotolia credentials

Migrate to Adobe Stock and Get Great Value in Stock Photos

If you're looking into continuing to use a stock photo service and you like the perks in Adobe Stock, this would be a wise move to make as you would not lose any downloads or credits you already paid for and would also keep most of the images you saved, pinned or already downloaded. Plus, Adobe Stock gives you great value in stock media.

However, you're not required to migrate if you don't want to. Just keep in mind Fotolia will only be around for another year, so plan your purchases on the site accordingly to avoid wasting money.

Are you going to transfer? Do visit Adobe Stock today and move your Fotolia Account before the closure!

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